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Beast of the Southern Wild #meganpoulin

The protagonist of this movie was a young girl named Hushpuppy (Academy Award-nominee Quvenzhane Wallis), if this was her real name I do not know. This movie was about her, a young girl living in "The Bathtub," this was an isolated society that existed off the grid [as is, you have a run-on; potential solutions are to break it up into two or drop the 'this was']. Within this society she lived with her father; however, they had separate homes in the beginning.

Hushpuppy's family is quite dysfunctional. Her father and her [she] have an odd relationship that seems to be based on masculinity or rather strength or toughness [you could elaborate here by providing examples in support e.g. "Beast it!"]. In this movie Hushpuppy must deal with the inevitable death of her father and the fact that her home is destroyed by a storm. Hushpuppy herself seems to have a direct impact on the environment. It almost seems like pathetic fallacy [very nice; I was unfamiliar with this term. You may want to consider explaining/teasing it out for your audience], but not quite. This gives the movie a supernatural aspect to it. One example of this is when Hushpuppy hits her father out of anger and then it shows [a cutaway of] the glaciers collapsing. It's the beginning of the storm and Hushpuppy says, "Mama, I think I broke something." This makes it seem as if she caused the storm because of her emotion. It makes it seem as if she has more power than any regular child. The giant ancient pigs [the aurochs] were the only thing that really confused me, but I think they probably represent her courage or something like that [excellent].

This movie was very beautiful, and I enjoyed it. I thought the plot line was very interesting, and the entire movie seemed to have this air to it. I think the [non-diegetic] voice over of  Hushpuppy talking was the reason for this because it was strange to hear all those inspiring quotes in a kids voice. Overall I thought the movie was good, and I would absolutely watch it again.

Excellent post Megan. I wonder if rather than using the poster for your image, a shot of Hushpuppy communing with the auroch would be more relevant/appropriate? I am pleased.


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Fruitvale Station


                                   Fruitvale Station:

                              Based on a True Story

This was one of my favorite movies; it is truthful, sensitive, about love, sadness, and is thought-provoking. It is based on the true story of 22 year old Oscar Grant living in the Bay area [San Francisco/Oakland, California] with his girlfriend and daughter.

We see Oscar struggling to keep a job to support his family. He's been locked up before and still he was selling weed [falls back into old habits/'easy' money?]. After a day to himself, he went to meet with one of his dealers, and he toss the weed [went and toss are past and present; try to be more consistent with verb tense] into the water before the dealer showed. This was a powerful scene in the movie because that was his rent money. I could tell by how much the character, Micheal B. Jordan who played Oscar Grant [this is both true and important, but the structure is awkward] struggled to make this choice. When it came down to it, he didn't want to be away from his child, his girlfriend, or his mom again. To me, he made the right choice. Things did not get easier from there, Oscar showed his girl and family something he was not for awhile, I think it is because he did not want them to think any less of him and he knew he could do better than what he was doing.

He was struggling to get back his old job at a super market, stressed and on edge especially when Oscar's boss said no to letting him come back to work. Oscar snapped and put his hands on the man, honestly seemed like Oscar was done and tired of the struggle he was putting his girl and daughter through. I could tell Oscar wanted to be the provider, but in this case he just wasn't filling the duty of bringing money to keep the home for rent they had. As time went by and New Year's came around, Oscar told his girl he lost his job after his mother's birthday past. It was sweet he ended up going to the store and getting fish and other foods for his mom's birthday and brought it to his grandma for her to cook. Even though he didn't have the money for most of it, I think in the back of his heart he knew he would pull out of this bump and it was the right thing to do for his mom. Especially with everything he put her through, with going to jail more than one time. To me giving back and showing someone special that you care for them is important.

The night of New Year's Eve, Oscar, his girl, and a couple of friends decided to go to the city. Oscar's mom told them to take the train. So, they left the kids with Oscar's mom or sister I forgot who, and they boarded the train at Fruitvale Station. A women saw Oscar on the train that he helped at the supermarket, she was buying fish to cook for her boyfriend for the night and Oscar called his grandma to teach her over the phone. She yelled out his name, and they started to talk when a man confronted Oscar by saying "Oscar Grant from... [a penitentiary that they were both incarcerated in]." They had beef  between each other, and the man started to attack Oscar on the train; this is when hell broke loose, and the cops came rolling in, stopping the train.

SPOILER ALERT? Oscar and his boys tried to hide throughout [among the] people but that didn't work at all. They were yanked off the train and thrown on the ground and hit. Right away the men started to plead and say there just trying to get home. These statements were not good enough for the officers as the man were rolled over onto their stomachs. While this is going on people on the train were recording off their phones and trying to yell at the officers' to stop. The cops rushed everyone off the train and out of Fruitvale Station, and began to hurt them. Crushing Oscar's head into the ground when BANG ... Silence grew throughout the station to the outside... Oscar's girlfriend in a shocking haze, from her face I knew she knew something bad just happened, and it happened to Oscar. He was rushed to the hospital where his mother, girlfriend, and all their friends' waited and waited and waited for an answer.

When the doctor came in, pain and loss grew around the room, in each of their souls. Like a piece of each of them was ripped away and sailing away. I wondered who and how would they tell his daughter and how would they try and put life back together?. Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things to deal with in life and everyone reacts and carries on with their lives differently. To be honest this movie made me shed tears; it really makes you feel like your living through these characters. This situation moved the whole city, protests broke out, and there was the trail against the officer who shot Oscar Grant. He was put behind bars [even if only for a short while due to the over-crowding of California's prisons], Oscar and his family did not get justice. If they did, Oscar would be alive, but they did get the man who destroyed Oscar at a young age.


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Fruitvale Station - Jezabeth

              Fruitvale Station is a movie based on real life,it tells the final days of Oscar Grant before he is shot by a cop. At the start of the movie we find out that Oscar has had/has a history with drugs which leads him to prison. He also has a daughter which is his reason of changing his life around.
              On New Years Eve Oscar, his girlfriend and friends take a train. On the train a lady Oscar previously helped notices him and yells his name trying to say hi which catches the attention of an old inmates from when Oscar was incarcerated. The inmate then starts a fight causing the train to stop and authorities to be called. As everyone tries to get of the train Oscar and his friends get arrested and restrain. Oscar tries to be calm under the situation and explain what happens but one of the white cops shoots him in the back. His take to the hospital but sadly dies soon after.
               This movie deals with a major issue in society right now which happens to be police brutality.

Fruitvale Station Tatyana B

Directed and written by Ryan Coogler, starring Michael B. Jordan as the main character Oscar Grant III,  Melonie Diaz as his girlfriend Sophina, Octavia Spencer as his mother Wanda, and Ariana Neal as his daughter Tatiana. A very capturing movie of what goes on in this world today, a young African American named Oscar Grant III played strongly by Michael B. Jordan. He's young and troubled just trying to get away from his past, and a father at a young age pushes him to do right by his life and change for the better. A very heart breaking film but very relatable to what happens on a day to day basis. Police violence based on racial profiling. A movie that keeps us on our seats as well as opening our eyes.

Most films now a days aren't very relatable but this isn't the case when it comes to this film. We can feel his emotions, his struggle, and his attitude through the scenes of the movie. He begins with a negative attitude towards things but we see it slowly unfold into a motivated attitude to change for the better. We can all relate to this, because I know I can. We realize that we need to improve ourselves because it holds us back from being a better version of ourselves. In Oscar's case he was a teenage father to a daughter that needed a role model and a father figure. This couldn't be if he continued to live the street lifestyle he did, so change was necessary. We see his progression and how happy his family was to witness him improve. But along with change, things get in the way or disrupt our transition. This being closer to the end of the film when Oscar is with his friends trying to enjoy the end of a crazy year, an altercation breaks out on the train when Oscar and an ex-inmate meet face to face once again. This altercation leads to the train coming to a stop, and authorities being called.

Oscar and the others are seated along the wall in cuffs while authorities talk to them, this is a very heartbreaking scene and hits home for minorities. In this scene we witness authorities beating on Oscar and his friends for getting into an altercation on the train. Oscar and the police officer are talking and what the police officer supposedly sees as resist of arrest, leads to him pinning Oscar to the ground. The officer reaches for what he thinks is his taser, instead us his gun and he shoots Oscar. At this point bystanders have recorded the whole event. The officer is stuck in shock because he's realized that he did the wrong thing, and it's recorded. This hits home because as minorites: African Americans, Hispanics, etc. We grow up and witness the things like this in our neighborhoods. Racial profiling, and it leads us to have hate towards authorities. They kill most of us off because of the way we look and what they assume. Some are just trying to change, be different, or make it out the neighborhood without losing their lives. But how could change come when people like that officer ruin it for one? Then all, hope is lost witnessing events such as this. Seeing the last scene upset some of the viewers, or broke their hearts because this is an accurate play by play of what goes on in urban areas or for minorities on a daily basis.

Fruitvale Station

I never knew about the true story behind Fruitvale Station. Michael B Jordan plays a regular guy named Oscar. We learn about the character's struggles with drugs and incarceration while trying to raise a little girl. It's a film about a regular guy, until the end when he gets caught up with some trouble on the train on New Year's by a trigger happy cop. 

The movie sets us up to like Oscar and root for him hoping he gets out of trouble and lives an honest life. That's why it's so heartbreaking to watch him die for no good reason. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. This film also brings up the issue of police brutality. It's frustrating to watch a cop shoot someone who hasn't done anything to get shot. 

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Elaine N. Malcolm X


While I have always heard about this movie and Malcolm X. This was the first time I watched it; I learned many things about his personal life and history. The beginning of the movie was really appealing and an attention grabber for me. I liked how the flag eventually turned into an X. The flag burning got me to really question the mood the movie would take on. The Flag to me defined that Malcolm's life was full of anger and just confrontations with others. 

Also, during the beginning here was an intercut, meaning there was a video being shown of a policemen abusing a man. In my opinion, Lee showed that video because Malcolm X will be giving speeches based on how white people are bad and wrong. White people did cause a lot of pain to Malcolm's childhood with the KKK trying to burn down his house and killing his family. With everything white people tried to do to his family because of his father's position. 

It surprises me that he tried to be like them Malcolm seems to try to fit in more with the white community by getting the conk. The conk representing race and identity because he is changing his hair type and style to seem different from his own race and look richer. Especially after he got the conk, Malcolm started wearing fancier suits and having a white girlfriend.

 I would also say Spike Lee did a very good job in directing the film and starring in it himself as an important character.  Malcolm and Shorty are like brothers and do everything together from clubbing to robbery. What was the most surprising thing to me of their relationship was that after they both landed in jail; Shorty did not continue to do what Malcolm did. Both men became their own person and did things individually.  Before going to jail Malcolm was like the one who would decide everything in the friendship,he was the leader and shorty followed right behind him. I think that's what led Shorty to become distant to Malcolm. Also, the fact that Malcolm began to show interest in the Islamic religion.

Once, Malcolm converted to the religion and meets Elijah Muhammad it changes everything.  

fruitvale station

                                               FRUITEVALE SATION

Nasher Watkins

DIRECTED BY: Ryan Coogler
STARRING:  Michael B. Jordan, Melonie Diaz, Kevin Durand, chad Michael Murray, Ahna o’reilly, and Octavia spencer.
I like this movie because it relates to real life struggles such as a family just getting by in life, Oscar lost his job and started selling marijuana but he realized that doing that type of job it won’t last and it won’t get you anywhere.  In real life that happens when somebody in need for money have to support a family so they try take the easy way out which is not right all the time. I know sometimes it gets hard for family sometimes and that have to make a risky decision but what I don’t respect is when you start to feel comfortable with the decision and make it your primary goal, because then you settling for less. That’s why in this movie I respected Oscar because he did his dirt for a little time then he gave it up and tried to better himself by asking for his job back and enjoying life. Another reason why I respect Oscar is because even doe he didn’t  have a lot of money he always came through for his family, just like when it was his mom birthday and she wanted lobster and he went to get it no matter what shows that he really care for his mom and he will do anything for his family.

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Rebel without a cause Elaine N.

While I watched the film,  during scene in the police station I believe it was ironic that the three main characters were at the same place. But for different reasons, then the movie finishes with all of them being friends. The beginning was foreshadowing that Judy, Pluto and Jim would get together. 
This film relates to the teen life specifically to peer pressure and just trying to fit in.  Jim fell into peer pressure in the scene of the knife fight when the boys started to call him a chicken.  The boys just always watched Jim since he was looking and speaking to Judy. The Car race scene seemed to me like it was for Judy because both of the boys had interest in Judy. It was  predictable that something was going to go wrong with one of the cars especially since it was on the edge of a cliff. It was ironic that it had to be Judy's boyfriend had the accident and died. Then Jim got together with Judy and began dating which was really predictable since the moment they saw each other walking to school.
Pluto had the most common needs every teenager craves which is to feel safe and to have friends. Every teenager has a time where they experienced a moment in high school when safety is needed. I know students who attend a high school where drama is intense and get out of hand and feel unsafe. Also, Pluto shows to us he is very socially awkward and strange since he killed some puppies.
Gender Roles comes to play when the dad is in an apron and Jim sees his father like this and flips out. His father was cleaning a mess in the kitchen. I believe in those times the gender roles were that the women did everyting around the house. But Frank didn't really care to him it seemed like he had to do it for his wife. It could also be that gender roles were being challenged during that time period. 

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Kassandra Camejo Bowfinger


Bowfinger was a movie released in August 27, 1999 this film was directed by Frank Oz and Written by Steve Martin.
Steve Martin playing the role of Robert. Robert was in bankrupt so he got this insane idea to make his dream come true in creating a film which he had been saving up for ever since he was 10 years old. With this idea to his mind he found his box full of money and counted it to proudly not be enough at all, but that wasn't going to stop Robert he got cameras lights and of course his little team to help him out. he started to hold audience for the lead woman in the cast but he was charging to just make a little more in his unprofessional play. Robert ended up giving the role to Heather Graham playing the role as Daisy not knowing that Eddie Murphy playing the role as Kit Ramsey wasn't in on the play was actually her co working partner for those lead roles. Kit Ramsey in this film is a great big movie star which comes to be real hard headed but bald, Kit had denied Roberts offer to be in the movie after being asked but Robert was not taken a no for an answer so to make this film possible for Steve he had to wing the movie out and watch Kits every move. the story ends with his cast finding out Kit never knew what was going on but when Kit found out he wanted the movie erased and never published but Steve had found some lost footage that Ramsey never wanted to be released so he Got blackmailed pretty much to let the movie be released and let Roberts kids dreams come true. 


            Crooklyn directed by Spike Lee, tells the story of Troy a nine year old girl living in  Brooklyn along with her parents and four brothers. At the start of the movie we are introduced to many of Troy's neighbors including the racist white neighbor who is always complaining about Troy and her friends.
            Throughout the movie we see that Troy's  family has many problems.Troys father once being able to provided for the family as a musician is now a struggling musician which causes arguments between him and Troy's mom Carolyn who tries to sustain the family of six with her salary as a teacher and food stamps from whichTroy is embarrassed of. Troy's mom soon after decides that Troy should spend some time with her aunt, uncle and cousin. And who could forget their dog too. Even though she isn't so fondd of the idea she agrees to it to please her mom. Troy's tenth birthday arrives and she gets a letter from her mom which is when she decides she should go back home.
            While away Troy's mom became ill of cancer and dies soon after Troy gets back. At the end of the movie we see Troy cleaning the kitchen something she wouldn't have done without being told too. We also see her defending her brothers from the neighbors and taking the role of her "mom"

Malcolm X - Kameron

A biographical drama film about the activist Malcolm X, directed and co-written by Spike lee. Malcolm X is played by Denzel Washington, and Betty X is played by Angela Bassett. Spike Lee has a minor part in this movie, playing Shorty; Malcolm X's acquaintance; a fellow criminal and jazz saxophonist. 
This film is a rendition of the life of Malcolm X. It shows the events of his life leading up to his assassination. I enjoyed how Spike Lee involved a slew of people in the film, not just "famous people". Looking at this film taught me a few things I didn't know about Malcolm X. I knew about him going to going to jail and exploring the life of a muslim, but I did not know that the people who he studied this lifestyle with turned on him. I don't know, that may have been exaggerated. Overall I really enjoyed this movie because of the suspense and also the plot of the film.  

Malcolm X

Malcolm X is a biographical film directed by Spike Lee. At 202 minutes long I'm glad that we watched this film in chunks because I certainly would not be able to have sat through the whole thing. What's powerful about this film is the focus on the other side of the civil rights movement. Often in school we focus on Martin Luther King Jr.'s efforts because Malcolm X was seen as overly "aggressive". Everyone likes a peaceful hero. What this movie shows us though is the idea of fighting fire with fire.

Through the length of the film the viewer first learns of Malcolm's past before he was a civil rights leader. It's helpful to see how someone developed prior to their impact and accomplishments because it gives a background of why they have a certain point of view and how they came to be the person they are. I enjoyed this movie over all because I learned something and I'm into history in general, but thats besides the point. Spike Lee did an incredible job in depicting Malcolm X's life and put to light his impact on civil rights. 

having our say- maxwell joyner

At first, the play was boring because it showed nothing but pictures and just basically telling us about their family history.  it may be boring but it also talked about how it was like for the men and women had lived and what challenges they had to face during slavery. during the second part of the play it got interesting. the Delany sisters were talking about their mother and how she past. Betsy was more of the agressive and sadie was cunning, she would trick people.

Jon Newton Fruitvale Station

Fruitvale Station portrays [let's go present tense, active voice; give a real sense of urgency] an urban lifestyle in the Bay Area. Oscar Grant [a real person, here portrayed by the excellent Michael B. Jordan] was a troubled man at the beginning of this movie as he stops showing up to work, sold drugs [here you shift tenses; stops is present while sold is past], and been in and out of prison. He was living a lifestyle that wasn't leading [wasn't or was?] him to death or prison. That type of lifestyle would've had a bad effect on his entire family. One thing this movie had done [does] a great job of showing was the effect that his mother, girlfriend, and daughter had on his life. Once he had noticed how they were effected by his gangster life he quickly noticed that he had to make a change and make it quickly [Excellent]

The production of this movie was phenomenal. Throughout this whole movie you can feel Oscars mood. At the beginning it was a type of live for the moment and don't care, but as the movie goes on you feel a more positive mood. You see Oscar really attempting to do right to make his family proud. Towards the end of the movie Oscar notices how effective his actions are to his daughters childhood.  At that point he notices that he needs to become a role model and stay away from the gangster life that he had became comfortable living in. The scene that had gathered attention nationwide was the train scene. He was starting to become a better person , and wanted to have a fun New Years celebration with his friends and girlfriend. On that train he had an altercation started by an old inmate that had problems with Oscar toward the beginning of this movie. They had started to brawl on the train and the train had stopped and called the authorities. At this moment a very common human rights issue had occurred. The police brutality that took place at the end of this movie would give any person of any age, race, or religion a silencing , jaw-breaking reaction. The police at the end of this movie portrays why citizens in urban areas begin to fear and rebel against authorities. The cops had ran onto the train and just grabbed all African Americans and put them into handcuffs. That even shows the discrimination in how cops choose their suspects based on appearance. The scene where the white cop shoots Oscar in the back was honestly a gut wrenching moment for me. It was so unexpected that it just grabbed your attention no matter what you were doing. The words that had honestly killed me was when Oscar had said that he has a young daughter. That had me think about all the progress and effort he had put in to actually become a better person , boyfriend , father, and son. Overall this movie had given the viewer mixed emotions with the wide range of moods, action , suspense, and thrill. I would advise anybody to watch this movie just because of how much I personally liked it [Jon, your analysis is spot on; I would be curious to have you break this second paragraph up into shorter paragraphs; I also think you should consider including a revised version of this post in your Senior 21st Century Portfolio]

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Fruitvale Station (E.Luck)

Fruitvale Station is a movie based on a real life situation and this makes the impact hit a lot harder.  Through out [one word] the movie we follow the protagonist Oscar (Michael B. Jordan) on what seems to be the course of two to three days [Is this true? Or is the twenty-four hour period stretched out by the filmmaker's (director Ryan Coogler) use of flashback).  We follow him and feel his struggles of loss of job and the issues that come along with being a ex-con and the temptations of going back to his old life as a drug dealer in order to find [???] and provide for his family.  We also get to see his loves, his young daughter and his girlfriend and with the help of the director we see life how Oscar sees it.  Before watching this movie in class I watched it at my house, and while I watched it I heard sirens passing the street and it made the movie so much more real [run-on].

This movie caused thoughts and emotions to come out, and I know that it could affect [or effect?] even the coldest of people.  When Oscar is picking up his daughter, and they start to race back to the car, the only thought that goes through the viewers head is that he is a real person and it was the small things like that, that allowed us to connect to a character in such a short time and makes the end of the movie where he is murdered even worse [Nice observation].

Overall I would give this movie a 10/10 because every part of this movie is thought out and executed to the fullest.

Kassandra Camejo Fruitvale station

                                                        Fruitvale Station

Fruitvale Station is film based on a young 22 year-old man named Michael B. Jordan playing the role as Oscar Grant  [phrasing is a little confusing] and his last few hours of his day how his life was put out and how black men to this day are being treated, officers believing that black men are a harm to us when in reality the only harm are those same guys behind the trigger [Kassandra, you make many important statements within this sentence; however, it is currently presented as a run-on]

Oscar Grant had a little daughter name Ariana Neil playing the role as Tatiana. which he adored and gave the world to as along as he can he gave her what she asked him for picking her up from school her smile glee up to a million words Oscar was her best friend her father her brother and much more by the way there relationship came to be developed 

December 31st Oscar went back to the grocery store he was working at to try and get his job back since he had just rescently  lost his job there but with no luck he wasn't able to recover his job. He met this lady named Ahna O'Reilly playing the role as Katie Which she was completely lost on how to cook fish so oscar contacted his grandma to give her tips on the dinner she can make for new years eve. 

It was January 1, 2009 while Oscar was in the subway minutes away from what was coming to him. He was with his wife Melonie Diaz playing the role as Sophina, a few of his friends headed to New York for the new years. Sadly the trains gets a shortndelay which makes all the people on the train count down together. After a few minutes Oscars encounters himself with a guy he has had conflict with which starts a fight inside of the train when the officers come they only pick out a few of the black men that was present will these men were unarmed and freaking out laying on the ground Oscar calmed them down telling them everything is going to be okay. After Oscar recording with his phone what the cops were doing they get offended to face him face down on the ground while the officer onto of him after the struggle the officer shots Oscar in the back for no sor of reason. The day of January 1, 2009 a little young girl Tatina woke up that morning without the wonderful father/best friend she came to have.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fruitvale Station / Courtney Bell

Fruitvale Station is a movie recreating he final 24 hours in the life of Oscar Grant, a young black man who, in the early hours of New Year's Day 2009, was shot dead by a police officer on a train station platform in Oakland, California. The shooting happened at point-blank range, while Grant was unarmed, handcuffed and lying face-down. The police had been called after a reported rowdy incident on a train; jumpy, aggressive cops appeared to pull the suspects off the train, and Grant was shot by an officer who later claimed he intended to pull out his Taser, not his handgun. Many people filmed the incident on their mobile phones. The footage started protests and riots.

Fruitvale Station makes it clear that Oscar Grant is a example of this unfair justice system. In the film’s flashback scene, we learn that Grant was incarcerated in 2007 for drug dealing. Oscar got a visit by his mother Wanda, and an private conversation between a mother and son is destroyed when Oscar is distracted by another inmate and eventually starts a fight with him. In this moment, Oscar comes off as a selfish, arrogant, and short-tempered young man who still has much to learn about life.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Malcolm X- Lisa Booth

Malcolm X-
Director, Spike Lee.
Performers, Denzel Washington (Malcolm X), Spike Lee (Shorty), Angela Bassett (Betty X), Delroy Lindo (West Indian Archie), Al Freeman, Jr. (Elijah Muhammad) et al, including appearances made by Ossie Davis, Bobby Seale, Nelson Mandela, and Al Sharpton. 
40 Acres and a Mule/ Warner Brothers, 1992.

Malcolm X, is a 1992 biographical film about the life of Malcolm Little, widely known as Malcolm X.
It was directed by Spike Lee and stars Denzel Washington as the title role of Malcolm X.
In this film we see the evolution of Malcolm X, starting with his early years of work and life of crime leading up to how he became a civil rights activist and his conversion to Islam.

The film opens up to archival footage and a non-diegetic sound over of Denzel Washington reciting Malcolm X’s speech “American Nightmare,” along with the archival footage, intercut images of the American flag burning into an X can be seen before the opening scene of the film.

The first scene of the film opens to Boston in 1949, during WWII. Shorty, portrayed by Spike Lee, is in the midst of giving Malcolm his first conk, this was hair straightening technique that was done to African American’s hair. It is believed this was in response to white ideals of beauty.
At this point in time Malcolm X is still Malcolm Little, it’s not until his run in with the law that he finally starts “finding himself” and converts to Islam under the guidance of another inmate.

Throughout the rest of Malcolm’s sentence, he appears to become a changed man, a more religious and spiritual being, which largely contrasts with how he was before he served his time.
After his release from prison he begins his conversion to the nation of Islam, strongly supporting and believing their teachings and values. He preaches for a separate society from the whites, a movement that was started by Marcus Garvey. This movement was also supported by Elijah Muhammad, the leader of the Nation of Islam. Once Malcolm went to Mecca for his mission however, his views changed, he learned that Muslims come from all races, even whites. This is a huge turning point in the docu-drama, I believe, because earlier in the film he wouldn’t even accept a woman’s help for their cause because she was white.

After his mission in Mecca and change in views, he attempted to break free of the strict principles of the Nation of Islam. Although, not without tragic results. In the result of his changed views he received many death threats and was ultimately assassinated on February 21, 1965, in New York City in front of his wife, Betty Shabazz, and their children.

The film then concludes in the present day, with many children declaring "I am Malcolm X."

I believe this film was and still is important to our society, as a precedent of where we came from and where we are going. Times have changed and race isn’t as much as a divider as it used to be, but it’s still there. I feel like this film is a reminder of that, that we still deal with racism today and sometimes the consequences of it.

Why did I enjoy this movie.

            Creed                                           3/10/16                                                     Yesmail Perez 

I really enjoyed this film because I can relate to it a lot in many ways. For example I practice boxing myself and I enjoyed working out in the gym as the fighter in Creed. Also I enjoy running and jogging while working out. I connected A lot to Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson because he was training very hard for his fights and he was also working very hard to get to where he got to,even when he was nervous at the time.He didn't let anybody's opinion bring him down or slow him down from succeeding, just like I kept working out and training very hard to improve my skills even when i had people trying to slow me down or keep me from succeeding in the field of Boxing. The scene that I liked is the one where Rocky Balboa went to the hospital because he was diagnosed with cancer. Then Adonis said to him "you always saying there's nobody there for you but I'm here for you and I know you will fight this cancer". The scene that impacted me the most is when Rocky Balboa gets up from his bed, gets well and starts training Adonis Johnson for his fight because thats what motivated him to fight cancer and win the battle against cancer.

The movies are similar because in both a young man pursues the dream of becoming a successful boxer. One (Rocky) is white and the other is black (Adonis) and they live in two different times (1970's and 2010's). They both face a lot of obstacles, But each gets a measure of success. What is interesting is the boxer from the earlier movie becomes the trainer of the boxer from the later movie and this is another connection between the 2 movies.   

Malcolm X

This is a film directed by the only Spike Lee, a documentary about a civil right activist and a idled figure in the Nation of Islam. A role played phenomenally by Denzel Washignton; we see the life Malcolm lived through the lens of the camera. The transition from his early life habits to his more serious lifestyle, devoted to his ministry to Islam. A very empowering, capturing film; before this film I didn't know much about Malcolm X. But this movie was informal and inspiring. This is honestly easily a stunning performance by Spike Lee and Denzel Washington.

Crooklyn - Kameron

Co-written and directed by Spike Lee. The film takes place in Brooklyn, New York and in the neighborhood Bedford-Stuyvesant during the summer of 1973. This film is primarily focused on this young girl named, Troy and her family. Throughout the movie, Troy learns multiple life lessons through her four rowdy brother, loving but strict mother, and naive, struggling father. 
A nine-year-old Troy Carmichael and her brothers; Clinton, Wendell, Nate, and Joseph live in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. She learns different things from her mother and brothers. Troy having to take over the family when her mother passed is kind of common today. Some families only have a father, or a mother. That child who takes over, shows the amount of strength anyone can have; especially at a young age.
The way Spike Lee morphed young Troy into being the 'mother figure' for her brothers, shows what anyone is possible of doing anything. Unfortunately things happen, and someone has to step up do and start doing things now. Some people nowadays may not have one or either parent and they learn how to fend for themselves. They learn how to do specific things that their parent can't do, etc. In reality this is possible and it shows what a young person can do.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bowfinger-Jezabeth Perez


       Bowfinger was one of my favorite movies we watched this trimester.
       This movie starts of with Bobby Bowfinger wanting to produce / direct his own movie having saved up money all his life. His dream is for the Fed-ex truck to stop at the doorsteps and receive the envelope.
        So he has finally saved up enough money and begins to gather actors and of course he needs someone to put out his movie so he brainstorms a plan on how to score a studio. It works out until the executive agrees only if Kit Ramsey is the lead role. This only turn out to be more complicated for Bowfinger since Kit Ramsey does not want to take part in his movie.
       Bowfinger then comes up with a plan of following Ramsey around to get the footage he needs.
       In the end his movie is a success after all the troubles he went through. This movie is full of laughter and comedy.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Rebel Without a Cause - Jezabeth Perez

Rebel Without a Cause 

.      This movie is directed by Nicholas Rays. Personaly I did not understand this movie nor did I find it interesting. 
       Although I do remember the scene where Jimquestioms his father for cleaning up avtray of food that fell whils he wears an apron.


The Breakfast Club Jezabeth

The Breakfast Club

       Having never had watched the Breakfast Club I didn't know what to expect or if I would like it or not.
       The movie starts of with five high school teenagers from different social groups spending their Saturday morning in detention. You have Brian the brain, Clair the princess, Andrew the jock, John the criminal, and Allison the basket case. During the eight hours they are assigned to write a paper answering the question of who they are.
       Having five teenagers from different cliques in one room is something that would just never happen because they all belong to their own clique. But considering they have to spend the whole day together they begin to open up to each other about their life's. They share laughter and even create a bond.
       And about the paper they were assign Brian writes that Mr.Vernon has already decided who they are.
       All in all I think John Hughes created a very interning plot and I ended up enjoying the movie.

kassandra camejo Rebel without a cause

                                                             Rebel Without A Cause

This film was released in 1955 directed by Nicholas Ray stars James Dean, Natalie Wood and Sal Menio. they played the rolls of Jim Stark and Plato and Judy. 

This film deals with a lot of teenage crisis /drama this movie is called by its name rebel without a cause because each of the three teenage characters are rebels. these three characters were thought as rebels because in the beginning of the film they was all in the police station.  Judy was thought to be a prostitute for wearing red lipstick and being out past curfew. Plato killed a litter of puppies with his mothers gun. And Jim was brought in for being intoxicated, inebriated and for shorts drunk as a skunk. Jim gets into trouble with Judy's boyfriend and gang for being the new  kid around they later do car racing where Judy's boyfriend dies by not getting off the car fast enough before driving off the cliff. Jim and his father were always arguing for his father not being really a man where his father was thought of being a in the feminine role in life. Jim felt that his mother and grandmother walked all over his father and wanted his father to stand up for himself which he never came to the accomplish in the course of the film.  Jim is considering telling the police about Judy's boyfriend in the car racing because he wants to stand up for himself and be a man in the way his father hasn't been able to do. 
Overall this film was about teenage crisis and drama about teens in the 1950's.


Kassandra C The Breakfast Club

                                                            The Breakfast Club

The breakfast club came to be a film with a lot of conflict, discussions, honesty, and love.
To come to describe these characters they all had real different personalities that made the Saturday detention highly uncomfortable and annoying.
Molly Ringwald playing the roll of Claire Standish was known as the Princess that comes to get her way around anything she wants which so people came to think she was a snotty rich white girl.
Ally Sheedy playing the roll of  Allison Reynolds was known as the "basket case" who comes to be a real uncomfortable person to be around while the movie goes on and the characters comes to talk to each other some more notice some real weird stuff about her but try to change her to something different which is type working out type not.
Emilio Estevez playing the roll as Andrew Clarke was the Athlete of the school the bad jock was the type of guy that only cared about his sports not really grades but needed decent grades to be playing the sport. was a jock because he thought he can get any girl he wants because of the position in the football team he held.
Anthony Michael Hall playing the roll of Brian Johnson known as the brain of the group was the smart kid that came to do everybody essay in that Saturday detention he got into Saturday detention for having a flair gun go off in his locker
And last Judd Nelson playing the roll of John Bender known also as the criminal of the group was misunderstood as a trouble maker which he definitely was but it was due to his home life.

In the beginning of the film all the students were feeling odd and out of place around each other due to being all from different cliques. But by the end of the film they come to an understanding about each other and that understanding was that they found out they were each a basket case, a brain, an athlete a princess and a criminal. In the process of getting to know each other they realized they was more than just their "title". 

The breakfast club was directed produced and written by John Hughes this film was released in 1985 it is about these five teenagers that were in Saturday detention.  

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bowfinger (E.Luck)

When Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy join together for a comedy you know it is going to be a comedy but this movie also has a hidden deeper message.  When Steve Martin wants to create a low budget movie using big names like Eddie Murphy he finds a way to create it using hidden cameras and look a likes with a dash black male to make it happen.  Through out the film it is non stop laughter because the cast of the movie knows what and how to make others happy through their work.  Watching the movie I learned that anything is possible you just have to work towards it and be creative while doing it.  If you have a dream to be great do not just let it be a dream. Act on it. If you want to be a film maker don't just say it. Be about it.  The cast of the movie only had one chance at making it in the big leagues, this movie so they put their all in it.  

The movie seemed to be a solid movie being able to grasp all the necessary qualities of a successful movie such as a solid cast, good progression, and clean ending. The movie uses characters from all walks of life such as illegal immigrants, desperate actresses ready to do anything to make it to the top to unnoticed directors who put his all in his work but still isn't recognized and finally both a nervous wreck and confident successful actor.  The movie follows a happy ever ending it just takes a while to get to the end scheme because through out the movie constant hard work was put in to get to the goal.

Overall if I could rate this movie I would give it a 7.5/10 because of the solid acting and being able to create a movie while in a movie. 

Malcolm X (E.Luck)

From the second the movie started it showed the racial inequality that America faced showing the beating of Rodney King by the American police.  This movie seems to talk about the complete life of Malcolm X and his rise from an ordinary man into the man that we all know him to be.  I always said the best way to get to know someone is to get to know their past and with this movie I feel like I know Malcolm X very well.  One of the most important scenes in the movie to me was when Malcolm who was a top student in the class was suggested by his own teacher not to follow a profession that used his mental strength but instead used his hands. The teacher suggested that he follow in the likeness of Jesus and become a carpenter which I find rather funny because he later turned Muslim.

When Malcolm goes jail, it was the best thing that could ever happen to him.  He goes to jail, and he goes at the best time because he gets to meet Brother Reginald which I find to be amazing.  What are the odds that he would meet a person who cared enough to try to help him after Malcolm said no.  Brother Reginald and Malcolm were in prison at the same time and were both in the best state of mind to be a benefit to the Nation of Islam were Malcolm would gain a following and change the course of black rights in the process.

The death of Malcolm X seems to be a cruel one because he was murdered in front of his own family by people who he once considered to be his family(Nation of Islam). Over all if I could rate this movie I would it a 9.5/10 seeing that as a bibliography it covers the whole span of his life and shows his life in full bringing emotions along with it.

The Breakfast Club - Luz Avila

The brain, the princess, the jock, the criminal, and the basket case. It is such a diverse group of students and when you end up learning more about the characters you find out that in reality they are all the same, teenagers who are unhappy. 


I can completely understand why the The Breakfast Club is so hyped up. I've never watched it and didn't think much to the film (since I haven't watched majority of the most well known films) but the movie was definitely well made.

High school is made up of cliques and stereotypes and John Hughes was able to capture what it was like to be a teenager in high school with this film. Everyone in high school belongs to a group. Nerds with nerds, preps with preps, emos with emos. People go to where they find they fit in, belong, or feel accepted. TBC portrayed that easily with Brian being with the nerds, Claire being the in the popular crowd, Andrew is with the jocks, Allison being with those who are loners (who tend to be alone), and Bender with the trouble makers. These groups aren't expected to mix in with other who aren't like them because it's social suicide or just because it doesn't happen.
TBC changed that. These people who were shown to be nothing alike talked. To each other. Deep conversations happened (the scene shown above which happened to be ad-libbed) and these separate people who never talked to each other before got to know each other in a new way. Four of the five even fell in love (Sorry Brian).

Breakfast club

Corey Rogers

Who would have thought that a basket case, a princess, a jock a nerd and a bad boy would become friends through the course of one detention. That is why people say not to make friends you freshman year, you will never know who you really have things in common with. In this case every one has family issues. With whom they all talk about while getting high. When you have friends dumb things happen. Ah, life is great.


Corey Rogers

This movie reminds me so much to do the right thing. Spike lee, most of your movies look all the same. Whats with you in new york. Crooklyn is a about a family living in new york in the 70s.As her teacher mother, Carolyn (Alfre Woodard), and her jazz musician father, Woody (Delroy Lindo), worry over monthly bills, grade-schooler student Troy Carmichael (Zelda Harris) banters and bonds with her four brothers. Against her will, Troy is sent to her aunt's southern home for a summer visit, but when she returns to her bustling Brooklyn neighborhood, she learns that a family member is gravely ill. Already mature, Troy is forced to face to some very grown-up facts about life and loss. With this Troy really must face the real word. Ready or not cause here it comes

Malcolm X

Corey Rogers

Damn pawn-age, he got popped. Some friends. Who do you think you can call your closet friends. Elijah Muhammad saved Malcolm from a life a crime and in return he dedicated his whole life to him and the Islam religion. With him becoming a powerful spokesman for the nation of Islam, his name was growing increasing rapid something that Elijah didn't take to kindly. With all of his might he tried his best to send some of Malcolm's "brothers" to assassinate him and his family. All recent attempts on Malcolm's family have failed  but he was growing increasingly angry and with a tip from one of his closet friends Malcolm found out Muhammad's true intentions. Malcolm knowing that his time was going he hired body guards. With Muhammad's dying breathe he made a diabolical plan to assassinate him at one of his speeches, which was very successful. Maybe some people just don't like the lime light or want to see a bro succeed.  

Rebel Without a Cause

Corey Rogers

Peer pressure can be a deadly thing. A prime example is when the new kid in town is a potential bad boy. Jim grows up with mom, dad and grandma, seems loving right, wrong. This family is so broken up its not even funny. A new town comes with new rules and poor Jim learns that the heard way when he has to do a chicken run, which is a drag race to the death. He could have easily declined but the single word of chicken was yanking him out of reality and into his primal mode. Even with advice from his loving father, he does what he believes is right and does the chicken run. While preparing for the run, Jim made friends with the guys who challenged him but it resulted in his new friend dying. Funny things that peer pressure can due to you. Chicken is just a name, there is a difference from being a idiot and being a "chicken"

Fruitvale Station

Corey Rogers

Well police brutality seems to be a recurring topic of the world that we live in  today. Its all a rerun, a minority does a small crime, minority gets caught, minority tries to surrender, minority gets shot or beaten. Simple as that. Well this seems to be no different than what happens in the movie Fruit-vale Station. Two drug dealers, one black the other Hispanic, board a train. You know how time was back then, no race got along with each other. So when both races board a train a huge fight erupts leading to police enforcement. Once the police intervened, they started tossing people around and brutally beating people. But one officer had to take it to another level and shoot one of the people.
This is really no different than what happens today. But if a minority is getting shot for slinging drugs, I wonder what the consequence would be if they did a mass murder. But what i really want to see is if it was a white person doing a serious crime. Will that taste the cool air of death?

Rebel Without a Cause-Jatniel V.

This movie is about Jim (James Dean), who has recently moved into a new town. He is proclaimed to be a trouble maker, but thanks to his parent deciding to move he now has a new clean slate. As the movie continues he makes a friend, Plato (Sal Mineo) and feels attracted to a girl named Judy (Natalie Wood). He then decides to impress her by playing chicken with her boyfriend (Buzz), they each get in a car and drive at top speed, the last one to jump off the car as it approaches a cliff wins. As a result of their foolish competition Buzz ends up getting stuck and enable to jump off the moving car which results in his death. That is when the real trouble begins. Later on in the story Jim and Judy go to hide at Plato's secret place because the police and the friends of Buzz are after them. 
Overall I think this movie was good. I enjoyed some parts but for some of the scenes i felt bored. Still a good movie and i would re-watch to get a better understanding of it.  

Breakfast Club-Jatniel V.

This movie is about five students who are total strangers but become best of friends in the one day they spend together. The movie begins with them arriving to school on a Saturday, they are there because they have violated the school rules and are in detention. John is the arrogant rebel, Allison is the basket-case, Andrew the jock, Claire the prom queen (princess),and Brian the class brain. The movie continues with them exchanging a few words but non of them want nothing to do with each other. As the movie progresses they get closer to each other and at the end become best of friends and for some they become even more than friends. Overall i liked this movie and i would strongly recommended it to anyone who hasn't seen it.


The movie begins in the early 1970s in a racially mixed New York City neighborhood, nine-year-old Troy (Zelda Harris) and her older brothers Clinton (Carlton Williams), Wendell (Sharif Rashed), Nate (Chris Knowings), and her younger brother, Joseph (Tse-Mach Washington) are introduced as their father Woody (Delroy Lindo) is blowing a horn to call them in from playing to eat dinner. Their mother, Carolyn (Alfre Woodard) is introduced as well.
So generally Troy gets bullied around by her brothers, and her mother is always telling her what to do, sending her to get grocerys. She had her little friends to whom she would get feisty with because they would try to down talk her but she didn't stay shut for no one. The family relationship was there but you can say it was more of a tought love kind of thing. 
Later on in the movie things get harder for the family because Carolyn there mother gets sick and gets diagnosed with cancer. Tory becomes like the new mom in the house because she cleans helps cook, does her little brothers hair makes them clean and he'll around the house. It was really sad for the family when they found out there mother passed away and things were not going to be the same after wards. 

Something to take away from this movie is at the moment you enjoy every moment you have with your loved ones because one day there here the next they can be gone. Also learn responsibility because as we see Tory took a load on once her mother passed because she felt as if being the only girl in the house hold she has to step up to the plate and become the new little mom of the house. 

Rebel without a cause

This film is important because this movie centered around teenagers and there actions. Rebel Without a Cause stars James Dean who plays Jim Stark, an anger filled teenager who moves to a new town for a fresh start. But trouble begins when Jim Stark is disliked by most of the local teens in his school. Although he makes friends with an outsider names Plato, and begins to have feelings for a girl named Judy.  The kids all have nothing better to do than get into knife fights and drag races, and this reckless behavior results in a death. This is to show how each action you do comes with a consiquence which teens are prom to learn thought there life growing up like in the movie Rebel Without a Cause started the now popular trend for movies staring  the problems teenagers face and how they come up with resolutions in a creative way separate from adults and how they would deal with the problem. Overall the movie seemed some what interesting due to the fact it was about races and dealing with teens so we were able to relate to some of there issues. 

Crooklyn (E.Luck)

Crooklyn was my far one of the best movies played in this class, even though I might be slightly biased to all Spike Lee Joints [alright, alright, alright]. The movie depicts the life of an inner-city family life in the early 1970's.  The Carmichael's family consists of the mother and father with one daughter and three brothers.  The story follows the daughter Troy for most of the movie, seeing that even when the family broke apart and separated and Troy went down south to live with her cousin the film seemed to focus one her. Even though Troy was the protagonist the film still other family members giving focus on the members of the family when needed like when the youngest son refused to eat his black-eyed peas.  It is quite evident that family is the main focus in the movie.  I never truly understood the point of the movie and [or] if it really had one.  I often times wonder what the director wanted the viewer to know when he or she watched the movie.  The movie had a lot of feeling, but the overall message was semi-confusing.  If I could guess I think it was about the importance of family.

The visual effects of the movie is one of the main reasons why Spike Lee movies are as good as they are.  The visual effects evoke emotions and show how Spike Lee and his sister felt while creating the movie because the movie reflects his life and the life of his sister; characters Troy as the sister and the oldest brother being him.  While Spike Lee added his own flare when he was in the movie it was his sisters part that really showed a difference in style. When his directed the film the style because of how clean cut all the shots were and how much lighting each scene received.
The soundtrack was straight New York hip hop and it shows through one of its iconic soundtracks Crooklyn by Crooklyn Dodgers.  

Overall this was more than just a movie; it is a piece of art and should be treated as such, I would this movie it a 8.5/10 because it has good acting, creative views for directing.


Diana Deleon Chi-Raq


Chi-Raq is a 2015 musical drama film directed and produced by Spike Lee. The story is based off a Classical Greek comedy play where woman withheld sex to punish the men for fighting in the Peloponnesian War. 
Although based on the Greek war, Chi-Raq focused on a more Modern issue. Gangs, which I'm guessing were the Bloods and Crips but for this movie they were " Trojans " and " Cyclopes ". Set in a town " Inglewood " which again, I assume is Chicago, they focus on the violence that these gangs proposed on the community. 
Demetrius,The leader of the Trojans, is played by Nick Cannon but although he is one of the most known actors in the movie, the lead role is played by Teyonah Parris, Lysistrata. (Lysistrata is the girlfriend of Demetrius)  
After the recent event of a young girl getting shot and left for dead by a gang drive by, Lysistrata had an idea to propose to  the women of these gang members to try and stop the violence. What is the one thing that men cant live without?
Lysistrata reached out to the women of the Cyclopes gang and together they formed a movement.
Although it started only with the gang member's woman it soon spread out to all woman. These woman took over the military base and soon had all control of the men, cause you know, men start to die inside when they dont get the poom poom.
After three months of no sex, both the Cyclopes and the Trojans came to a conclusion that they would stop the violence because they were tired of being horny and lonely. 
And finally, Demetrius admitted to killing the young girl in the drive by.
My thoughts
This movie was very very well thought out. The dialogue between the characters was legit music. It was like they were rapping to one another which I found incredibly cool. They put out their purpose but also made it into a sort of comedy with songs and dances between the sexes. This movie was very explicit so maybe it was best that I watched this alone. Explicit dialogue and scenery. It makes me wonder if woman really have that much control over just withholding sex, Hmmm. The lead role, Lysistrata, did an AMAZING job with really getting into her character, on the other hand, Nick Cannon wasn't the best pick. All in all, everyone should watch this ( on their own time )

Fruitvale Station - Luz Avila

Fruitvale Station
Director: Ryan Coogler Protagonists: Michael B. Jordan, Melonie Diaz, Octavia Spencer

Police Brutality. The past few years that has been a word that nearly everyone knows. Starting in 2014 we heard day after day about a person of color (specifically blacks) being beaten down and facing death. 

This movie was able to portray one event that shows what is happening now. Oscar Grant III was treated in an inhumane way. He was pushed around and shot. His life was taken because people thought too much of the position they were given.

Events like this haven't just started, it has been happening for years. But within recent years, most people will remember Eric Garner, an unarmed man held in a chokehold by an officer after a report of Garner selling loose cigarettes. Even after repeatedly saying "I can't breathe" he was still held down and died. Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager who was shot by an officer even though his hands were in the air. Tamir Rice, a teenager playing with a toy BB gun and was shot by police after he "grabbed for his toy pistol" when he was ordered to put his hands up. There are so many more deaths and many are similar to the death of Oscar. 

Fruitvale is a great movie because it doesn't hold back from the truth. The scene where Oscar is on the ground, his face crushing into the cement and the pain he was experiencing just from his facial expression made everything even more heartbreaking. You can't know what is like for those in this situation unless you have experienced it yourself which makes scenes like this even more powerful.
Quincy Rivera
03- 10- 2016

Malcolm X

This film was a documentary on a man named Malcolm Little. Malcolm was born on May 19, 1925.
At this time racism was a big problem, blacks were being mistreated and were not given the same rights as a white man. Malcolm was a young black male growing up in the streets of Brooklyn New York. He took after what he saw growing up as a kid like doing drugs, becoming a member of a gang, and many more illegal things. His father, Earl Little, was an outspoken Baptist minister and avid supporter of Black Nationalist leader Marcus Garvey. Earl’s civil rights activism prompted death threats from the white supremacist organization Black Legion, forcing the family to relocate twice before Malcolm’s fourth birthday. After Malcolm finished dealing with the streets he had new intentions to fight against racism. He began to gain too much power for the white men to control. He started to attract too much attention and started to receive threats from all over. This made Malcolm carry body guards everywhere he went. Even though he might have protection everywhere for himself it still was not enough to keep him from being killed.   One week later, however, Malcolm’s enemies were successful in their ruthless attempt. At a speaking engagement in the Manhattan’s Audubon Ballroom on February 21, 1965, three gunmen rushed Malcolm onstage. They shot him 15 times at close range. The 39-year-old was pronounced dead on arrival at New York’s Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.