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''Man on Wire'' by Latrese

In 1974 a French man name Philippe decided he wanted to make a difference in his life and the world. This documentary was told about the start and finish of his life and how he become known for his talent. Philippe was a wire walker and street performer. He had an idea to walk on wire from rooftops on really tall buildings. He first walked across the Twin Towers. He also walked across the towers of Notre Dame and Sydney Harbour Bridge. He didn't do this alone. He has his closest friends and girlfriend to help him make his success

Philippe and his friends made a lot of progress setting up the wire and making sure they didn't get caught in the process. Him and his friends would set up their equipment over night to prepare for the walk the next day. They would have to hide from guards in order to complete their success. Many would watch Philippe as he took the risk of walking that wire. He did get arrested for doing this but it didn't stop him.

His fame started getting to his head and he forgot who most importantly was there to support him with his dreams. He depended on people he never knew to help him as well. You had to be reliable and brave in order to make this happen. These walks were illegal and many put their life on the line. Especially his girlfriend who continued to always be by his side.Philippe forgot about that and didn't remember the true reason why his dream became true. Those people could have been doing anything else with their lives. Legal authority was always on the back on their minds and what could possibly happen, if they got caught. 

Moral of the story is never give up on your dream. But also remember who was there from the start. His journey was long but it was worth it. If you believe in making your dream come true and that hard work pays off, then you should watch this documentary.

Jonah Nazier Galan- Man on Wire

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Man on Wire

Director- James Marsh
Distributor- Magnolia Pictures
Starring- Philippe Petit, Annie Allix, Paul McGill, Jean François Heckel 

     Man on Wire is definitely seen as a documentary of uniqueness and creativity. It is not a typical mundane, explanatory, and tiring documentary. I viewed it as a thrilling and enlightening. The film explains the journey of a young Frenchman named Philippe Petit, who stepped out on a wire illegally rigged between the New York World Trade Center’s twin towers. This extraordinary documentary incorporates Petit’s personal footage to show how he overcame continuous challenges to achieve the artistic crime of the century.
     Throughout the film, we view countless moments of determination and risk. Whether it be Philippe Petit performing his art of, wire walking or his courageous journey of performing the most incredible wire walk to be performed, on the World Trade Center. Through it all, he is truly inspiring and brings insight but on a deeper level that needs analyzation. He is inspiring through his determination to fulfill his dream of walking across the World Trade Center since the early age of nine. Through countless hours of preparation, failure, practice, and his crazy decisions to make sure it would work. But through all of this, he was trying to bring life lessons out of it all. His message was "Intuition is essential in my life." He didn't just walk the wire from one World Trade Center to another, there was a process, a journey he had to fulfill in order to get to that life-changing moment. The journey was harsh, no one taught him how to wire walk, he had to use intuition in order to learn, through constant practice and viewing of high-wire walkers at a circus. As he stated, "Within one year, I taught myself to do all the things you could do on a wire. I learned the backward somersault, the front somersault, the unicycle, the bicycle, the chair on the wire, jumping through hoops. But I thought, "What is the big deal here? It looks almost ugly." So I started to discard those tricks and to reinvent my art" This then lead to his first major wire walk in June 1971. Petit secretly installed a cable between the two towers of Notre Dame de Paris. On the morning of June 26, 1971, he juggled balls and pranced back and forth as the crowd below applauded. Through all of the success, he had to become innovative and creative, wire walking was an everyday hobby, it was unheard of. Through the documentary, Philippe carried the message, we must learn to live life with risk. We must be able to deal with all the troubles and issues that life throws at us and be able to balance it all while walking on our fine wire to the path to success.
     I would highly recommend this movie to people who have a talent for seeing the deeper messages in what they view. This movie may have been unorthodox for a documentary however, there are many messages spread throughout the movie that cannot be uncovered through just one viewing.

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Why I Think The Walk is Better Than Man on Wire

Man on Wire is a 2008 documentary about Philippe Petit's tightrope walk across the Twin Towers in 1974.  The film won Best Documentary Feature at the 2008 Academy Awards. However, I think the 2015 retelling, The Walk is a better movie in my opinion.

Man on Wire is probably is the better film. For a documentary, Man on Wire is a great documentary. It dives deep into the act and we do get to know why he did it. In The Walk, we dives more deep and get to him more because of time (Man on Wire is about 94 minutes and The Walk is about 123 minutes. We also get to know Papa Rudy (played by Ben Kingsley), who was his real life mentor. Also in Man on Wire, his girlfriend Annie only speaks French, but in The Walk, she can speak fully English and has a French accent.

I think I do like The Walk more because I saw it first. The Walk is a more entertaining film than Man on Wire. I think The Walk haves great performances. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Philippe is great, even tough it very clear than he doesn't really have a French accent.  It also more drama since we actually the see the event and that the best part of The Walk.

I loved that The Walk is a love letter to the Towers. The last line in the film speaks volumes and it just gives me a good feeling. I thought this ending was so much better here and instead  of Man on Wire because in here it just not that important.

Man on Wire is probably a better film to most. I think Man on Wire is still good. It has some great direction and is interesting the whole way through, but I think The Walk spoke to me more and I was more invested with it.  I have no real problems with both of these films, but I think  Man on Wire is a better film in general and The Walk has better entertainment values and is a better film in my opinion. It probably because I saw The Walk first, but I think both of these film are really worth  a watch.

"Sugar"- Juwan Sims

In the sport film Sugar directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. It follow the story of Miguel Santos who is mainly called by his nickname Sugar (Algenis Perez Soto). Sugar is a Dominican pitcher from San Pedro de Macorís, Trying his hardest to make it to the big leagues so he could pull himself and his family out of the slums. He does this by play professionally at a baseball academy in the Dominican Republic. After performing a well done knuckle curve he is finally sent to America to be a part of one of their minor leagues.

He joins the Kansa City Knights and is assigned to their single A team, the Swings. When he arrive in Iowa he meets the family that is housing him the Higgins. He later sees his friend that has also came from the Dominican Republic Jorge (Rayniel Rufino) who becomes his mentor by helping him stay focus and learns the ropes of the team. Throughout those times Sugar domination his area and was doing extremely well.

That came to an end when he injured himself during practice and is forced to sit back and watch. At the same time his friend and mentor Jorge was doing not so good and was going to be sent back. Until he decide to leave the team and go live with a family member in New York City. From there after his surgery he returns to the team but after not being able to play and losing his only friend on the team he started to play horrible and even started a big fight between his team and another one.

Now he started to fear the he would be sent to the Dominican Republic and lose all of chances of giving his family a better life. So he decide to leave the team and head where his one friend is in New York City. When he arrives he goes to the last place he heard that Jorge works which was a diner and after asking a waitress he founds out he not there and have no way of contacting him

He decided to go the rest of his day looking for a job, at first he tried a woodshop place, then some newspaper ads but they needed a college graduate. So after a week of trying he started to work at the diner where he first came to. After a while where his life started to settled down and found a nice place to live at and then Jorge found him and introduce him to these wash up baseball players who now play baseball for fun.  

man on wiree

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"man on wire" 
is a true and amazing true story. Base on a man that is a wire walker.
a wire walker is basically a man that goes to great height's and walks to building to building on a wire. witch is a scary thing to do. But a  high-wire daredevil Philippe Petit's 1974 stunt: performing acrobatics on a thin wire strung between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Plotting his feat like a master cat burglar, Petit enlists the help of a motley group of friends as he calculates every detail, from acquiring building access to stringing up the wire, and manages to pull off an astounding crime.  

Philippe Petit thought about his ultimate dream, the World Trade Center towers in New York City. Ever since he, at age seventeen, heard about the probable building of the two towers, he had an obsession with them, most specifically in they acting as the foundations for which he could tightrope walk across at roof level. This film documents the planning and not always smooth execution of the walk he did accomplish on August 7, 1974, which ended up being more than just a straight walk from tower to tower. Part of the preparation work included doing other unsanctioned, and thus considered illegal walks, between the two towers of Notre-Dame Basilica in Paris, then the two towers of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Some of the many considerations included: putting together a support team that knew what it was doing, was reliable, and could hide their exploits from anyone in authority, which was not always easy as he had to rely on some people he didn't know before this endeavor; not only getting the necessary materials to the roofs of the two towers, but also how to string the cable between the two towers, again without detection; and other site specific issues such as building sway affecting the cable movement, and the extreme weather at that altitude. Some of his support team also had in the backs of their minds how overly litigious US authorities would react, especially if Petit did not survive this ordeal. Arguably the most important person in his support team was his then longtime girlfriend Annie Allix, who had to, without question, go along with him on these journeys without any discussion of what her own goals at that stage in her life may have been. The film also provides a denouement of sorts from what would arguably be the most climactic event any of the people involved would ever be a part of regardless of whatever they would do in their lives.

Sylvester Stallone "Rocky" By Nyani Latalia N.

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In the Award-winning film Rocky, directed by John G. Avildsen and screenwritten/ actor Sylvester Stallone explore the true meaning of the American Dream in 1976. Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone),  a struggling boxer trying to make the big time and working as a debt collector for a boss/loan shark. Rocky Balboa was considered a “bum” and a “moron”. Rocky wins a whopping forty bucks. Boxing and being a debt collector didn’t pay the bills. When Rocky isn’t working he tries to win over the heart of Adrian, (Talia Shire), the clerk at the local pet store. Rocky is best friends with Adrian’s brother Paulie, (Burt Young) who works at a slaughterhouse.

After many and many times of failing, Rocky finally succeeds and wins a date with Adrian on the night of Thanksgiving. The two are the only ones at the local skating rink after Rocky bribes the owner with ten bucks. Adrian wants to know why Rocky boxes. He says it's because he's a "bum" and a "moron." But she doesn't care that he's a bum, and he doesn't care that she's shy, so these two are a perfect couple. Rocky soon has the opportunity to prove to himself that he isn't a bum, after all. Heavyweight champion of the world, Apollo Creed, needs a new challenger. Creed has flair, and he wants the fight to be a spectacle. So he chooses Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion, knowing what good publicity it will be when he gives a local Philly boy a shot at the title.
At first, Rocky doesn't think he's good enough to fight Creed. But he realizes that he doesn't have to win to prove to himself that he isn't a bum. He simply has to "go the distance," which means fifteen rounds with the champ without getting knocked out. No one has ever done that before, and Rocky is determined to be the first. He trains. He jogs up the steps of Philadelphia's Museum of Art. He punches slabs of meat in the slaughterhouse. Mickey, the owner of a local gym, becomes Rocky's trainer and manager.
On New Year's Day, 1976, it's time for the fight of the century. Maybe even the biggest fight in American history since the Revolutionary War. Apollo Creed enters the ring dressed as George Washington. He has the skills to back up the showmanship, and he almost knocks Rocky out immediately.But Rocky holds on. Mickey advises him to go for Apollo's ribs, and Rocky hits him so hard, he breaks a few. Rocky also gets his precious nose broken, but he keeps his cool and doesn't let that stop him.
He goes the distance with the champ. He doesn't win the fight, but he doesn't care, because he has proven his own self-worth. And he has Adrian. She rushes from the locker room, through the crowd, and onto the ring to embrace Rocky, swollen face and all. The two soulmates say "I love you" for the first time, and the movie ends with this romantic knockout.

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Man on Wire: Zanaya Yancey-Gordon

Zanaya Yancey-Gordon

Man on Wire

The Man on Wire was an incredible documentary about a man named  Philippe Petit attempting to a do high wire routine between the world trade towers. The process he went through before putting the wire between the twin tours was long however, he had a great support of friends who helped him succeed in his dream. It took him a lot of practice and planning out to finally get the chance to walk the wire. Philippe had to accomplish having an inside man who worked in the world trade tours. His inside man was a man named Barry and his office was at the highest occupied floor. This helped him because he had to be able to know what happens in the towers like clock work, in order to get his team and the equipment up to the roof without be caught. While planning this, there were a few times they would get to the roof and a guard would come upstairs. They would have to hide for hours in order to not get caught. Philippe's support team helped a lot and took many trips to America to finally get the plan to go straight through and when it did it was beautiful. He showed how passionate he was to achieve being the first man to wire walk across the twin towers.

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