Monday, October 31, 2016

"Psycho"  Comparison to " The Bates Motel"
    Written By. Kassandra Rivera

SPOILER ALERT!!! The first point, or shall I say statement, I'd like to make is that Alfred Hitchcock (Director of Psycho) really is the true "Master Of Suspense." The way he keeps the mystery throughout the film is truly great, the way he portrays the main character as a complete psycho is honestly perfection.

The director of "The Bates Motel" (an A&E network original series) has a [knack for] suspense that is great, but I honestly think that he gives up on the suspense a little too quick.  In my opinion the director of The Bates Motel does know how to keep both of the stories together but also makes it more interesting and more in this time to relate more to the current generation/younger audiences.

Norman bates in 'The Bates Motel' is somewhat in love with his mother, but not as a regular son loves his mother Norman ("A boy's best friend is his mother... a son is a poor substitute for a lover.") Bates is a complete upset [not sure what you are trying to say here] with his mother as a matter a fact one episode in the series he dresses as his mother and talks to brother as if he was his mother talking to his brother, but on the hand Norma Bates also is upsesive [obsessed] with her son, but in as in a love just as a mother, but she gets upset when he starts to talk to and go out with a girl his own age. They [mother and son/Norma and Norman] are both complexly and completely wrong in the head, but if I was to choose who was more wack in the head it would hands down have to be Norman Bates. To be completely honest both the movie and the show are really amazing and good, the show is just more action and entertainment because its is a show; therefore, they continually have to get peoples' attention.

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