Friday, March 18, 2016


            Crooklyn directed by Spike Lee, tells the story of Troy a nine year old girl living in  Brooklyn along with her parents and four brothers. At the start of the movie we are introduced to many of Troy's neighbors including the racist white neighbor who is always complaining about Troy and her friends.
            Throughout the movie we see that Troy's  family has many problems.Troys father once being able to provided for the family as a musician is now a struggling musician which causes arguments between him and Troy's mom Carolyn who tries to sustain the family of six with her salary as a teacher and food stamps from whichTroy is embarrassed of. Troy's mom soon after decides that Troy should spend some time with her aunt, uncle and cousin. And who could forget their dog too. Even though she isn't so fondd of the idea she agrees to it to please her mom. Troy's tenth birthday arrives and she gets a letter from her mom which is when she decides she should go back home.
            While away Troy's mom became ill of cancer and dies soon after Troy gets back. At the end of the movie we see Troy cleaning the kitchen something she wouldn't have done without being told too. We also see her defending her brothers from the neighbors and taking the role of her "mom"

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