Monday, March 21, 2016

fruitvale station

                                               FRUITEVALE SATION

Nasher Watkins

DIRECTED BY: Ryan Coogler
STARRING:  Michael B. Jordan, Melonie Diaz, Kevin Durand, chad Michael Murray, Ahna o’reilly, and Octavia spencer.
I like this movie because it relates to real life struggles such as a family just getting by in life, Oscar lost his job and started selling marijuana but he realized that doing that type of job it won’t last and it won’t get you anywhere.  In real life that happens when somebody in need for money have to support a family so they try take the easy way out which is not right all the time. I know sometimes it gets hard for family sometimes and that have to make a risky decision but what I don’t respect is when you start to feel comfortable with the decision and make it your primary goal, because then you settling for less. That’s why in this movie I respected Oscar because he did his dirt for a little time then he gave it up and tried to better himself by asking for his job back and enjoying life. Another reason why I respect Oscar is because even doe he didn’t  have a lot of money he always came through for his family, just like when it was his mom birthday and she wanted lobster and he went to get it no matter what shows that he really care for his mom and he will do anything for his family.

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