Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Winter's Bone: A Movie without Dinosaurs - Jamie Pisacane

This movie had a big lack of dinosaurs. There were none, so this makes the review go down. If a movie has no dinosaurs, its automatically not my favorite.

The movie was about a girl named Ree Dolly, and she has a lot of problems with her family, specifically her dad. Her dad left them in-debt and not able to pay for the house. They have no food, no good clothes. They freeze, and they appear to be dying a slow painful death. They don't have the greatest life. The sister takes charge of everyone. She hunts, cooks, cleans, keeps them warm and so on.

She is a good role model for the other two, showing them how to be independent and how to be responsible. Even their neighbors are mean to them, they help, but you can tell they hate them. Ree hasn't done anything wrong, yet gets blamed for everything.

I didn't see the end of this movie, but I bet it was great. I hope to see it one day esp. because Academy Award-nominee Jennifer Lawrence is fantastic despite the fact she is not a dinosaur.