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Winter's Bone Blog - Karina

Winter's Bone is a (2010) drama film starring Jennifer Lawrence as Ree Dolly and John Hawkes as Uncle Teardrop. Winning several awards, Winter's Bone is focused on a female protagonist which Lawrence plays. In the film, Ree lives with and cares for her two siblings: Sonny and Ashlee as well as their mother Connie. Ree is on a search for her father, Jessup because they are in danger of being homeless considering Jessup was in the drug business. Jessup had the responsibility to show up to his court date but did not. The tone of the film is very cool tone which makes the film more mysterious and cold.

In the beginning of the film, the setting was Ree's house, peaceful and quiet until the sheriff shows up and ruins the mood. He explains that Jessup put their house on the line of being taken away unless he shows up to court. Clueless, Ree tells the sheriff that she will find her father herself. She starts by visiting Teardrop, Jessup’s brother, and eventually heading to a local crime boss. At Thump Milton’s house, he refuses to see her and tells her to leave the situation alone but becomes suspicious. Having a week left, Ree decides to go back to meeting up with Milton, instead she gets beaten up by relative’s of his family until Teardrop saves her. Teardrop later informs her that Jessup had passed away in a meth lab accident and that he doesn’t know who killed him. Ree did not believe him and even though she told the house collector that Jessup was dead. Ree believes that her father is dead when the women that fought Ree showed up. They truthfully told Ree that Jessup was dead and his body was dropped in a river. After telling Ree, they advise her to go with them so that they can show her evidence of her dad. When they arrive at the lake on a canoe, they tell Ree to reach down and pull up her father’s bone. After hesitating, Ree finally does it and surprised that it is her father. When realizing, one of the women shows Ree a chainsaw and tells her to cut of her father’s hands as proof to the sheriff. She protests that she does not want to and so one of the Milton women takes action into her own hands. She tells Ree to hold up Jessup’s arm so that she can cut it. After cutting his hand, Ree quickly lets her father’s body float back down in disgust. The woman tells Ree that she needs both hands as evidenced and so Ree grabs her father’s body again and the woman cuts off the other. The scene ends with the woman wrapping both decapitated hands in a sack. The next morning, Ree shows up to the police office and hands the sheriff the evidence.
At the end of the film, Ree and her family got to keep the house and got some of the extra bail money. Ree, Ashlee, and Sonny all sit on the porch while Teardrop talks to them. He tells Ree that he knows who killed him and walks away suggesting that he will get revenge for his brother.

This film did not interest me at first but as I watched it, it revealed a good story and plot. The characters played their roles well and I would recommend this film to someone who likes drama films.

"Winter Bone" by Juwan Sims

The 2010 movie Winter's Bone directed and written by Debra Granik. Starring Jennifer Lawrence as the main character Ree Dolly. A teen girl who family life is complicated with her mother mentally ill to the point she is unresponsive, her father who was a drug dealer that almost compromise Ree’s life with a looming threat of bond collectors taking their house and land, and dealing with her younger brother and sister. This film goes through the themes of poverty, sneaky communities, and self sufficiency.

I personally didn’t enjoy the movie, it wasn’t bad just not something I would enjoy, the movie to me was Ree (Jennifer Lawrence) going to all the houses that she know is associated with her father and asking if they had seen him with banter between her and the person house she just went to. While in between it shows Ree making sure her little brothers and sister are well taken care of and help them take care of themselves by teaching them how to cook and hunt. The only interesting things that happen was when Ree first went to Thump Milton (Ronnie Hall) and she was meet by his wife and was told he wasn’t going to help and she should stop looking for father. The second time Ree was jump by the women of the family and later had to be saved by her uncle Teardrop (John Hawkes). The last that I found interesting in the whole movie was when Ree finally found her dad but he was dead and underwater. She also had to cut off her father arms which is pretty mess up but she has to so the people know that her father is truly dead.

Crooklyn By:Anthony Ruggiero


Crooklyn is a 1994 coming of age/comedy drama directed by Spike Lee. The cast includes Spike lee as Snuffy, Zelda Harris as Troy, Alfre Woodward as Carolyn Carmichael, Delroy Lindo as Woody Carmichael, David Patrick Kelly as Tony Eyes, Jim, Patrice Nelson as Viola and Frances Foster as Aunt Song. 

Crooklyn starts out showing the whole neighborhood that the main character Troy lives in. It then turns to Troy and her family in their home with her mom making dinner. The movie starts off all happy until Troy's mother Carolyn finds out that Woody her husband has been bouncing checks from the bank and he leaves. The best moment of the movie happens when Woody and Troy are sitting on the front stairs talking about what happened and Troy suggests that Woody take Carolyn as a kind of sorry plea. Soon enough Woody comes home and starts bossing his kids around instead of being more relaxed with them. Woody then tells them that they are going on a road trip to visit his sister Aunt Song. When they are there Troy decides to stay and hang out with her cousin Viola. At first it seems like the two don't like each other but soon you find out that they do like each other and get along very well. Troy receives a letter from her mother on her birthday with a plane ticket to go home whenever she wants. She decides to go home after Viola and Aunt Song argue. When she gets home she discovers that her mother is sick. Everything seems okay until Woody goes into the room where Troy and her siblings are watching t.v and tells them that their mother cancer. Soon after Carolyn dies and troy does not want to go to the funeral because she is grieving. At the funeral Snuffy and his crew make fun of Troy's brother telling him that his mamma is dead and she goes outside and wacks him with a baseball bat. At home Troy starts to breakdown and cry in her fathers arms right after throwing up. The movie ends with Troy becoming the new women and boss of the house and the care taker for her siblings. 

The movie was actually surprisingly great, I really loved it and the way that Spike Lee directed it. The outcome was great and I wasn't expecting it to end the way it did. The movie sort of reminded me of Do The Right thing.  

Winter's Bone-Stephen Collins

Winter's Bone...the movie the put Jennifer Lawrence on the map and it really shows. Her performance is the best part of the movie. While it's not a great movie, it really entertainment and really well written and directed.

Winter's Bone is a good movie, but I didn't love it, but I was mostly entertained. It's probably Jennifer Lawrence's best work as Ree, a 17 year old trying to take care of brother and sister and her sick mother and find her lost father.

Winter's Bone has Jenifer Lawrence's best performance. Lawrence gives her all and sometimes it feels she not there. Also, John Hawkes as Teardrop delivers a great performance.  There not a lot of memorable characters, but there are two stands out.

The movie has a great eerie sense to it that makes the environment more scary. There is also a very good score that help to give this feeling. The environment is very rural and helps explains the character's emotions and actions.

Winter's Bone is a movie I don't have a lot of thoughts on. It's have Jenifer Lawrence's best performance, a good performance by John Hawkes and good rural environment  that help the character's emotion and action. It probably worth checking out a least once.

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Alien | Aleesa Martins

Alien by Aleesa Martins


         Imagine being told to go on a mission to space to bring back an alien to be studied on. How would you feel? Would you agree to go on the trip? This film had it's confusing, surprising, and some on-the-edge scenes. For example they're on a big space craft and in a scene where they're looking for an alien, that got in, there a room that looks as if it's raining. That scene didn't quite add up because after so much time wouldn't the water begin to flood that room or the space craft in general? Besides that confusing scene the movie surprised me to how well it was made realistic, from how the aliens looked to how the captain turned out to not be human. Another scene that was thought of and shot really well was chestburster scene. This movie deserves some credit for those scenes because technology and just ways of filming were very different back then.
        I enjoyed the movie for the most part, I'd recommend it to someone who enjoys sci-fi movies of that sort. Like I mentioned before for a movie that shot in 1979 it was filmed well. I wouldn't put this movie in my top 10, but it's definitely not a movie that I would tell someone it's not worth watching.

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Winter's bone by Siramad Gonzalez

Winters bone (2010)
Dir, Debra Granik

This film Winter's bone has a lot of powerful scenes. The film begins as 16 year old Ree Dolly is with her horse as she is walking she gives the horse to her neighbor because Ree can't afford the horse expenses. While her neighbor accepts the offer Ree begins to walk to her house where her 2 siblings and her mother live. She has a younger brother and sister , In the film you start to notice how her mom doesn't speak and isn't able to do much. Ree is the head of the household since her Father isn't in the picture. While, Ree is in her front porch a cop car approaches and with confusion Ree ask why is the officer at her home. The , officer continues and talks and tell her how her dad needs to show up to court because if he doesn't show up to court the state will take the families house away since that is the deal her father and the judge made. When Ree hears this she is in total shock and needs to find her dad before its to late.She goes on the hunt to find her dad where she goes into dangerous places. She ends up getting beat up by a group of people. At, the end of the film she ends up finding her dad dead and to proof that he is dead she has to cut his hands off and send the to the sheriff. She ends up doing that and she gets to keep her house. The film to me was very interesting. It had many scenes that were unexpected like the film started really calm then it escalated very quickly. It was a film that you could watch over and over again and still enjoy it like you did when you enjoyed it for the first time.  

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Winter's Bone By: Anthony Ruggiero

Winter's Bone is a 2010 indie/thriller film starring Jennifer Lawrence as Ree Dolly, John Hawkes as Teardrop, Dale Dickey as Merab, Garret Dillahunt as Sheriff Baskin, Lauren Sweetser as Gail, Kevin Breznahan as Little Arthur, Ashlee Thompson as Ashlee, Sheryl Lee as April, Isiah Stone as Sonny and Tate Taylor as Satterfield.

Winter's Bone is about a 17 year old girl (Ree Dolly) who takes care of her mentally-ill mother, her two younger siblings and twelve year old sonny and six year old Ashlee. Ree trains them how to hunt and basically survive in the living conditions that they have. In the movie a bail-bondsman shows up at the house that Ree and her family live at and tells her that her father has skipped his court appearance. Ree is told that her house is gonna be taken away as part of the payment on the bond. Ree tells the man that her dad is dead and the man tells her that if she can prove that her father is dead she can keep the house. Ree sets out on a quest to find her "dead" father with the help of her uncle Teardrop who she is afraid of. During the journey Ree gets beat up by the Milton Women who are apart of the Milton Clan. Later on the Milton Women go to Ree and tell her they can take her to her fathers bones. They take her to a pond where Ree takes her fathers hands from his dead body. Ree takes the severed hands to Sheriff Baskin and she and her family get to keep the house while also being able to claim a large sum of money from her fathers associates. Teardrop ends up being accused of killing Jessup (Ree's father) and the movie ends with with Ree's little sister playing her fathers banjo.

Overall I thought the movie was a good one but at times it was really boring. It failed to keep me interested throughout and the only thing I really liked was the character development.