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Alien-Stephen Collins

Ridley Scott has an interesting career. He has movies people love and movies most people did not recently. But would Alien be his crowning achievement. If even this or Blade Runner?

I don't know if Alien is his crowning achievement, but it's really good.  The crew has a interesting personality that makes them stand out. It one of Sigourney Weaver best performances as well as Harry Dean Stanton.

For the time it came out, Alien has really great effects. The aliens have extraordinary designs that are really creepy and are very timeless. The movie has a eerie design and is essentially a horror film, but in an action/sci-fi film.

One of the things the intrigue me about the film is that none of the characters are perfect. They all just when all this space trip and just want to go home, when some wired beings show up, stowaway on the ship and are trying to kill them. The alien origins is not reveal,.but we have sequels for that.

While both Blade Runner and Alien could be contender for Ridley Scott's best film, I think both are really great film to watch. Both have great action, dialogue and are both films that make you think. Alien has more of an eerie atmosphere and is more fun to watch. Alien is giddy, good and lots of fun and one of the most influence sci-fi film.

The plot twisted Psycho

Nyshiah Simon
Psycho Blog


This movie was such a major plot twist. Marion Crane was a lady who stole money from an arrogant oil man. She was suppose to bring the money to the bank but she didn’t. She took the money and ran away with it. She started a journey of traveling to get away and ended up at a motel called The Bates Motel. That motel was ran by a guy named Norman Bates. When she arrived she was smart about what she did. She changed her name when she checked in. But later on that night she was murdered while taking a shower. The owner started yelling “MOTHER MOTHER BLOOD BLOOD”. It made me think like how did he know what was going on if he was at his home up the hill. At that moment I automatically assumed he was the killer. Marion’s sister started to worry about her cause she hasn’t heard nor seen her in a while. Her sister had a detective go out looking for her. The detective arrived at the Bates Motel and ran into Norman.

The detective started asking Norman questions but as soon as the detective sensed that Norman was lying he started being hard on him about the questions. The detective asked him if Marion came in contact with his mother. Of course he told her yes but also mentioned how his mother was “sick”. At that moment the detective took it upon himself to go to Norman’s home where his mother was. He ended up being killed as well. This is where the plot twist comes in Norman’s mother passed away a few years back. Norman dresses up as his late mother and kills people and uses late mom as a disguise.

"Alien" By: Anthony Ruggiero

Alien is a 1979 fantasy/thriller film directed by Ridley Scott. The movie stars Sigourney Weaver (Ellen Ripley), John Hurt (Kane), Yaphet Kotto (Parker), Harry Dean Stanton (Brett), Veronica Cartwright (Lambert), Tom Skerritt (Dallas) and Ian Holm (Ash).

In the movie the crew of a ship named Nostromo gets woken up by an alien distress call from a distant moon. The crew lands on the moon after having a rough landing and three of the crew members go and explore the moon. They soon find a hive colony and the ship's computer soon finds out for the ship crew that the call was not a distress one it was a warning to stay away from that moon. One of the crew members goes near one of the eggs in the hive and it attacks him projecting a parasite into him making him go unconscious. The crew brings him back onto the ship and they leave the corrupt planet. After a little while the unconscious man wakes up and the whole crew has kind of a feast. During the feast the previously unconscious man starts to have a seizure and some creature comes out of his body. The creature runs away and the whole crew starts to look for it. Throughout this period of time one by one the crew members all start to die. Soon Ripley starts up the crews self-destruct feature and boards a small vessel to make her way back to Earth. As she is on the vessel she finds out that she is not alone, the alien is also on the ship. Ripley suits up in some kind of astronaut suit and attacks the alien. She succeeds and the movie ends with her on the vessel flying off in space.

I loved this movie. It was one of the best movies of the 70's and I personally think it was a movie way ahead of its time. The visuals and the alien feel and look so real. Also the movies slogan "In space, no one can hear you scream", is one of the best slogans any movie can have.

Alien by Richard Grajales


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Alien is a 1979 science-fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott, and starring Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, John Hurt, Ian Holm and Yaphet Kotto. The film's title refers to a highly aggressive extraterrestrial creature - the "xenomorph"  - that stalks and attacks the crew of a spaceship. The crew of the commercial starship Nostromo is awakened from their cryo-sleep capsules halfway through their journey home to investigate a "distress call" from an alien vessel on the distant moon Acheron (LV 426)

The terror begins when the crew  -  Lambert, Dallas, and Kane specifically  - encounters a nest of eggs inside the alien ship.  SPOILER ALERT!!! One of eggs hatched and the eponymous "face-hugger" jumped on one of the crew's members [Kane's] face. [You are leaving out some serious conflict/plot development here  -  because Dallas and Kane are off the ship Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is the commanding/highest ranking officer; however, Ash the science officer intervenes defying her order to follow proper quarantine protocols leading to disaster happens when something popped out of the crew member's stomach . 

This movie is a old science-fiction horror film that took place in a spaceship.  It's a nice movie if you want to get jumped and spooked it might be old but it still my favorite movie. the part the i liked the most was when that little creature popped out of that mans stomach it was a cool and scary part of the movie. the movie might seem a little bit undated. well what do you expect the movie was made in 1979. its kinda old. but if you ever wanna see a old scary movie. this is the movie you wanna see.       

"Man on Wire" By Juwan Sims

  The Oscar winning documentary Man on Wire is a well done movie that has Philippe Petit as himself and a few of his friends/accomplices, tell in details what happened on that day that he walk on a wire in between the twin towers and how all came to be.
  It starts with Philippe talking about a metaphor of “nailing the coffin” and how it could relate to him, of death is now seeing through his dream “looking through the golden frame and making it way to his reality making him think it might be foreshadowing his death. The movie then proceed to show the setup of the twin towers wire walk with his friends pretty much going through the process of how they started.
  Then they started to go into why Philippe wanted to walk across the twin towers and it was because he saw a newspaper about the towers and he then proceed to say that “they were made for him to walk across.” So he started to work on his wire walking skills by doing street acts and walking across street poles, which he then up it by walking across the top of Notre Dame. The onlookers who saw was impress and this act in itself gave Philippe more courage to try even higher heights.
His group laters go to San Francisco, California to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. After hours of setting up Philippe start walking across the wire, he does a couple of tricks, walks back and forth, and then after hours of doing his acts cops make it up to the top and arrest Philippe. He later release and set out for his main goal of walking across the Twin Towers.
  He gather some help from some americans guys and they start scoping out the towers. It took them years to get everything prepared. When they were all about to set out; some bailed because they didn’t want to be apart of the reason if anything were to failed and Philippe falls in anyway. Even though they had less people now they went on. There was two teams one goes through construction and the other goes through the office. They got pass most guards even made it up to the floor before the roof. Then a guard shown up and they had to had both teams had a guard on their floor.
  They hid for hours until they thought it was safe but both team made it to their roofs and started to prepared the wire so that Philippe can do his amazing act on it. They manage to get the wire up and Philippe was finally able to achieve his dream of doing his walk, which he did and enjoy as he does it for about 4 hours until cops shows up and force him off the wire with threats to pick him up on a helicopter. After that he became famous from it and he enjoy his newfound fame even though all/most of his friends were deported back to France and they even lost touch after a while.
  So even though Philippe lost a good amount of his friends he doesn't regret it because he was still able to achieve his dream and the reason was a such a good movie was because they tell it in such details that even without the pictures they shown, you can just visual it.    

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James Marsh "Man On Wire"

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On July 25, 2008, Director James Marsh made a movie about the amazing adventure of a daredevil name Philippe Petit as he take a walk of faith across the World Trade Center towers in New York City. Philippe Petit is a French wire walker, juggler and street performer. On the day of his walk, Philippe Petit crossed eight times on a tight-wire between the two towers of the World Trade Center on Aug. 7, 1974. Another reason is that the documentary, a hybrid of actual and restaged footage, is constructed like a first-rate thriller. Early in the film, we see what we think is sadly familiar footage: Construction workers and huge trucks and cranes, at work in the footprint of one of the WTC towers. The film shows the towers growing, huge steel beams being lifted, the puzzle being put together.

"Man on Wire" is about the vanquishing of the towers by bravery. James Marsh has access to all of Petit's film, video and photographs of the assault on the towers. But there is more than that. Ingeniously using actors and restaging events, Marsh fleshes out the story with scenes that could never have been filmed, such as the episode when Petit and a partner crouched motionless under tarps on a beam near the top floor as a security guard nosed around. Petit has gathered a motley crew, including a pot-addled musician and an executive who actually works in an office in one tower. He trains these amateurs on how to rig a high wire. Properly, he hopes.

The installation of a wire between the two towers was as complicated as a bank heist. He and his friends scouted the terrain, obtained false ID cards, talked their way into a freight elevator reaching to the top above the level of the finished floors. Incredibly, they had to haul nearly a ton of equipment up there. You may have heard how they got the wire across, and how they guy-wired it, but if you don't know, I won't tell you. Their plan worked. And on the morning of that Aug. 7, Petit took the first crucial step that shifted his weight from the building to the wire, and stood above a drop of 1,350 feet. Many people know he crossed successfully. I had no idea he went back and forth eight times, the police waiting on both sides. His friends shed tears as they remember it happening. It was dangerous, foolhardy, glorious. His assistants feared they could be arrested for trespassing, manslaughter or assisting a suicide. Philippe Petit was arrested and eventually found guilty. The charge: Disturbing the peace.

I Hate Wall-E

Alien Dir. Ridley Scott
Feat. Sigourney Weaver (Riley), Veronica Cartwright (Lambert), Harry Dean Stanton (Brett), John Hurt (Kane)
20th Century Fox, 1979.

Ridley Scott’s 1979 film Alien is a poorly displayed sci-fi film. I am a huge sci-fi lover except for two films: Wall-E, and… Psycho. People who are sci-fi lovers normally find the genre intriguing and suspenseful. The so called “sci-fi” haters believe that the genre can come off as boring or difficult to grasp. Perhaps those people just say the movie Alien, because after viewing the film, I would agree that this movie was pretty boring.
Although, I may be discrediting the movie due to it’s boring ways, it did have a set theme in place. Expect the unexpected, and take it from there. The crew was led by a gentlemen named: Dallas, who had a second man in command: Kane. As they were on their way back to Earth when they received a distress call. They went on to investigate. When they were investigating, Kane was attacked by an alien who just hatched from an egg. The crew members were then put in a predicament: should they let Kane, and the two other crew members (Dallas and Lambert) back in or not. Ripley’s initial decision was to keep them out, because if they were let back in, the rest of the crew members lives would be in danger. Even though leaving them off the ship would most likely kill the three, she knew that if they were let back in the rest of the crew would be in danger. Later on in the film, another crew member would eventually open the hatch and let the three back in… with the alien.
Now you can possibly see, when something potentially catastrophic happened, the crew members had to know how to act quick. They were desperate for survival. All they could have done when the ones outside of the ship were with the alien was to keep their composure and “go with the flow.” This movie was somewhat suspenseful, but it definitely was not one of the suspense films that I would watch. One reason is because it did not have many settings. For example it is like Wall-E (hence my title). It took place either on a moon or in a spacecraft, which I found was very boring and bland. If this movie had more changes of scenery and significant plot twists I would have gave it more credit. It surely does not live up to it’s rating on popular movie review site Rotten 94%... maybe 44%.