Monday, October 31, 2016


Rocky is a movie about a small time boxer in Philadelphia who in the movie goes through living as just a average guy who trying to make a living from being a boxer and a loan shark, who gets to have a chance at fighting the heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. During the movie I was interested in how Rocky day to day life was even though he was trying to get by and I got to say when I first saw this movie I did not like Rocky personality at all because to me he came off as pushy or abrasive like he would keep talking when at some parts it felt as though the recipient just wanted the conversation to end or just walk away but the more I've seen this movie the more I start to enjoy his personality, I started to find his personality endearing after everything before Apollo challenged him he was just a softy who wanted to make something of himself and to prove that he was not a loser and in the movie he says it himself like how can he compare to Apollo he can't beat him but he still gave it his best shot what Rocky has shown both in the fight and the entirety of the movie is that through hard work and determination you can achieve your goals and i feel that Rocky was a great film and it message was well received.  

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