Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fruitvale Station


                                   Fruitvale Station:

                              Based on a True Story

This was one of my favorite movies; it is truthful, sensitive, about love, sadness, and is thought-provoking. It is based on the true story of 22 year old Oscar Grant living in the Bay area [San Francisco/Oakland, California] with his girlfriend and daughter.

We see Oscar struggling to keep a job to support his family. He's been locked up before and still he was selling weed [falls back into old habits/'easy' money?]. After a day to himself, he went to meet with one of his dealers, and he toss the weed [went and toss are past and present; try to be more consistent with verb tense] into the water before the dealer showed. This was a powerful scene in the movie because that was his rent money. I could tell by how much the character, Micheal B. Jordan who played Oscar Grant [this is both true and important, but the structure is awkward] struggled to make this choice. When it came down to it, he didn't want to be away from his child, his girlfriend, or his mom again. To me, he made the right choice. Things did not get easier from there, Oscar showed his girl and family something he was not for awhile, I think it is because he did not want them to think any less of him and he knew he could do better than what he was doing.

He was struggling to get back his old job at a super market, stressed and on edge especially when Oscar's boss said no to letting him come back to work. Oscar snapped and put his hands on the man, honestly seemed like Oscar was done and tired of the struggle he was putting his girl and daughter through. I could tell Oscar wanted to be the provider, but in this case he just wasn't filling the duty of bringing money to keep the home for rent they had. As time went by and New Year's came around, Oscar told his girl he lost his job after his mother's birthday past. It was sweet he ended up going to the store and getting fish and other foods for his mom's birthday and brought it to his grandma for her to cook. Even though he didn't have the money for most of it, I think in the back of his heart he knew he would pull out of this bump and it was the right thing to do for his mom. Especially with everything he put her through, with going to jail more than one time. To me giving back and showing someone special that you care for them is important.

The night of New Year's Eve, Oscar, his girl, and a couple of friends decided to go to the city. Oscar's mom told them to take the train. So, they left the kids with Oscar's mom or sister I forgot who, and they boarded the train at Fruitvale Station. A women saw Oscar on the train that he helped at the supermarket, she was buying fish to cook for her boyfriend for the night and Oscar called his grandma to teach her over the phone. She yelled out his name, and they started to talk when a man confronted Oscar by saying "Oscar Grant from... [a penitentiary that they were both incarcerated in]." They had beef  between each other, and the man started to attack Oscar on the train; this is when hell broke loose, and the cops came rolling in, stopping the train.

SPOILER ALERT? Oscar and his boys tried to hide throughout [among the] people but that didn't work at all. They were yanked off the train and thrown on the ground and hit. Right away the men started to plead and say there just trying to get home. These statements were not good enough for the officers as the man were rolled over onto their stomachs. While this is going on people on the train were recording off their phones and trying to yell at the officers' to stop. The cops rushed everyone off the train and out of Fruitvale Station, and began to hurt them. Crushing Oscar's head into the ground when BANG ... Silence grew throughout the station to the outside... Oscar's girlfriend in a shocking haze, from her face I knew she knew something bad just happened, and it happened to Oscar. He was rushed to the hospital where his mother, girlfriend, and all their friends' waited and waited and waited for an answer.

When the doctor came in, pain and loss grew around the room, in each of their souls. Like a piece of each of them was ripped away and sailing away. I wondered who and how would they tell his daughter and how would they try and put life back together?. Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things to deal with in life and everyone reacts and carries on with their lives differently. To be honest this movie made me shed tears; it really makes you feel like your living through these characters. This situation moved the whole city, protests broke out, and there was the trail against the officer who shot Oscar Grant. He was put behind bars [even if only for a short while due to the over-crowding of California's prisons], Oscar and his family did not get justice. If they did, Oscar would be alive, but they did get the man who destroyed Oscar at a young age.


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