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Rebel Without a Cause- Jonah Nazier Galan

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Director: Nicholas Ray

Starring: James Dean (Jim Stark), Natalie Wood (Judy), Sal Mineo (John 'Plato' Crawford), Jim Backus (Frank Stark)

Distributor: Warner Bros.

Rebel Without a Cause, a 1955 drama film revolves around a teenager named Jim Stark, who had a troubled past due to emotional confusion. This has led his family to have moved to a new town in Los Angeles, California. Here he hopes to find the love he doesn't receive from his middle-class family. Although he acquires love through his relation with Judy, and a form of it in both Plato's adulation and Ray's real concern for him, Jim feels he must prove his masculinity in switchblade knife fights and "chickie" games.
Jim Stark has an inner conflict, battling anger and betrayal throughout the film because of his father's milquetoast attitude and failure to stand up to his mother Carol. This is key in the film as it explains his reasoning for why he feels he should participate in meaningless acts such as switchblade knife fights and "chickie" games to prove he’s not chicken. This brings comparison to Martin Seamus McFly (Michael J. Fox) and James Dean (Jim Stark). They both share exaggeration in their acting style, participate in courageous activities, and have a common trigger word, chicken.
 The film did a very good job at attacking the social norms in a lowkey manner such as male and female roles during the 50’s and homosexuality. In one of the scenes, you will see Jim Stark’s father wearing a kitchen apron cleaning and performing household chores. This is an obvious gender switch as it was seen as women been in the household, doing chores and ensuring everything was completed for their tired man when he arrived home. Emotions, in the film the mother is viewed as more aggressive while the father is emotional and soft. This is why Jim Stark battles with his inner conflict because he lacks a sense of masculinity and is angry at the fact that his father will not stand up against his mother in times of need.
Plato in the film is portrayed as a lonely child whose father abandoned him and mother is never home. So when he encounters Jim he views him as a “father figure,” however homosexuality is subliminal in the film. Plato is homosexual, it’s framed somewhat as a search for a replacement father figure, which was one psychological understanding of homosexuality at the time.
Honestly, the film has a lot of great content and subliminal messages that cannot be uncovered through one seeing. I would put this movie as a top three for me through all the films we’ve watched throughout the year. Although many may have seen a decent film I feel that it does take an analytical mind to truly enjoy the film and the choices the director has chosen to make.

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 Badlands is set in 1959 and is narrated by the impressionable 15-year-old Holly Sargis (Spacek), a teenage girl living in a dead-end South Dakota town called Fort Duper. She lives with her sign painter father, although their relationship has been strained since her mother died of pneumonia some years earlier. One day Holly meets the 25-year-old garbage collector Kit Carruthers (Sheen). Kit is a young, troubled greaser,

Holly and the 25 year old Kit Carruthers were going out until a few months until Holly father knew about them. then Holly father made Holly  stay in school even more hr until he picks her up everyday for Kit cant see her. then kit had enough and sneak in to his house and started packing Holly cloths because he was Ghana take her. then Holly came and his father to the house and saw him. long story short Kit shot the father because he was Ghana call the police and from there Kit and Holly was on the run.

"Badlands" By: Anthony Ruggiero

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Badlands is a 1973 Drama/Action film starring Martin Sheen (Kit), Sissy Spacek (Holly), Warren Oates (Father), Ramon Bieri (Cato) and Alan Vint (Deputy).

The movie starts with Kit doing his job as a garbage man. On his way home from work he see's Holly who is a young attractive teenager [explain]. He walks up to her and asks her if she wanted to go for a walk. She agrees but soon has to go home when her strict father tells her to come back in the house. Kit and Holly develop a relationship and soon have sex, but Holly's father makes them split when he finds out that she was dating behind his back and Kit was way older than his daughter [and from the otherside of the tracks]

Eventually Kit visits Holly and asks her if they can still date and just keep it a secret. Holly says she can't so Kit pays her dad a visit to tell him that he loves Holly. Holly's father brushes off Kit's comments and Kit leaves [what does father do when he learns of Holly's deception?  Does this affect your opinion of him?  What, if any, evidence is there that Kit is mentally unstable?]

Kit then breaks into Holly's home where he eventually kills her father. The couple leave the house soon after and take an adventure for the ages. They take shelter in the woods by building a treehouse. Kit starts by killing mostly everyone he encounters that can identify them as being Kit and Holly. The pair eventually stop at a rich man's house for a few hours to rest, and they rob his house of groceries and his car  -  a Cadillac no less  -  the American Dream baby. Kit murders more people to protect Holly. Holly wants to support him, but she doesn't think she can do it anymore. The couple eventually stop at a farm where they meet Cato and end up killing him plus two other people after locking them in a shelter [not sure if it matters but this happens before the episode at the rich man's house]. Kit and Holly try to catch a train but end up falling short of their goal. They soon find themselves in trouble when the cops catch up to them. They end up getting caught and both taken to jail. 

The movie to me was really bad and boring but it is based off of a true story which is very interesting. In real life the couple were Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate. Charles was sentenced to death and Caril Ann was sentenced to 17 years in prison. The only good aspect of the movie was that it was based on a true story and had good storytelling. 

"Bonnie and Clyde" By: Anthony Ruggiero

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Bonnie and Clyde is a 1967 drama/crime film starring Faye Dunaway (Bonnie Parker), Warren Beatty (Clyde Barrow), Gene Hackman (Buck Barrow), Gene Wilder (Eugene Grizzard) and Michael J. Pollard (C.W. Moss) [what about Evans Evans as Velma Davis]

Bonnie and Clyde is about a series of robberies that take place starring the main characters who are also the title names [isn't it more about the realtionship between the titualr characters and others including the media and law enforcement than the robberies themselves?]. The movie takes place during the Great Depression. 

Bonnie and Clyde meet when she [Bonnie] finds [catches] Clyde trying to steal her mother's car. She decides that she is done being a waitress and goes on a crime spree with Clyde because she likes his wild behavior. They start off with small jobs that earn them a small payday -  convenience and grocery store type jobs - before they find their getaway driver in C.W. Moss who is a garbage truck driver [I thought he was an attendant at a filling station]. They are soon joined by Buck; Clyde's older brother recently released from the penitentiary and his wife Blanche (here portrayed by Academy Award-winner Estelle Parsons after he is released from prison

Collectively known as "The Barrow Gang," they soon become part of interstatewide "manhunts" because of their bank robberies and murders. When they find out that they are being searched for they exploit their famous platform to take pictures, brag about their crimes and take a picture with a Texas Ranger Frank Hamer (Denver Pyle)  [good]

After they visit with Bonnie's mother they get surrounded by cops and Buck gets half his face shot off in the process leaving him dead. Bucks wife Blanche gets captured by the cops. A love relationship develops between Bonnie and Clyde as they run from state to state causing chaos. The crew finds shelter at CW's dad's house where his father decides to cooperate with the cops but doesn't tell the crew that. Soon the cops show up and a shootout [is this really a shootout or is it more accurate to discribe it as an ambush in which the unarmed pair of star-crossed lovers are cut down in a hail of bullets  -  foreshadowed by Bonnie's poem "The Story of Bonnie and Clyde" especially in her use of onamatopoeia  -  "the Tommy gun's RAT-A-TAT-TAT!] begins leaving Bonnie and Clyde dead. 

I think the This movie was is good and told tells a fantastic story for its audience. I liked it even though I am not really into old movies because they just aren't my style [expand your conclusion;  additionally your post as it stands is over-reliant on recall/retell and your analysis is scant].  

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Fruitvale Station by Michael Avila

Release date: July 12, 2013 (USA)
Director: Ryan Coogler
Budget: 900,000 USD
Box office: 17.4 million USD
Producers: Forest Whitaker, Nina Yang Bongiovi

Fruitvale station was based on a true story, which is why it makes this film even the more precious. From what is happening in society today it’s sad to say what was seen in this film is very true. Systematic racism and oppression still run our society, just in a subtle and discreet way. The situation that took place in the train station escalated in a way it shouldn’t have. What bothers me most was the fact that the police didn’t even try to understand the situation or put any effort in de-escalating the situation. They were trying to control Oscar and his friends by force and threats, but the only people that were scared were them. Oscar had a daughter waiting for him at home. He was just trying to please his girlfriend by going out for New Years. He didn’t ask to get jumped on the train, he really was the victim in the situation and in the end he was the one to get shot. It was a really emotional film, the director did a phenomenal job catching the exact essense of that situation. Reflecting on the way the film was in comparison to the actual situation recorded it was spot on. I would definitely recommend this film, it’s a great way to show people of real situations minorities have to go through and what can happen. These fellas were targeted and were treated justly and I commend the director for his great job of portraying the scenario without sugar coating anything.

The Original Partners in Crime

Bonnie and Clyde. Dir. Arthur Penn
Feat. Warren Beatty (Clyde Barrow), Faye Dunaway (Bonnie Parker), Gene Hackman (Buck Barrow), Estelle Parsons (Blanche Barrow), Michael Pollard (CW Moss)
Warner Bros, 1967.

When I hear the term “partner in crime” I think of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. They are described as “partners in crime” because they were partners for a drawn out robbery and murder spree, throughout the south-central United States. They were accompanied by another “partner in crime” duo: Blanche and Buck Barrow (Clyde’s brother and sister in law). Another fellow who goes by the name of CW Moss also tagged along for the journey; together they made the “Barrow Gang.”

The Barrow Gang was something. Nationwide manhunts were put in place following several robberies and murders drawn out by them. Most of the people killed by the gang were law enforcement officials. This goes to show that the Barrow Gang was not afraid. They knew what was going on; they knew that there were headshots of them that read “wanted”, and they still continued on their way.

The Barrow Gang met CW’s father one day and that came back to bite them. Once he met them he initially knew who they were, but he was very welcoming towards them. Behind closed doors he wanted to rip his son to shreds if he kept associating with them. One day he told CW to not come back in the car with them. He posted a set-up which resulted in their death. They saw him working on his truck, got out of their car, and before you know it, they were ambushed by several sherriffs. And that was the end of the infamous Barrow Gang.

This was a great movie, and one of my favorites, this year. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good old crime thriller. The only thing that held me back from really enjoying this movie was: Blanche. Blanche was someone that I would love to punch in the face. She was just very emotional. In a way, I don’t think she belonged in the Barrow Gang, because she was not always up to their shenanigans. Oftentimes, she ticked Bonnie off to a point where they both needed a cooldown. Besides this one character, I can assure you that this was a fantastic movie.

Malcolm X Blog by Michael Avila

Release date: November 18, 1992 (USA)
Director: Spike Lee
Box office: 48.2 million USD
Awards: NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture, MORE
Producers: Spike Lee, Marvin Worth, Monty Ross

     The film “Malcolm X” was an amazing film. I would recommend it to anyone that finds an interest in American history and heartbreaking inspirational stories. Before watching this movie I had only heard of Malcolm X as a famous black activists, a very passionate one at that. It was a learning experience for me, I never knew the amount of hatred and lack of empathy Malcolm X had for any individual with white skin. We all know not all white people believe or think like an old racist white man. He treated anyone who was not black as an enemy who needs to be destroyed. However, his transformation surprised me, he came back from Saudi Arabia a new person with a different perspective on life. He went from a war captain to a peacemaker fighting for equality. He came back from Saudi Arabia as understanding the true meaning of Islam after breaking out from the “honorable Iliza muhammad” Grip. Malcolm X is journey through life a hectic one. He went through as many hardships as anyone can count. He went through a dangerous gangster life to end up in jail, to later find Islam and become a very influential figure. From there he still endured more struggles that put him and his family in danger from the same people who have initially found him. His sequence of events weren’t at all what I had expected, his assassination was the most traumatizing. He was killed brutally in front of his wife and kids. This film had a good balance of action, drama. It’s sad that it was a true story but from just viewing the film, I thought it was really good the actors and the way the film was directed really deserves all the praise. You know a film was well made when you can feel the emotion and heartbreak as if your really there.