Friday, March 18, 2016

Kassandra Camejo Bowfinger


Bowfinger was a movie released in August 27, 1999 this film was directed by Frank Oz and Written by Steve Martin.
Steve Martin playing the role of Robert. Robert was in bankrupt so he got this insane idea to make his dream come true in creating a film which he had been saving up for ever since he was 10 years old. With this idea to his mind he found his box full of money and counted it to proudly not be enough at all, but that wasn't going to stop Robert he got cameras lights and of course his little team to help him out. he started to hold audience for the lead woman in the cast but he was charging to just make a little more in his unprofessional play. Robert ended up giving the role to Heather Graham playing the role as Daisy not knowing that Eddie Murphy playing the role as Kit Ramsey wasn't in on the play was actually her co working partner for those lead roles. Kit Ramsey in this film is a great big movie star which comes to be real hard headed but bald, Kit had denied Roberts offer to be in the movie after being asked but Robert was not taken a no for an answer so to make this film possible for Steve he had to wing the movie out and watch Kits every move. the story ends with his cast finding out Kit never knew what was going on but when Kit found out he wanted the movie erased and never published but Steve had found some lost footage that Ramsey never wanted to be released so he Got blackmailed pretty much to let the movie be released and let Roberts kids dreams come true. 

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