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Winter's Bone

The 2010 film Winter’s Bone centers around 17 year-old Ree (played by Jennifer Lawrence), who takes care of her sick mother and two siblings. A local sheriff shows up one day telling her that her father put up their house and property for his bail and must show up for a trial date or they lose everything. She is determined to find her father, dead or alive and asks people associated with her father about his whereabouts.She asks a few people who know her father, all of which tell her to go away and leave it alone before she finds herself in trouble. She tries to find alternate ways to support her younger siblings and keep her house, whilst still trying to find her father. After going through a lot of trouble, she finds out in the end that her father had been dead, and sunken in the bottom of a lake.

The start of the film seemed a little dull and slow but I was still interested in what was going to happen. When they brought her to find her father's body is when the film became a little gruesome. Ree had to help cut off her father's hands. I think Jennifer Lawrence's performance was great in this movie.I felt bad for how many hardships her character had to go through at such a young age. However, her traumatizing experience saved the house which meant she didn't have to separate from her siblings. I thought the movie was extremely stereotypical, having a lot of people living in the south inside trailers, lots of them making, and/or doing drugs.I'm glad it was at least a good ending and I wasn't disappointed with it. Overall, I liked the movie but I'm not sure if I would re watch it.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Beast of f the southern wild

The main character, Hushpuppy was a six year-old girl who lives with her dad in the Bathtub. The Bathtub is a southern Delta neighborhood that I think was at the edge of the world . Hushpuppy  father had a serious illness so he's really hard on her and teaches her how to take care of herself because he knows he isn't going to live much longer. I assume something happened to her mom because she used to talk to her but she never appeared in the movie or anything. Once a frozen ice cap melted it went downhill from there. When Hushpuppy finds out her father is dying she went to go look for her which was really upsetting to watch.  A man takes her to a nightclub where she meets a woman in a kitchen who she talks to and dances with. Then Hushpuppy goes to see her dad before he dies and eats her last meal with her father that she'll ever have. This was really one of my favorite movies of this quarter because you could really see how strong she was after losing her parents and being so young. It reminded me a little of Crooklyn because Hushpuppy was able to accept her dad's death and stay strong like Troy with her mother's death in Crooklyn.

Crooklyn- Michelle Negron

The movie "Crooklyn" directed by Spike Lee was a comedy/drama about a lower class family growing up in the ghetto."Crooklyn" was released in 1994, The main actress. Zelda Harris, played the role of the younger sister named Troy. Troy was the heart of the family. Although I had to watch this film twice in order to get the whole plot of this film, I eventually caught on. She's raised with her four brothers and their mother and father took care of them. The mom was one of my favorite characters in the sense that she was so straight to the point with her kids. If you thought she was going to take no for an answer, you must of thought wrong cause what she says goes and there definitely was no way around that. I love how even though she was dead, the film kept bringing her back to the kids making them feel like she was always watching them.  Troy was definitely my second favorite character she was funny and her personality was amazing. I could relate to her in a sense where I have siblings and when my little sister was born I had to change her diapers, wash her clothes, give her baths and clean up everything after her. When Troy's mother died, in a way she passed the torch to her as the glue of the family. I thought this passing of roles was incredibly powerful and integral to the story of this family. In general, I think this a great movie that positively shows an regular black family, which in my opinion that has gone threw struggle and much pain. I would recommend this movie to everyone, no matter the race. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Winters Bone, or the slow roast that came out less than Perfect

 In the movie Winter's Bone we see the story of Ree (played by Jennifer Lawrence before losing her talent) and a struggle to keep her family in one piece. After Ree's mother becomes traumatized and unable to care for her little brother and sister, she must give her aspirations for being in the army away to become the family's main provider. Unfortunately she runs into trouble when her former drug dealing gone snitch dad mysteriously disappears, leaving the country police wanting Ree's house or her dad.  While tracking down her dad she gets beaten down by both her dads old gang and her own uncle. She thinks her dad is dead, but unless she can prove it her long time family home gets evicted. The movie tries very hard to be a down to earth mafia movie…. then forgets the motivation in the final act. Of course I’m referring to the part where they literally have her cut the arm of the father off to give to the police, leaving more questions than answers. First off, how in the absolute hell did the cops not question why she has the arm of her dead father that none of the previous officers could find. Secondly, The movie jumps from Ree and her uncle (Teardrop, no i didn’t make that up) to the old family just showing her where her dad was. Not to mention the same group that gave her the black eye she has throughout the whole movie. Honestly their reason to show Ree to her father's rooting corpse was literally our reputation as shady drug dealers are in jeopardy, so we’ll show you where we killed your dad to better it. In my opinion it is one of the weirdest sequences I’ve seen in a movie which is far from something to brag about. Anyway the movie ends with Teardrop realizing the gang was the ones that killed his brother because reasons., and him giving Ree the banjo before Ree’s sister plays her Uncle's former instrument as the screen cuts to black. I’ll admit it’s not the worst movie in the world, but I’d being lying if I said I enjoyed it. At least Jennifer Lawrence isn’t as annoying as she is in: American Hustle, Passengers, any X-men movie, any Hunger Games movie, and the Beaver. Unfortunately though, it will just be another one of her movies that I wanna throw in the trash.

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Chicago: The Epitome of the Musical #PIReviews

Chicago: The Epitome of the Musical
By: Cameron James Smith

    If you want to hear my true thoughts on this piece, they are right in the title. This title can be interpreted as me praising this film as the musical to watch, what musicals should be, or my personal favorite musical; it is none of those. Walking in to this film, my thoughts on musicals were simple: over-the-top, played out, annoying, badly acted, and forced; walking out of this film (the best part), my thoughts remained the same. This... thing delivered on every plot expectation, every cliche, and even showed me things that I wish I could forget about (let's just say, I will never see Richard Gere the same way again). More so, the camera work was flashy and annoying, the music was an appropriated and bland approach to that of the era it was based in, the acting was cringe-worthy, and the attempt to be cool and edgy came off as forced and uncomfortable to watch. The worst thing about this film, however, is that it actually had a good theme/message that it could have went to town on, but flopped on! More on that later, though.

    I will say a few things: the two lead actresses (Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones) were good looking, and it did seem like they were trying to make their part; the dancing/choreography was impressive at times, and did somewhat reflect the time/era in a positive light; and the plot/story-line wasn't all that bad. For all this, however, it lacked a lot, which was mentioned earlier. Furthermore (and going back to my previous point), this film actually did have a positive and realistic message: celebrity in-criminality and the idolizing of evil doers is a real thing, and is wrong. On the other hand, the message was crystal clear from the start and continued to shove it down the throats of the audience -- something I cannot stomach! It's approach to being edgy and humorous, along with the annoying camera work/zooms made this film seem more like a corny propaganda piece than a musical satire. If you want a better example of a film utilizing this same message, watch Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers; it is much more worth your time and viewing.

    In conclusion, if you like this film, if musicals are your thing, I'm completely fine with that; this does not undermine your credibility as a person or as a film enthusiast. In fact, you'd be in the majority -- this film has an 86% critics score and an 83% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes! This was all just my opinion, but then again, I am by no means as a musical fan (I think that's been picked up on by this point), so I guess you could say this film "had it coming."

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This film honestly kept my attention at all times. It wasn't my favorite but I liked it. Its about a 9 year old girl named Troy who lives in Brooklyn with her family. Troy went through a bunch of hardships with her family as a young girl. Her parents were having relationship problems and problems with money but eventually things were resolved a little later in the film. In the movie Troy is also facing problems other than watching her parents go through bumps in the road like getting caught stealing and constantly arguing with her brothers. She even ends up having to live with her aunt, uncle and cousin during her summer. After receiving reading a letter from her mother she ends up going back home to live with her family, come to find out her mother was diagnosed with a severe form of cancer.Unfortunately she ends up passing away which was really sad to me. I really like the after effect it had on Troy though because she got some thicker skin and matured from her tragedy with her mother. She almost took on the role of her mother. 

Winter Bone

Jennifer Lawrence AKA 17 year-old Ree, takes care of her sick mother and brother and sister that are younger than her. Her father is a drug dealer that has been missing for a while. A cop shows up one day looking for the dad saying that the he put up the house/property for his bail. This meant that if he didn't show up for the trial date they would lose all of it. She immediately started looking for his whereabouts and asks around for help to find him. Each one of them warned her that shed get hurt looking for him and did end up being beat up quite a lot. Eventually with all her determination she ends up finding his dead body.

This was also another one of my favorite movies this quarter.  Ree had to help cut off her father's hands which kind of freaked me out. But it was really interesting how willing she was to do whatever it took. She played her character so well you couldn't tell that it was even a movie really. 

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Crooklyn; Kaysha Carrasquillo

Kaysha Carrasquillo
Intro to Film Studies

Image result for crooklyn                             Image result for crooklyn


Although I had to watch this film twice in order to get the whole plot and message of this film, I eventually caught on. Crooklyn was released in 1994, by Spike Lee this film was based on an African American family that didn't have much but each other. The main actress Zelda Harris played the role of the younger sister named Troy. Troy was the heart of the family she kept track of her older brothers, and took on responsibilities that her mother would normally do. She wasn't told to take on these responsibilities at first but she learned anyways. Growing up in their household wasn't easy at all, both parents would argue a lot, and their mother seemed to complain about everything because without her things wouldn't get done around the house, so she wanted the kids to take on and learn chores, so that it can make things easier on her. Surprisingly being the youngest sibling, Troy had a lot on her plate when it came to her family and home, but it all happened for a reason that her and her siblings didn't see coming. Like we all know, in these times the mother takes care of the house, but what they didn't know was their mother was coming close to her death bed. She became very ill, and ended up in the hospital around this time that she was sent to the hospital Troy was sent away to stay with her aunt and cousin for the summer. Being away helped Troy better herself as a person because she had others to fall back on, and didn't have everything put on her with her families situation. Once she came back her mom quickly passed, and it all came to sense that she was basically in training to take her mothers place once she was gone, yes she had he father but she would be the mother to nurture her three brothers the way her mother did. This film took on a strong, lead of a female role. 

Midterm- Fences

Kaysha Carrasquillo
"Intro to Film Studies"
Image result for fences book son                                       Image result for fences book son


After reading the book "Fences" by August Wilson I expected the movie to be just like book, but in shorter detail. In the book you can sense the tension between Troy Maxson (the main character, father) and his son Cory Maxson, they argued a lot and the mother, Rose would always have to get involved to separate them even though she had her own problems with Troy. Troy was very strict, and felt that he was in control of everything because he financially maintains the household, so that would cause him to pick fights with most of the characters. I honestly didn't notice the tension that much throughout the book, but watching the film I noticed it a whole lot, but it made me question why he has something against Cory so much, when all Cory tries to do is be like his father. They repeatedly say in the film that he does sports (football) just like his father did, and the characters also tell the father this but he doesn't seem to care. On another hand I feel like Troy doesn't try to be harsh to Cory on purpose, I feel like he does this to show Cory that things aren't handed to you in life, so you must work your hardest to get/earn it. Troy is a man all about respect and he consistently mentions how he provides for the household, and everything they have is ALL because of him, I think that him saying this is to just show and teach his son but he does it in his own mean ways, only because he cares and loves his son. This is my big in take/interpretation that I took from this film/book, I feel like this was the overall message for it, I highly recommend that this film is a must see.

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Crooklyn from Dara P

Image result for crooklyn               Crooklyn

Crooklyn takes place in Brooklyn, New York. The story a 9 nine year, Troy Carmichael, and her family. They live in a really lively and colorful neighborhood with many unusual characters. The movie holds many nostalgia as a kid plays on the block with friends, watching TV and bickering with siblings, or refusing to eat vegetables. The tone of the movie was established with the music and bright characters. Life will be difficult, but with your family, everything is going to be fine. Troy's family was struggling financially and it was clear that the mother had tensions with the father about his profession and his unclear role in the household. Even with the household conflicts, the family bond was still strong as they defend each other when their child is accused. The first struggle that the family went through was the light out because the father failed to pay the bills. Troy was very upset that she had to go down south and live a few weeks with her relatives. The setting was unfamiliar for Troy, a city girl. However, there she friended her cousin and learned the value of friendship. The second struggle the family went through was the separation of her parents. The mother was unhappy with her husband's career, but he still wanted to peruse his musical passion so they temporary separated. The tone changed drastically, it was no longer comedic but melo. To add fuel to the fire, the last struggle and hardship the family went through was when the mother got severely sick and was diagnosed with cancer. Troy was hurt deeply and realized the importance of family. Her mother passed away, however, the children remained a strong family and continue to  look out for one another. It seemed after her death, Troy matured and was not a spoiled brat any longer.

Winter's Bone by Dara

Image result for winter's bone

This movie was an experience in a perspective of a young girl, Ree, looking for her former drug dealing father, and struggling to  maintain a parental role for her younger siblings. Ree became both a mother and father for her two siblings after her mother suffered from a trauma and became unresponsive. For example, she cooks them warm meals, as a mother would, but also teach them how to hunt animals and fire a rifle for survival purposes, as a father would do. Ree's father had mysteriously gone missing and she is searching for him. While asking other drug dealers, she came across some trouble as she got kidnapped and beaten. However, she now knows for sure that her father was murdered. Fortunately, her uncle, Teardrop came and save her as he known in the town as a cold blooded killer and everyone is scared of him. The movie ends with Ree telling her uncle that his brother had been killed, but he tells her not to say who had killed him. The is to show that if she said who it was, he would've indulge himself in vengeance and seek revenge. However, the last scene hinted that Teardrop will chose that path. The movie was about family. Ree became the caregiver of her mother and siblings because her father was absent most of their lives. However, Teardrop was introduced and he had a fatherly role in her life, even when he seems to be harsh and aggressive towards her, he still rescued her. In addition, Ree's dream was to leave Ozark, instead she chose to stay and continue to look after her family.

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Midterm (Crooklyn vs Beasts of Southern Beauty)

Name: Gabby Jeannette
Date: 1/19/17

Crooklyn vs Beasts of Southern Beauty

Image result for crooklynImage result for beasts of southern beauty

The movies Crooklyn and Beasts of Southern Beauty were both very similar yet very different at the same time. Crooklyn is about a girl that ended up having to the take on the female figure in the household after her mother passes away suddenly. Beasts of Southern Beauty is about a girl that lived a majority of her life learning independence but when hard times hit she had to learn to amp up her skills and be the strong independence woman her dad is trying to raise her to be. In addition to both being independent,got that way because of the same reason. Their mothers passed away which forced them to grow up faster than a "normal" child does. Once they both took on the roles of independent figures, they had to deal with the same situations but in different ways. For example, Troy had to learn to get up and cook and clean for her brothers and Hush Puppy had to learn feed all of the animal and make sure they were in order. Even the movie themselves were similar in specific ways. For instance, they had the same type of genre. Due to the seriousness of the two movies, I'd consider both of them to be dramas.

But there were also some differences that stood out clearly to any viewer, the fact that Troy was raised in a household with supportive and loving family, despite their arguments. But Hush Puppy wasn't, she grew up in a make shift home in uncleanly conditions with a father that tended to show his temper in poor ways to her and drank a lot. Also they way that the movies were filmed were different. For instance, in Crooklyn the opening shot was the one that set the tone for the movie. But in Beast of Southern Beauty, the cut away shots about boars, ice burgs, etc set the tone of the movie for me. 

All and all even though Crooklyn took place in a different time than Beast of Southern Beauty they ended up in the same place metaphorically, as movies about two young girls that grow up with there own problems but grow stronger and more independent though those struggles. This goes for many movies representing the fact that a theme can be shown in many ways. In this case the mutual theme was independence. 

Caitlin Willis - Midterm (Crooklyn v. Rocky)

Caitlin Willis
Intro. to Film Studies
Mr. Monahan

Crooklyn and Rocky

          Crooklyn and Rocky are my two favorite movies that we've viewed in Film Studies so far. Though they're both very good, they're both extremely different. The themes alone are extremely different. Rocky's theme is the American dream, while Crooklyn's theme is a strong female protagonist. The main character of Rocky, Rocky Balboa, an Italian boxer, is the complete opposite of Crooklyn's main character, Troy, an African American little girl. The similarities of both characters shine through as the movies play on.
          Both personalities had great character development as their films progressed. Rocky went from what everyone called a "bum" to a successful, nationally known fighter. At first, he'd collect money for a local lone shark, but he was too nice of a guy to even do that right. He was also too old in many people's eyes to make it big in boxing. It seemed as though he felt that he wasted his life away. But when the opportunity to fight a professional boxer came around, he was a bit hesitant to go through with it. His confidence was down and he didn't think he could do it. In fact, he was positive he'd lose. But as the story went on, he grew a bit more confident in his abilities and eventually grew to feel he had a chance in winning, or at least putting up a good fight, against Apollo Creed, one of the best fighters at the time. Troy's story was similar; she went from being just another little girl growing up in the city, learning how to shoplift and be a kid, to becoming a mother figure for her brothers, both older and younger, after the death of her mother.
          Both characters grew into strong protagonists, despite their very evident differences. I recommend these movies to those interested in watching movies with great character development and interesting plots.

Midterm Compare and contrast Winters Bone Vs. Beast of the Southern Wild


                 The two Movies, Beast of the Southern Wild and Winter’s Bone both have many similarities with the characters and the plot of the film. With both of the movies having a strong female protagonist main character. They both lean to solve problems on their own witch shows independence. In the movie Winters Bone the main character Ree played by Jenifer Lawrence, is show to be independent from the beginning when she is has to take care of her mother and siblings on her own while at the same time has to find her father in order to keep her house. She does this with no support from any of her family. On the other hand with Beast of the Southern Wild, the main character Hushpuppy played by Quvenzhane Wallis is tough to be independent by her father throughout the film as the struggle to keep them safe after a major storm hits them. After Hushpuppy's father dies she knows a lot about independence and how to survive from her father who makes her prepare for the world by her. With these two movies and these two characters they both share similar traits such as being independent, solving problems on their own, and taking care of others. I also noticed that with the two movies the father made the movie what it is. In Winters Bone Reed finding her father was the important and main plot of the story. Same with Beast of the Southern Wild. Without Hushpuppy's father she would not learn to be independence and wouldn’t make the film what it is. I believe these movies are very alike.


Image result for rocky

Image result for sugar the movie

I decided to compare and contrast these two movies because I feel like they share similarities but are very different when you watch the film. Rocky was took place in the urban area of Philadelphia, rocky was a amateur fighter (boxing) that seemed that his life was going no where, he got the opportunity to fight the world heavy weight champion Apollo Creed.This movies showed how Rocky changed his life around over one big fight. He dedicated his time that he had to actually be in shape and train for the fight. 

On the other hand, Sugar took place in different in various places at first the movie started in the Dominican Republic at a baseball camp, Miguel ( Main Character) very dedicated to play baseball in the majors. He was one of the top pitchers in his camp, he got an offer to play with a Double A team in Arizona. He dedicated his whole life to one sport.

These two movies were we different in ways because in the film Rocky, he ended up losing he still showed that he didn't give up on anything he stood there and fought Creed for the whole fight. He took into consideration at the end of the movie that everything out side the boxing ring it was going his way. On the hand, in sugar once he got to play in the double A team they cut him off the team and he was devastated but he knew he could morn on that forever he need to have perseverance to find a new life other than playing baseball. 

This is why I consider these two films have many differences because the both show different types of perseverance in order to proceed and be successful.           

Midterm #Damianhenderson

Damian V. Henderson Jr

Midterm Comparison Rocky vs. Sugar

Rocky and Sugar are very similar movies. They both have main characters who are trying to live the "American Dream." Rocky is just a average boxer who is trying to come up in the game. He is old so it is hard for him to bring his career up. But with a little luck he is able to be fighting the best boxer in the world and he held his own. Sugar is a baseball player with a dream of playing in the United States. He was on his way to stardom at one point but it had all fallen. But he also found a new way of life. He found out that life isn't just about baseball. There is more to life. He had a good job, family, friends, and happiness. 

I picked these movies to compare because I feel that they are very similar. They both are sports movies. They both also have a huge turn around in the main characters life. One started out poor and with no career and became famous and on top of the world. The other started out being on his way to becoming a great baseball player but then found other meanings in life. 

I feel that Sugar and rocky both have a similar meaning. Never give up. If one thing doesn't work out then life isn't over. The American Dream is not just to be rich and famous. But it is to find happiness in life. That is the American Dream.

Midterm Rocky and sugar

Victor Nieves
A3 Midterm

              Both the film Rocky directed by John G. Avildsen and Sugar [Santos] directed by Anna Bowen and Ryan Fleck both present what it is to achieve the American Dream. For those who don't know what the American Dream is, it's the idea where all U.Scitizens have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, initiative, and determination. Both films are actually very similar and both do a great job showcasing the American Dream by showing where both main characters [protagonists] of the story
(Miguel Santos and Rocky Balboa AKA the Italian Stallion) came from, and for those who are very familiar with the films, both characters didn't really have much initially and both had financial problems.

Even if both films are very similarthey still have their differences in presenting the American Dream. While Rocky who had an unexpected and random opportunity to fight Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), who at the time was the Heavyweight Champion of the world, Miguel always had the chance but never pursued his passion which was baseball [???]. Another thing to mention about their differences, Miguel had to sacrifice a lot of things getting into the Minor Leagues while Rocky had nothing to lose. Miguel had to move to the United States in order to pursue his dream to play baseball, while for Rocky it came to him.

Both characters had different struggles while trying to achieve their dreams, Miguel's struggle was to be able to handle not being home, yet supporting his family and adapt to living in a new country and learning a new language [and eating too much French toast]. Although Rocky had to train his body to be at a pro boxing level and move from amateur to pro and move away from his old life which was braking body parts as a loan shark. Although both characters had different careers and different struggles, they were both still very similar in terms of showing the American Dream, and even if both characters had different endings, they both still went through a lot of struggle to get where they are now. 

In the end of the movie Sugar, the idea was a man who had an opportunity to become something great but what he really wanted was what he had at home; The movie Rocky was about a man who had a random opportunity sent to him which he had nothing to lose and a chance to move out from his old life which was being in poverty and having to break legs in order to make his money. Both movies showcase characters having a chance to be at the top which makes them very similar yet both their backgrounds and situations make them totally different. 

Deus Ex Machina Across Texts: From August Wilson's Seven Guitars, Spike Lee's Crooklyn and Deborah Granik's Winter's Bone

Deus ex machina (DEM) is a contrivance, an unexpected event, that brings a narrative plot to its conclusion; the question is, are the murder of Floyd Barton, the terminal cancer of Carolyn Carmichael, and the revelation of Jessup Dolly's demise all examples of this device? It may be necessary to examine each of these dramatic works with laser-like precision to determine the appropriate answer to this query.

First, let us consider the murder of blues man Floyd Barton, the arguable protagonist of August Wilson's ensemble piece Seven Guitars. Seven Guitars is one of ten installments in Wilson's Century Cycle, each work representing the Black experience in a particular decade of the twentieth century. Barton is a dreamer and a victim of the predatory music industry. He will do anything to get back on top and relive his past glory of having a hit record. The thing is, just when things are looking up, Floyd has a meeting scheduled with his 'manager' who is going to get his guitar out of hock, "The same one Muddy Waters play," and stake his passage/train fare from Pittsburgh to Chicago, the manager gets pinched for selling phony insurance. Desperate to win back the affection of his former lover Vera and get back on the path to stardom, Floyd participates in a daylight robbery that ends in the death of his accomplice and leaves Floyd with a tidy sum. Floyd's bandmate/harmonica player Canewell stumbles onto Floyd's ill-gotten gains and tensions flare. Tragedy is temporarily averted when Canewell backs down while in the sights of Floyd's .38 caliber pistol; however, this reprieve is both fleeting and momentary as a the TB ravaged Haitian Hedley who has been drinking 'moonshine' no less finds both his courage and his machete. The question is, is Barton's murder unexpected or a foregone conclusion as the play opens with the chorus of characters reflecting on his funeral? I would argue that although Hedley being the character to carry out the murder may be unexpected, Barton's death is no mere contrivance and therefore not an example of DEM.

By way of contrast, the untimely demise of Carolyn Carmichael (Alfre Woodard), the matriarch in Spike Lee's bildungsroman Crooklyn from 1994, is both necessary and unexpected. Troy, expertly played by the young Zelda Harris, needs to suffer the loss of her mother in order to complete her maturation and grow wise beyond her ten years. One of the reasons Carolyn's illness may blindside audiences is the way it runs contrary to the overall sunny mood and lighthearted tone of the film. If one were to divide the film into three or four acts, the natural segmentation of this episodic narrative would be the ensemble feel of the introduction, act two beginning with Troy's visit with relatives 'down South,' act three Carolyn's sickness and death, and the resolution of Troy hesitatingly attending her mother's funeral, reconciling with her older brother/former nemesis Clinton and taking care of her youngest brother Richard by running off Snuffy (Spike Lee) and 'Right Hand', combing out his hair, and looking after the house and home. I would argue that the seeming abruptness of Carolyn's illness and passing make this turn of events an example of DEM.

Finally, the conclusion and

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Beasts of the Southern Wild

Gabby Jeannette

Image result for beast of the southern wild
In the past few films we have watched, Winter's Bone, Alien, and Crooklyn have all had a strong female protagonist character. The same goes for Beast of the Southern Wild, the story was about a 6 year old girl, named Hush Puppy, living in "The Bath Tub" (outside of Louisiana) with her father. After living there day to day life: going to school, feeling the animals, and spending time with the community at parties. Everything started to turn south as Hurricane Katrina was coming. As the storm comes people and animals start to die, houses get ripped apart, and slightly prior to that we find out that the father has some mysterious but serious health problems going on. The film ends up being a drama what covers the struggles of recovering a life threatening storm and also, leaving with an unorthodox way of love/parenting.
These ideas shown in the movie dramatically bring out the independent, strong female protagonist that Hush Puppy is meant to portray. When all of the adults were drinking and having a good time and all they children were interacting among themselves, expect Hush Puppy who was with the adults learning to deconstruct a crab, showed her willingness to be mature and grow up faster than the others. Also, the multiple times that Hush Puppy stood up to her dad was a who representation that she is willing to speak her voice to him and tell him some stuff ins't okay. Even the little things that Hush Puppy would do would bright out her independence that much more. Her ability to make herself dinner, live in her own house, learning to fish, and while her father is gone take care of the animals and herself to the best of her ability. Hush Puppy was an amazingly strong character and gives a heart warming and intense feeling to the movie.
I thought that the filming style had it's ups and downs. I thought that at some points the story line picked up a little faster than I'd like it to, and some moments could have been elaborated on. But on the other hand, I thought some moments in the movie were completely brilliant and creative. For instance, the cutting shots to the icebergs, boars, etc. Each cut away shot helped to enhance the tone of that scene of the movie. For example, when they iceberg was shattering, it representing the fact that everything was going downhill and collapsing. They was a hidden message between all of them, like when  I liked how the boar one actually encountered Hush Puppy at the end of the movie, it gave closure in a way to the views.
Beasts of Southern Wild was a great representation that no matter the age you can be independent and strong, it only depends on how you are raises and your willingness. The movie was great but the filming style was only enjoyable if you pay attention to the story line.