Friday, March 16, 2018

Creed By: Damyia Jackson

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I didn’t really watch this movie but I did see some parts and have an understanding of what was actually going on in the movie. Creed and Rocky aren’t the same movie but very similar in many ways and even has some of the same characters. Due to the fact that Adonis’ father was Apollo Creed he was boxing under the name Adonis Johnson so that he could be famous without living in his father’s shadow. He wanted to make sure that he wasn’t just in the spotlight because of who his father was but for what he was capable of doing on his own. His personal trainer was Rocky and he worked with him on all of his skills even though his father and Rocky weren’t the best of friends at first they became close which is why he didn’t mind helping Adonis out. People found out that Adonis was the son of Apollo when one of his rivals found out and told the media. Adonis was upset about it but he still stuck to his grind and did what he had to do to show people that he is not his father and he is a completely different person from him. Once again boxing movies aren’t my choice or type of movie to watch but the creator of these movies are very good at what they do and telling a story because once you get the storyline you can actually get into the movie instead of not knowing what is going on. Even if you don’t like this movie you have to give the creator some good credit on it because he did a very good job and I will eventually sit down and watch it along with the second one if they make one.  

Beasts of the Southern Wild #damyiajackson

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This was a really good movie, and I would definitely watch it again because I was very interested in this movie. To me this movie told a story about family and why you should never leave them behind, and it was also about being brave like he little girl “Hushpuppy.” That’s what her father called her, he just wanted the best for his child and was determined to give her that. On the other hand, Hushpuppy was determined to stay with her father forever, but he knew that he was sick and dying so that wouldn’t be possible. They lived in a little village - "The Bath Tub" - that was very beat up and raggety [raggedy] and unlivable [is this true?] but didn’t want to go anywhere else.

This movie taught me a lesson to never forget, never take things for granted in life because there are people that have nothing and still live their best life. This little girl kept her faith in her father throughout the whole movie because she knew that the next day would be better than the last. This movie was full of different elements, feelings,and lessons, I would have to give this movie a 5 for everything. I would watch more movies written by this person even if they aren’t the same genre because I just like they have more lessons in what the show and they are passionate about what they do.

Crooklyn: Damyia Jackson

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This was another good film even though I didn’t get to watch the whole thing, I feel like this movie was a lesson on family and how messed up some people’s lives really are. This movie was basically about a young girl having to grow up around her older brothers and her mom getting sick and father taking off with all of the families money. The family had little money issues because their mom was a teacher and their dad thought he was going somewhere with his career which is why he took the families money. When the mom got sick she sent her kids away to different families and they didn’t know she was sick until they all came back together while she was in the hospital.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

fruitvale station

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The movie Fruitvale Station (2013) is based off a 22 year old man named Oscar Grant (Michael B. Jordan) who got killed by an former police Officer Johannes Mehserle [former now  -  was a BART transit officer at time of the shooting] for taking out his cellphone[Grant not Mehserle you mean?] in Oakland, California.

Michael B. Jordan is the main character [Michael B Jordan is the actor  -  Oscar Grant is the character] in this movie he will be playing the role of Oscar Grant but the movie has some similarities from the actually case from what happen. So what happens in the movie is Oscar has no job, but he has a family to support and his girl is pregnant. His girl thinks he is still in the streets selling drugs when he's just going out there looking for a job. So on New Year's Eve Oscar his girl and some friends decided to go out to have fun while they are out they go near a store and his girl needed to use the restroom the guy wouldn't let her use it at first but then he did afterwards [this is a run on].

So they go to Fruitvale Station to get on the train when 12 o'clock hits everyone is screaming ''HAPPY NEW YEARS!'' After all that is done Oscar runs into to a lady he met that day they;re saying hi and happy new years to each other then someone that Oscar had beef [rival gang member with whom he had trouble in prison  -  San Quentin] with was on the train the guy hits Oscar first  - "Oscar, from Palma Ceia"  -  then they are going back fighting each other the train stopped and the police was called.

All of his people gets off the train he was the last one to get off when he sees an officer messing with his friends telling them to get down and stay there. So one of the cops are looking for Oscar he gets him off the train and sits him down harassing him and his friends someone had record what was going on the whole time the cop's has Oscar down for no reason then the officer shoots him everyone that was there is shocked from what happen. They rush him to the hospital and everyone he was with goes there and his mother the doctor at first says he's in critical condition so they all think he's going to be fine but he lost a lot of blood. Then the morning comes they pronounce that Oscar is dead.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Crooklyn (1994) - Jack O'Brien

Crooklyn (1994) is a semi-autobiographical comedy/drama directed by Spike Lee. The film has received mixed reviews from top critics and was more or less left out of award considerations of the time.

Crooklyn is a vibrant envisionment of the neighborhood of Brooklyn and family life in Lee’s world that is untouched by violence. Lee’s ability to capture the era and style of the 70s shines through with all the stories Lee tells, and is the real highlight of the film. The film tells a more or less cohesive story of the Carmichaels and their unglamorous life in Brooklyn.

The set of stories told in Crooklyn are loosely adapted memories from Spike Lee’s childhood. These stories aren’t necessarily structured, but they do tell a coming of age story for the Carmichael family. Whether or not the audience is moved by these stories really depends on how they relate to the characters. Often times however the struggles of the Carmichaels are sometimes hard to see as moving. The very loud nature of the film makes it hard for an audience to switch from comedy viewing mode to drama viewing mode, and at points it can be hard to tell the difference.

Despite this, I think most audiences will feel charmed by Lee’s view of Brooklyn. It’s obvious that he holds the town close to his heart, and it shows through in every aspect of the film. If Crooklyn accomplishes anything, it’s the carefree, childlike view that Lee has of hi hometown, and the film is a reflection of that, and I think that is what makes the film special.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Black Panther: By Henry Seyue

Black Panther debuted on February 16th as the #1 movie in the world, and it's gone on to show us why it is worthy of that title. The film is a marvel in every sense of the word (no pun intended! - are you sure?), and as a superhero film it transcends the comic world with its underlying themes, of racial equality, isolationism, and humanitarianism. This is partially why the film has been so successful worldwide, even for those who aren't necessarily into comics, or are unfamiliar with the Marvel Universe, the concepts in the film are universal and have real world applications that anyone can follow. Due to this, among many other accomplishments, Black Panther now holds the title of having the most diverse audience base of any film ever produced! People unaware of this have argued that Black Panther is only successful because of its popularity amongst black people; however, according to Black Panther is actually popular across all people in a way never before seen in film history. It's audience composition thus far is 37% African-American, 35% Caucasian, 18% Hispanic, 5% Native American and 5% Asian and other races. This breakdown is not only unprecedented, but it is evidence of both the objective quality of the film, and the changing times that we live in [nice!]. 20 years ago a film as rich in African- American and women representation would never have been this popular, the film’s success tells us that it is giving people what they really want to see on the big screen, representation.

Behind the incredible numbers Black Panther has produced in such a short time is great casting, beautiful directing, amazing screenwriting, an awesome soundtrack, and an even better message. A few of these things have been done in other films of the same genre but this is why Black Panther does it better: In terms of casting Black Panther is a breath of fresh air. It introduces a plethora of unfamiliar faces to both the genre of superhero films and more specifically Marvel films. This includes Michael B. Jordan who has been a career good guy in films like “Creed” and “Fruitvale Station”, but beautiful adopts his first true antagonist role as Killmonger. Daniel Kaluuyaa, the star of the critically acclaimed “Get Out” also appears in the film as a respectable villain [is he in fact a villain? Or does he simply have conflicting ideals and loyalties?]. There is also a variety of new female faces that provide a balance in a genre that is typically rich with testosterone. Most notably, Angela Bassett who is entirely foreign to the action film genre also appears in the film as the mother of Black Panther. They all provided admirable performances that I believe is even more worthy of appreciation given that on top of fulfilling difficult roles, they had to forge an African accent throughout the film. These characters actually bring life back into a genre that has been oversaturated with the same few faces, like Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark AKA Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, or Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

Secondly, Black Panther has a script that reminds the audience that it is a conscious ["woke"?] film. Many lines in the film give a nod to pop culture such as the memorable,What are thooooose?” line that just makes the film seem even more believable. This throws a balance of comedy into a film that covers some very real world issues. Not only is the film’s script cognisant of modern times and the real world, but it also is conscious of our human history in a way that is sometimes ignored in films. By this I am referring to what I believe to be the most powerful line in the film, when Killmonger is on the verge of death, he uses his last breath to say, “When I die, throw me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from the slave ships, ‘cause they knew death was better than bondage” [No lie, this line queued the waterworks for me]. This single line epitomizes the extent to which this is a socially conscious film. Superhero films are usually a thing of fantasy and are often disconnected from real world events, but Black Panther not only acknowledges our real world events, but it is actually ballsy [colloquial] enough to speak on what is now one of the most uncomfortable topics in our history as humans, slavery.

I would go out on a limb and say that Black Panther also has the best soundtrack of any film released this decade [Dag! That is a bold statement]. In terms of superhero films it certainly has the best soundtrack given that superhero films typically lack original music. The soundtrack, which was produced by Kendrick Lamar debuted at #1 on billboard, a spot that it’s held since before the film even came out. The lead single off of the soundtrack “Kings Dead” has gone platinum in the month since it debuted, and the soundtrack as a whole is rich which [with] current pop favorites such as SZA, Future, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, and Khalid, making the soundtrack almost as star-studded as the film.

In terms of the main concept of the film, it plays with the philosophical question of whether it's better to help yourself at the expense of others or sacrifice yourself to help others. I think this question is extremely relevant in the world we live in today because it is at the basis of both immigration and foreign policy. This is just one more way the movie connects to the real world, and I think it beautifully represents both stances, with Killmonger representing those who advocate for humanitarianism and the majority of Wakanda representing those who advocate for Isolationism. By the end of the movie the message is clear, when you have surplus, it is necessary to sacrifice so more people can benefit. But in the course of coming to this consensus viewers are provided with an intense civil dispute that I personally found more interesting than the pointless and inconclusive Civil War fought between Iron man and Captain America in their aptly titled film.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Creed by Latrese

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Dir: Ryan Coogler
Starring: Michael B. Jordan (Creed), Sylvester Stallone (Rocky), Tessa Thompson (Bianca)
Prod: New Line cinema, 2015
Distributor: MGM & United Artist, 2015

As we continue to look at the legacy of Creed and Rocky this movie told a story once again about courage. In the first Rocky movie, Rocky Balboa got respect for standing his guard [ground?]. He never backed down from the goal he was striving for. Adonis Johnson went through life without both of his parents. His father died before he was born, and his mother died when he was young. Adonis went back and forth between foster care and juvenile detention. As a young kid, all he knew was fighting. It was in his blood. While he was in the detention, a woman came to talk to him. She wanted to raise him and let him know who his father was  -  Apollo Creed!  Her late husband.

Adonis wanted to continue fighting, it was a passion of his. After finding out who is father is [was], he wanted to carry out his legacy, but he didn't want to be known simply as Creed's son. He didn't want that clout, getting his own respect from people is how he wanted to get out there. He seeked help from the famous Rocky Balboa. Adonis knew the fight him [Rocky?] and his father had and felt that it was only right to get trained from [by] him. First, he said no but then later realized that Adonis was just like him when he first started. As he was training him, Adonis found himself in a battle with the World Champion boxer. They ended up planing a fight that the whole world would see.

Adonis meet a girl named Bianca who he fell for, and she was his number one supporter. She stayed by his side the entire time. Without a doubt, Adonis fell in love with her. His training with Rocky continued up until it was time for the fight. Adonis never really had a family until his step mother took him in as a young boy. Bianca and Rocky became his family [good]. SPOILER ALERT!!! So once Rocky got sick [cancer], it really took a toll on Adonis. They grew closer, and it changed Adonis. The fight came, and it was time for all that training get put to use. Adonis lasted in the ring for the entire time against the World Champion. It was a split decision, and sadly Adonis lost. But he didn't loose [lose] the entire night. He won respect.

I enjoyed this movie and would tell others who haven't seen it to watch it. The first movie of Rocky and Creed compare a lot [have many similarities]. Adonis never stopped, even when his step mother really didn't want him to go into fighting. She didn't want to loose another piece of her husband which was Adonis. I could relate to this movie when it comes to achieving a goal and not letting anything get into the way. You never lose, you win and you learn. Adonis learned that despite everything he has been through, nothing should stop him.