Monday, October 31, 2016

Rocky (Spoiler Alert!!)

Rocky Film Analysis 

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Rocky was a movie that shocked people, usually people expect the obvious thing oh hes just going to win the last fight hes the best blah blah blah. In this case its not like that at all, its different he starts out as a washed up old man, no one believes in him and thinks his boxing career is over. He starts off out of shape but then gets the opportunity of his lifetime. Apollo creed the champ had a challenger to start with but then he got injured in trainer. Creed ended up putting a ad up for a local contendor to sign up to be the replacement. Rocky hesitated because he had no one in his corner no representation no training no management he was the underdog. He did it anyways and ended up signing up.

He finds Balboa in the paper, liking his nickname "The Italian Stallion" and his fighting style, being southpaw. After several weeks of hard training, using whatever he can find, including meat carcasses as punching bags, Mickey and accepts an offer of assistance. The big fight Creed comes out to a over dramatic entrance and rocky puts up the fight of his life even though he lost he earns Apollo Creeds respect and so do I. I overall love this movie and have a lot of pros but no cons.

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