Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fruitvale Station - Jezabeth

              Fruitvale Station is a movie based on real life,it tells the final days of Oscar Grant before he is shot by a cop. At the start of the movie we find out that Oscar has had/has a history with drugs which leads him to prison. He also has a daughter which is his reason of changing his life around.
              On New Years Eve Oscar, his girlfriend and friends take a train. On the train a lady Oscar previously helped notices him and yells his name trying to say hi which catches the attention of an old inmates from when Oscar was incarcerated. The inmate then starts a fight causing the train to stop and authorities to be called. As everyone tries to get of the train Oscar and his friends get arrested and restrain. Oscar tries to be calm under the situation and explain what happens but one of the white cops shoots him in the back. His take to the hospital but sadly dies soon after.
               This movie deals with a major issue in society right now which happens to be police brutality.

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