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Touch Of Evil

Touch Of Evil is about a Mexican enforcement agent name Miguel Vargas (Charlton Heston) who tries to solve a case when a car explodes, but it ends up being more than a simple case. Overall I like this movie near the middle and end, but to be honest the beginning did not capture my attention. I understood what was happening, but every scene I started to question why it was happening. Why is person A doing this, when they could simply do that? Or when person B brain fell out the window and lost common sense to do the rational thing, but nope their brain fell out the window so they think, "I'm going to try and do this on my own" [this is somewhat confusing].

Aside from all that Vargas starts to suspect that the local hero detective Hank Quinlan of planting evidence on the scene to frame innocent people. After this development I started to really watch the film, it was the fact of trying to find the answers and reasons to what is happening and really understand everything that what unfolding that kept my attention. So whenever Vargas was on screen I would watch with rapt attention and Quinlan because he is part of why it was so interesting in the first place. You can't have a hero without the villain. Anyway I enjoyed the movie, but I still wonder why the psychic came at the end of the movie? Was it because she was worried about Quinlan, or was she wanting to say goodbye to the man she never knew?

Touch of Evil

Gabby Jeannette

Touch of Evil

Touch of Evil, directed by Orson Welles who is arguably one of the greatest of all time, ironically enough was not really a movie that I enjoyed or even had an easy time following. Everything about the movie makes it tough to keep up with. For example,the film noir wasn’t interesting to me and made the confusing story line, the fact that it was black and white, etc.

After talking to Mr. Monahan about the plot of the story I slightly started to understand it, but it was still a little difficult. I now understand that it was a about two groups of cops; one group is good and the other group is corrupt and don't follow the rules. Throughout the movie the sets of cops had conflict with each other for a variety of reasons.

While watching a Touch of Evil, one scene that I did understand was when one of the detectives looked over the house [of Sanchez, a murder suspect] but then after he did that the other cop found something that was planted to make it look skeptical of the cop. That shows the conflict that the type of cops have.

I think if there were subtitles the movie would slightly be a little easier to follow or even if the movie wasn't in the black and white because all of those factors contributed to my inability to follow the story. All and all this movie may have been liked by others but for me and a majority of people that I talked to about it, Touch of Evil was a difficult movie.


Rocky is a movie about a small time boxer in Philadelphia who in the movie goes through living as just a average guy who trying to make a living from being a boxer and a loan shark, who gets to have a chance at fighting the heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. During the movie I was interested in how Rocky day to day life was even though he was trying to get by and I got to say when I first saw this movie I did not like Rocky personality at all because to me he came off as pushy or abrasive like he would keep talking when at some parts it felt as though the recipient just wanted the conversation to end or just walk away but the more I've seen this movie the more I start to enjoy his personality, I started to find his personality endearing after everything before Apollo challenged him he was just a softy who wanted to make something of himself and to prove that he was not a loser and in the movie he says it himself like how can he compare to Apollo he can't beat him but he still gave it his best shot what Rocky has shown both in the fight and the entirety of the movie is that through hard work and determination you can achieve your goals and i feel that Rocky was a great film and it message was well received.  

Prior film Experience

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Before this class I'd say I watched a lot of movies. I watched more recent movies than classics though. For example, I'd never seen Psycho before this class. The genre of movie I watch on my own varies. I've seen some older movies such as Pygmalion, I usually watch comedies, superhero movies or action movies. Among my favorites are Rush Hour, Captain America and Spectre. I generally enjoy most movies I've seen. I don't think there's many movies I absolutely hated. However, there are some that I wouldn't go out of my way to see again. I'm not sure why I don't really like those movies. I think it has something to do with the way their written, whether it's that they're badly written or I just didn't enjoy the story line.

A few summers ago, I took a film music class at a summer program. There I learned how music correlates to the overall feel of a scene and how music is used to make the viewer feel a certain way. Before that class I never thought about how music fits into the movie. Other than that I'd never analyzed a movie while I was watching it. I do like analyzing movies now that I know what to look at. I can tell where the movie is going next based on the music playing in the background. Analyzing movies helps me understand the story better.

I really enjoy watching movies because they let you see a world that doesn't really exist. Through watching movies, you can pretend you're anything. You can be a spy, a superhero, anything imaginable and once it's over you can go back to your normal life without the repercussions of actually being that character. I think it's amazing that you can be someone else for an hour or two and take a break from real life.

Caitlin Willis - A Touch of Evil

Caitlin Willis
Intro. to Film Studies

A Touch of Evil 

        To be quite honest, this movie didn't catch my interest. It was difficult to pay attention to it because the plot was so confusing and hard to keep up with. The occasional Spanish also confused me because I'm not a native speaker and subtitles weren't always on the screen. The fact that it was black and white didn't help because it just lost my attention more. 
        From what I've seen, I can honestly say that this movie isn't something I'd watch by choice. Though I will admit that the plot did have a lot of potential; I just feel as if it wasn't meet my expectations. The film was about shady cops who were planting evidence on suspects to get them arrested, but there was a lot more to it. There were two sets of cops, one of which was crooked and the other was good. They were going against each other, from small disagreements to large scuffles. There was also a lot of action, from car explosions to kidnappings. I can't deny the fact that the movie had a lot going on, whether or not that's a good thing is up to the viewer.
        Perhaps I went into this movie with too high expectations or maybe I was just expecting something different. Whatever it may be, this movie did not reach my expectations and it's definitely not one of my favorites. 

Rocky (Spoiler Alert!!)

Rocky Film Analysis 

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Rocky was a movie that shocked people, usually people expect the obvious thing oh hes just going to win the last fight hes the best blah blah blah. In this case its not like that at all, its different he starts out as a washed up old man, no one believes in him and thinks his boxing career is over. He starts off out of shape but then gets the opportunity of his lifetime. Apollo creed the champ had a challenger to start with but then he got injured in trainer. Creed ended up putting a ad up for a local contendor to sign up to be the replacement. Rocky hesitated because he had no one in his corner no representation no training no management he was the underdog. He did it anyways and ended up signing up.

He finds Balboa in the paper, liking his nickname "The Italian Stallion" and his fighting style, being southpaw. After several weeks of hard training, using whatever he can find, including meat carcasses as punching bags, Mickey and accepts an offer of assistance. The big fight Creed comes out to a over dramatic entrance and rocky puts up the fight of his life even though he lost he earns Apollo Creeds respect and so do I. I overall love this movie and have a lot of pros but no cons.


Gabby Jeannette


After watching Touch of Evil my opinion on black and white movies changed, but not for the better, because it was very hard to follow and just all around not very likable. But after watching Psycho my love of older movies was restored. I thought that Psycho was an amazing movie! I found it interesting and very engaging.

In the beginning of the film, I thought I had the storyline figured out, but 1/2 way through the movie proved me wrong. SPOILER ALERT!!! I thought it was going to be a stereotypical runaway movie with the possibility that the protagonist Marion would get into a few altercations. But in the end, I figured she would get away with it all and live a nice life with Sam. Once Marion got murdered (about forty minutes into the film) I knew that my theory was down the drain.

After that, I was waiting eagerly to see the mother because it appeared that she was Marion's murderer and because she seemed so mean to Norman. I wanted to see how she fit into the equation.

I have mixed emotions about how the movie played out. At the end we found out that the mother was actually just a skeleton and Norman acts as his mother to cope with the loss (it turns out that Norman was jealous of his mother and her lover and had poisoned them ten years prior) and it took over his day to day tendencies. Which means looking back that Norman killed Marion and he was also just yelling to himself about having girls over. That twist made me think back over the entire movie, so I could grasp that there actually was no mother. But I will admit that, that change made the movie ten times better than just the mother being crazy.

In addition to the wonderful storyline the movie itself and edits were also factors on what made the movie so intriguing. For instance, the background music was a great way to set the tone of each scene and event that happened in the movie. When Marion was getting murdered they put in music to make the effect more real to grab the viewer's attention. Also, in one scene Norman brings Marion a snack but as he stands in front of her there is a mirror beside him showing his reflection. Looking back on that moment now it gives of the idea that Norman has two sides to him, he isn’t just a simple hotel worker which viewers later come to see the other side to him. As you can probably tell yourself every aspect of this film was planned out well to make it that much more amazing.

As we were watching the movie my friend mentioned there is a show based off of Norman and the mother’s life called Bates Motel, and now I'm interested in starting that that series on Netflix. Overall Psycho was great movie that I'd recommend to anyone with an interest for a good mysterious movie.

"Psycho"  Comparison to " The Bates Motel"
    Written By. Kassandra Rivera

SPOILER ALERT!!! The first point, or shall I say statement, I'd like to make is that Alfred Hitchcock (Director of Psycho) really is the true "Master Of Suspense." The way he keeps the mystery throughout the film is truly great, the way he portrays the main character as a complete psycho is honestly perfection.

The director of "The Bates Motel" (an A&E network original series) has a [knack for] suspense that is great, but I honestly think that he gives up on the suspense a little too quick.  In my opinion the director of The Bates Motel does know how to keep both of the stories together but also makes it more interesting and more in this time to relate more to the current generation/younger audiences.

Norman bates in 'The Bates Motel' is somewhat in love with his mother, but not as a regular son loves his mother Norman ("A boy's best friend is his mother... a son is a poor substitute for a lover.") Bates is a complete upset [not sure what you are trying to say here] with his mother as a matter a fact one episode in the series he dresses as his mother and talks to brother as if he was his mother talking to his brother, but on the hand Norma Bates also is upsesive [obsessed] with her son, but in as in a love just as a mother, but she gets upset when he starts to talk to and go out with a girl his own age. They [mother and son/Norma and Norman] are both complexly and completely wrong in the head, but if I was to choose who was more wack in the head it would hands down have to be Norman Bates. To be completely honest both the movie and the show are really amazing and good, the show is just more action and entertainment because its is a show; therefore, they continually have to get peoples' attention.

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Sugar #DamianHenderson

Damian V. Henderson Jr

"American Dream." For some people the, "American Dream," is the idea of going to America and becoming rich and have so many opportunities to better yourself. That's what Sugar thought. Sugar was a baseball player for the Dominican Republic. He along with all the other baseball players were getting evaluated to get to go to a higher level of baseball in America. From there they could go higher until they get cut or make it to the major league. This baseball team was like a camp. They worked out everyday, tried to learn English for if they moved too America, and had coaches and scouts come down to watch them play. It was all like one big tryout. But this tryout determined what the rest of your life could be like. One day there was a scout that came to a team workout. He asked about Sugar and wanted to see what he could do. He was a pitcher so the scout had him through a couple of different pitches. But there was one pitch that he had never seen before and could not throw. Sugar could not forget about that pitch. He tried to practice it over and over again.

Sugar went home that day and you can instantly tell that he didn't have a wealthy family. There house wasn't the best and all of his family had on clothes that were not very well looking. But everyone was happy because they knew the Sugar could have the chance to change his life in America. He had a lot of family in the same area but his main family were his mother and little sister. He also had a girlfriend who he planned on coming back for once he played for the Yankees and got rich in America. He thought he would just ride back on a Cadillac and take his girl anywhere. That's what his American dream was.

Tryouts were coming to an end and it was almost time to send people and cut people. People were taking this so serious that some even tried to use performance enhancing drugs to make them play better. It was very intense in these camps but Sugar got through it. He was one of the players selected to go to America! He went home and all his people celebrated. He had all his real family and friends there and even some random people. He had people who he has never seen before come and try to celebrate with him. The acted like they were family but Sugar knew they were only in it to try to get some money from him if he gets rich. But Sugar knew who his real family were and he said that he will help them while he is in America by sending money back. He also promised his girl that he will come back for her.

Sugar started out in America and he instantly saw that the level of talent get higher. But he still held his own. His signature pitch was the knuckle ball that the scout showed him. He perfected it and it seemed unstoppable. The only problem in America was the fact that he didn't speak any English. He had a friend from where he lived who had also made the team with him. But this friend spoke English and helped them communicate with people.

Sugar was doing good and got moved up a level closer to the major leagues. But sadly his friend wasn't playing so well. He got cut and couldn't play anymore. This upset Sugar but he assured him that they would meet again.

Sugar was doing well in his games. He was making money and calling his mom almost everyday. He sent her and his girl money. Everything was going good until he got hurt midway into a game. He went to sit on the side line and didn't get back in the game. He played the next game but did poorly. He felt like he wasn't the same and so did the coaches. They brought in another pitcher to play along side Sugar. This certain pitcher was an old friend of Sugar. This is what made it more personal for him. Sugar felt like he needed an advantage so used steroids to help him play better. It worked for the beginning of the game but he started feeling different. He couldn't focus and almost hit the batter.

Sugar knew what his play would get him. He was benched and had a fit in the locker room. He through a water jug and walked out. He was for sure that he would get cut so he left. He went to New York city to start a new life. He found a little apartment and was now looking for a job. He came across a man that spoke Spanish and worked in a store that built tables and chairs. But the man was not hiring. Sugar offered to clean up for the man if he let him used some of his work space to make a table for his mother. the man agreed but they instantly grew close. Sugar was looking for a long time friend that got cut from the time but he couldn't find him. He went to a dinner that the friend use to be at but it was no luck. But Sugar started working there but the money from the dinner was not enough so he got kicked out of the apartment. He told the old man and the old man let him stay with him. They became very good friends.

Sugar found his long lost friend and they instantly remembered the bond they had. Sugar realized that the American Dream wasn't just about becoming rich. It was about being happy. Life for him was finally more then baseball.

Caitlin Willis- Psycho

Caitlin Willis
Intro. to Film Studies


        Going into the movie, I was very skeptical of it's good reputation. Everyone praises the movie Psycho for being such a good movie, saying that for such an old film, the content is very high quality. I'm not a big fan of black and white movies (film noir) but I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt. I was very surprised that I actually enjoyed this movie.
        The fact that it was black and white didn't bother me as much as I thought it would've. The plot made up for the fact that it was not in color. Though predictable, it still managed to surprise me because I had to try and wrap my mind around why he would dress up as his mother to do the killings. Norman seemed like such a normal man and to think that he had his mother's skeleton in the basement of his house while casually conversing with people was a bit terrifying.
        Norman also was a bit odd because he talked of his mother as if he'd had romantic feelings for her. He mentioned that a son was a sad excuse for a lover while lying about how his mother had been killed in bed with her lover. It was crazy when I found out that he actually killed his mother, perhaps out of jealousy, and lied about it. He also appeared jealous when discussing how his mother was with a man.
        Psycho was a movie about a crazy man with murderous tendencies. It showed an example of one of his murders and even led up to his arrest. This movie encouraged me to watch Bates Motel, the show based off of the entire Norman Bates and mother situation.


220px-Sugar_ver2.jpg (220×325)

The 2008 movie Sugar is a coming of age story. Miguel "Sugar" Santos (Algenis Perez Soto) had a dream of coming to America to play professional baseball. Eventually he's given the opportunity to play for the Kansas City Knights. While he's there, he lives with a host family who's claimed to have hosted other great players. Even though he struggles to speak English, he becomes sort of a small town celebrity during his time on the team.

When his friend Jorge Ramirez (Rayniel Rufino) is kicked off the team due to injury, Sugar realizes he can be easily replaced. From there, he decides to leave the team and go find his friend in New York. This is a big decision for him because he's basically giving up on his dreams knowing his family at home is rooting for him. At this point, he has no other options but to get a job at a diner. I think this decision shows that he's still grounded after being on the road to becoming famous.

Eventually Sugar finds Jorge and joins a baseball team for people who've gotten injured or left other teams. When he's playing with this team you can tell he's much happier then when he played for the Knights. Because of this scene, I think Sugar is a coming of age story. We see Sugar go from a guy in The Dominican Republic just trying to make it big in America, to a guy who's found happiness in a sport he loves without having to be signed to a team.

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Rocky #DamianHenderson

Damian V Henderson Jr

Rags to riches. How I would describe the Rocky movie. From little fights not getting a lot of money and fame to fighting the greatest boxer and champion of the world. Rocky started out as just a little boxer from Philly. He wasn't going anywhere in his career being an older boxer. He had a couples little fights where he made little to no money. He lived in a little apartment and had a lot of pets. In the beginning he didn't have anyone but his pets to keep him company. No family, just his pets and his one friend Paulie. Paulie had a sister who worked at the pet store that Rocky goes to. Her name was Adrian. Adrian didn't give Rocky the time of day at this point of the movie. Rocky would come in and try to make conversation but Adrian was very shy. She would not even respond to Rocky.

Because of Rocky's lack of income from boxing he had to find other ways to make money. He worked with these mafia members on the side of boxing. He was what you would call an enforcer. But he wasn't very good at it because he was too nice. He cared a lot for people and couldn't really do what he was supposed to do as an enforcer.

Time goes by and Rocky's career is coming to an end it seems. He has been moved out of his locker at his gym because his trainer felt like he was washed up and it was time for him to train new boxers. So his trainer pretty much turned his back on him. In his defense Rocky didn't actually take the boxing 100% serous like he should have. He smokes and drinks, he even does it sometimes right before or after he is about to fight. This pretty much indicates that his career is almost over.
Meanwhile, Apollo Creed is looking for an opponent. Apollo is the greatest boxer of that era. He was looking for an opponent to fight against for the championship. And this time he is willing to let and no name little boxer compete for the title. And this certain no name was Rocky.

When Rocky got the news that he could have a chance to fight Apollo Creed he declined it. He felt like he couldn't stack up to the great boxer. But time when by and he felt like he had nothing to lose. So he started training for the fight. When news got out that Rocky was fighting Apollo he started getting some fans. His trainer Mickey wanted to try to come back into his life when he heard the news. He wanted to train Rocky again but Rocky said he didn't want anything to do with  him. Also his friend Paulie helped him get through his training. He at Rocky went at it at times but they were good enough friends that they worked through it. Paulie even let Rocky train in his freezer where all his meats were. He used the meats as punching bags. By this time Rocky and Adrian have a thing for each other. Adrian eventually opened up to Rocky and they really like each other. Adrian supported Rocky throughout his entire training period. And even when Rocky felt like he couldn't go through with the fight, Adrian was there to talk him into believing himself and having the confidence to stand up to Apollo Creed.

While Rocky is preparing for the fight of his life, Apollo isn't taking the fight serious at all. He isn't even training and is too busy worried about the publicity. This approach he is taking too this fight will eventually come back to bite him.

It is time too fight and Rocky is ready too go. He gets his good luck from Adrian and is off to the ring. On the other side Apollo sees this as a show. He come out on what looks like a parade float and is dressed up like George Washington. He clearly is not taking this fight serious. These too are going at it now and instantly Apollo is still toying with Rocky. Dancing around the ring. But Rocky gets Apollo out of his playful act with a hit that seemed to have shocked Apollo. After this the fight got serious and it went down to the wire. Each boxer has been knocked down and beaten up. This was a huge accomplishment for Rocky because he was the first person to knock down the champion. The fight is over and these too have went the distance. Apollo was named champion be unanimous decision but all Rocky wanted was the love from Adrian.

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Previous Film experience #MichaelLee

I think I have a pretty good resume when it comes to film. Film is something that interests me more than anything. I've been watching war movies and documentaries since I was little. My favorite movies are Saving Private Ryan, Patton, Full Metal Jacket, Jar head, and a many more [Tell me more. I, too, have been known to enjoy  a good war film; however, I suspect the attraction for you may go deeper esp. if one considers your possible life after high school. Additionally, I would like to hear a nuanced examination of combat films that depict conflicts before and after WWII. Do other demarcations such as Vietnam and post-9/11 make significant differences in filmmakers approaches to the  material? Finally, have you ever seen The Best Years of Our Lives? ].

At my old middle school, I used to take film class. We would create funny scripts or serious documentaries at times, but those years in that class were so of my best. I also participated in the morning news at my old middle school. I usually used one of the cameras or teleprompter. I didn't like being on camera too much.

My old middle school film teacher was named Mr. Slusky. He was certainly a character and had a weird sense of humor. As 5th graders, we were terrible at spelling and grammar. He would make us take English tests to improve our grammar so that when we write scripts he could actually understand them okay.

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Rocky #MichaelLee

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Director: John G. Avildsen
Producer: Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler
Writer: Sylvester Stallone

Rocky takes place in the heart of Philadelphia on the two hundred year anniversary of the birth of our beloved country.  The reason why this film is so relevant today still is because of the "American Dream," the idea of freedom is what so many immigrants came here to experience and many natives enjoy of our beloved country.

Rocky Balboa is a small time boxer making barely enough to make ends meet. To make those ends meet he loan sharks. He doesn't like this job. He doesn't enjoy hurting people. You would think he does since he is a boxer, but no. He never really cared about going big time until getting the chance the fight Apollo. When he gets the chance to fight Apollo, he drops the loan shark job and focuses on training and getting himself strong enough so that he could win.

He is also hypocrite who thinks people shouldn't smoke or drink when he does it himself. In one of the scenes he tells one of the girls in the neighborhood that she shouldn't be smoking and it's unhealthy. He cares more about other person than himself. He'd rather help other people than help himself. When he starts training he stops smoking so that he can get better to win the fight.

He's also portrayed as a sensitive person who cares about the value of life. He has two turtles named cuff and link. When he was out on a job loan sharking, he was told to cut someone's finger off that owed money. Rocky ended up not doing this horrible act which showed his softer side. He was of course ridiculed for not cutting his finger off.

Everyone thought of him as a bum but he tries to draw up a new image of himself and be who he thinks people would look up to. In E-commerce, we are researching business and all these CEO's and owners who have to make themselves look a certain way to make them trust worthy so that people would buy their product. I think Rocky is a product of the American dream. He built himself from nothing, his reputation was bad and he was a loser. He built up his character and became who the American Dream meant him to become. In order to sell his product, which is him, he has to act a certain way and look like a True American that everyone loves.

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Rocky: Victor

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This movie is about a amateur boxer going through life issues as he gets a life turning opportunity to fight the heavy weight champion of the world Apollo creed. As he prepares himself to fight him he starts to realize who his real friends are and how all his life he wasted his talent on breaking legs as his coach or personal trainer says. So rocky sees this as a gateway to a new life and a new world. Rocky fights for a ring that is small and very unknown so for him having an offer to fight Apollo is like an angel coming to the rescue. He then starts to think his life through and decides to change he stops being a loan shark and takes his training seriously to prepare for this fight because this will change his life. He ends up losing the fight to Apollo but doesn't go down easy he leaves a great shows and gets a lot of fans being known as a great for standing all 12 rounds and almost winning. So in this movie you'll see how he will get his journey started to a new life he never expected to have. 

Man on the wire

Man on The Wire was directed by James March and publish July 25,2008.The main character Philippe Petit was a french wire walker, juggler,  & street performer. He accomplished many wire walking stunts such as Notre Dome in Paris and  the Sydney Harbor Bridge, but that wasn't good enough for Philippe he wanted to wire walk across the Empire State building from one tower to t he other. Him and a couple of friends  helped Philippe practice his wire walking skills and made sure that he was able to stand the wind of being so high up. On August 7th 1974 Philippe and his friends broke into the towers and hung up the wire.Philippe was on the wire for at least an hour before he got arrested for trust passing but ended  up making bail

Past film experience

My past experience with film is some kind old movies such as Pretty In Pink, Dirty Dancing,  Adams Family etc. With these films personally I think the writers actually had a meaning to the movies compared to now a days directors just throw a movie together and the title could be completely have  nothing to do with the movie over all. My favorite genre of film is romantic comedies, documentaries, action. These are m favorite type of genres of movies because they draw my attention the most compared to other type of movies.

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Prior Film Experience #neyshkamedina

Neyshka Medina
September 29,2016
Film Studies B3

Previous Film Experience

My previous experience with movies, always has to be a movie that catches my eye. I like mysterious, comedy , scary , drama , and drama romantic movies. I am that one friend that laughs at anything and everything especially in scary movies. If I am not interested into the movie I won't watch it at all. Mysterious like its a game, something happening. Like an example the show Pretty Little Liars. I be so into it , yelling at the screen. Action movies like Creed you may say its a action movie, I went wild for, I've watched it on a plane and I wanted to yell so bad. In some movies I wish I was in because they act stupid or get me so mad. Comedy movies make me feel so much better when i'm down.
Tyler London


This film  made me open my eyes on how i see things because Miguel was struggling and still ended up somewhere in life even though his dream he wanted to do was ruined. This shows that life can throw anything at you and that everything going to end up working out eventually even if you accomplish what you want in life its always a second choice in what you might wanna do. Miguel , didn't speak good English but he tried because everything was so new to him. To his family, who lost their father years before,The family is counting on him . With the small bonus he earned when he signed with the academy he has started to build his family a new home. He is assigned to their Single A affiliate in Iowa, the Swing. He has met the Wiggins family which took him in for a place top stay since they bring in Swing players every year. Jorge Rufino, a veteran player and the only other Dominican on the team, also tries to help Miguel learn the ropes. However, the Higgins' welcoming efforts and Jorge's guidance, the challenge of Miguel's acceptance into the community is exposed in small ways every day, from his struggle to communicate in English to an accident at a local bar. Miguel is now injured and starting to question why he is like that . While Miguel is on the disabled list , Jorge, his one familiar connection to home in this strange new place, is cut from the team, never fully regaining his ability following off-season knee surgery. As his dream begins to fall apart, Miguel decides to leave baseball to follow another dream of his. His odyssey finally brings him to New York City, where at first he struggles to find community and make a new home for himself, like so many before him. Miguel ends up playing baseball with rejected players from the minor leagues.Image result for sugar the movie baseball

Man On Wire

The movie showed Philippe and his crew's challenges, growths, accomplishments and thoughts. Although people considered it a act of impossible, Philippe showed that his talents made a difference and that anything you put your mind foward to, you can accomplish anything. Philippe had a great mindset and idea that he just couldn't let go. His beliefs got the best of him and that's what he stuck to doing. It all started with a simple future design that he ripped from a magazine. It caught his attention because he had been walking high ropes which led him to have this awesome crazy dream to walk across the wire that would be attached to the roof top of the two tallest skyscrapers to be built. 

Rocky Analysis #shaquazamay

This film has been a pleasure to watch. It helped me realize and learn more about the famous Rocky who is known for his great talents which is boxing. It also showed the bumpy challenges he faced. In the beginning of the movie, Rocky famously known as the Italian stallion worked for Gazo . He had to collect money from people who owed Gazo. Rocky was a struggling character and didn't really have much but his career. In this film Rocky has a girl (Adrian)who secretly admires him and they began to find common things and have the same personality ,both shy . Going more into the movie Apollo also a famous boxer needed to fight an opponent on the Bicentennial day.So he chose rocky to fight only because of his name the "Italian Stallion". That name immediately grabbed his attention.

sugar #shaquaza

This film was very inspiring to me only because Miguel has showed people his struggles and still ended up somewhere in life even though his main dream was ruined. This shows that life is not a disappointment and that everything works out eventually even if you cant get exactly what you want . Miguel , a non speaking  English young man enjoys a kind of celebrity status. To his family, who lost their father years before, Miguel is their hope and shining star. With the small bonus he earned when he signed with the academy he has started to build his family a new house . He is assigned to their Single A affiliate in Iowa, the Swing. He has met the Wiggins family which took him in for a place top stay since they bring in Swing players every year. Jorge (Rufino), a veteran player and the only other Dominican on the team, also tries to help Miguel learn the ropes. However, the Higgins' welcoming efforts and Jorge's guidance, the challenge of Miguel's acceptance into the community is exposed in small ways every day, from his struggle to communicate in English to an accident at a local bar. Miguel is now injured and starting to question why he is like that . While Miguel is on the disabled list , Jorge, his one familiar connection to home in this strange new place, is cut from the team, never fully regaining his ability following off-season knee surgery. As his dream begins to fall apart, Miguel decides to leave baseball to follow another dream of his. His odyssey finally brings him to New York City, where at first he struggles to find community and make a new home for himself, like so many before him. Miguel ends up playing baseball with rejected players from the minor leagues.

man on wire

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Man on the wire.

Man on Wire is a 2008 British American biographical documentary film directed by James marsh . The film chronicles Philippe petits 1974 high-wire walk between the Twin Towers of New York's world trade center. It is based on Petit's book, To Reach the Clouds, released in paperback with the title Man on Wire. The title of the film is taken from the police report that led to the arrest and later release of Petit, whose performance had lasted for almost one hour. The film is crafted like a heist film  presenting rare footage of the preparations for the event and still photographs of the walk, alongside reenactments with Paul McGill as the young Petits.The reason why i thought this movie was so amazing because the fact he did it on the world trade center twin tower that made people expire him more. I would never think that a man can be on wire just walking so conformable.I expired me to never think that you cant do nothing you just got to put your mind and faith in to it like petits.    Image result for man on wire


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Rocky Balboa Was a small time boxer from working class Philadelphia, is arbitrarily chosen to take on the reigning world heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed Carl Weathers, when the undefeated fighter's scheduled opponent is injured. While training with feisty former bantamweight contender Mickey Goldmill Burgess Meredith, Rocky tentatively begins a relationship with Adrian, the wallflower sister of his meat packer Rocky was a struggling boxer trying to make the big time, working as a enforcer for loan shark he wasn't making enough so he felt like boxing would help him out a lot.When heavyweight champion Apollo Creed visits Philadelphia, his managers want to set up an exhibition match between Creed and a struggling boxer, touting the fight as a chance for a nobody to become a somebody. The match is supposed to be easily won by Creed, but someone forgot to tell Rocky, who sees this as his only shot at the big time.This was so big for rocky he had to work hard if he wanted to deft and try to win the heavy weight champion. Thats when Rocky meets with promoter Miles Jergens, presuming Creed is seeking local sparring partners. Rocky reluctantly agrees to the match, which will pay him $150,000. After several weeks of training, using whatever he can find, including meat carcasses as punching bags, Rocky accepts an offer of assistance from former boxer Mickey Mighty Mick Goldmill, a respected trainer and former bantamweight fighter from the 1920s, who always criticized Rocky for wasting his potential.It was just the being for the fighter Rocky. 

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Kaysha Carrasquillo - Sugar

Kaysha Carrasquillo
Intro to Film Studies

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Sugar is a classic film directed by Anna Bowen and Ryan Fleck. This movie's plot is about a local Dominican baseball player named Miguel "Sugar" Santos, and was offered an opportunity to move to Arizona for training and moves up to Single A ball in Iowa. Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic aren't much different. So knowing the living conditions he faced, this opportunity seemed great, but it turns out different. 

Sugar had to make a life changing decision to move and leave all his family behind, but once Sugar moves to New York things go upside down. He had to find a job to support himself and find a place to stay. He was living in and out of many places and never really had somewhere stable. His dream was to play baseball and to continue his dream to be a big time player, but supporting himself was the problem, he had to get a job at a diner, and even had to go back to his old hobby, carpentry. Once this part of his life came a bit together he continued to play baseball.

This film made me have a different perspective on life and how things work out; watching this film I thought things would end up in a happy ending where he got his life together and would fulfill his dream to become a big time baseball player and go back to help support his family in Santo Domingo. But it didn't happen this way, he stayed in New York, continued working at the diner, and played on a local baseball team. I thought he would end up being a star baseball player because this was his dream, but in my opinion he settles for less. Although I still side with the thought that the ending should have been different, I also believe that Miguel stood in New York because he found his happiness, yes he was far from his family but he had much more now. He had a job, a girlfriend and he continued to play baseball on a local team, even though he didn't become a famous baseball player. He still found happiness and he shows that at the end of the movie as he cracked a smile and began clapping. 

Although this was a great movie, I feel like the ending was horrible, it should have ended in a more fairy tale way, where everything fell into place but it didn't. But then again I feel like it ended in a more reality type of way, giving a message that you can want something so bad but sometimes it's not meant to be that way.