Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sugar #DamianHenderson

Damian V. Henderson Jr

"American Dream." For some people the, "American Dream," is the idea of going to America and becoming rich and have so many opportunities to better yourself. That's what Sugar thought. Sugar was a baseball player for the Dominican Republic. He along with all the other baseball players were getting evaluated to get to go to a higher level of baseball in America. From there they could go higher until they get cut or make it to the major league. This baseball team was like a camp. They worked out everyday, tried to learn English for if they moved too America, and had coaches and scouts come down to watch them play. It was all like one big tryout. But this tryout determined what the rest of your life could be like. One day there was a scout that came to a team workout. He asked about Sugar and wanted to see what he could do. He was a pitcher so the scout had him through a couple of different pitches. But there was one pitch that he had never seen before and could not throw. Sugar could not forget about that pitch. He tried to practice it over and over again.

Sugar went home that day and you can instantly tell that he didn't have a wealthy family. There house wasn't the best and all of his family had on clothes that were not very well looking. But everyone was happy because they knew the Sugar could have the chance to change his life in America. He had a lot of family in the same area but his main family were his mother and little sister. He also had a girlfriend who he planned on coming back for once he played for the Yankees and got rich in America. He thought he would just ride back on a Cadillac and take his girl anywhere. That's what his American dream was.

Tryouts were coming to an end and it was almost time to send people and cut people. People were taking this so serious that some even tried to use performance enhancing drugs to make them play better. It was very intense in these camps but Sugar got through it. He was one of the players selected to go to America! He went home and all his people celebrated. He had all his real family and friends there and even some random people. He had people who he has never seen before come and try to celebrate with him. The acted like they were family but Sugar knew they were only in it to try to get some money from him if he gets rich. But Sugar knew who his real family were and he said that he will help them while he is in America by sending money back. He also promised his girl that he will come back for her.

Sugar started out in America and he instantly saw that the level of talent get higher. But he still held his own. His signature pitch was the knuckle ball that the scout showed him. He perfected it and it seemed unstoppable. The only problem in America was the fact that he didn't speak any English. He had a friend from where he lived who had also made the team with him. But this friend spoke English and helped them communicate with people.

Sugar was doing good and got moved up a level closer to the major leagues. But sadly his friend wasn't playing so well. He got cut and couldn't play anymore. This upset Sugar but he assured him that they would meet again.

Sugar was doing well in his games. He was making money and calling his mom almost everyday. He sent her and his girl money. Everything was going good until he got hurt midway into a game. He went to sit on the side line and didn't get back in the game. He played the next game but did poorly. He felt like he wasn't the same and so did the coaches. They brought in another pitcher to play along side Sugar. This certain pitcher was an old friend of Sugar. This is what made it more personal for him. Sugar felt like he needed an advantage so used steroids to help him play better. It worked for the beginning of the game but he started feeling different. He couldn't focus and almost hit the batter.

Sugar knew what his play would get him. He was benched and had a fit in the locker room. He through a water jug and walked out. He was for sure that he would get cut so he left. He went to New York city to start a new life. He found a little apartment and was now looking for a job. He came across a man that spoke Spanish and worked in a store that built tables and chairs. But the man was not hiring. Sugar offered to clean up for the man if he let him used some of his work space to make a table for his mother. the man agreed but they instantly grew close. Sugar was looking for a long time friend that got cut from the time but he couldn't find him. He went to a dinner that the friend use to be at but it was no luck. But Sugar started working there but the money from the dinner was not enough so he got kicked out of the apartment. He told the old man and the old man let him stay with him. They became very good friends.

Sugar found his long lost friend and they instantly remembered the bond they had. Sugar realized that the American Dream wasn't just about becoming rich. It was about being happy. Life for him was finally more then baseball.

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