Monday, March 21, 2016

Elaine N. Malcolm X


While I have always heard about this movie and Malcolm X. This was the first time I watched it; I learned many things about his personal life and history. The beginning of the movie was really appealing and an attention grabber for me. I liked how the flag eventually turned into an X. The flag burning got me to really question the mood the movie would take on. The Flag to me defined that Malcolm's life was full of anger and just confrontations with others. 

Also, during the beginning here was an intercut, meaning there was a video being shown of a policemen abusing a man. In my opinion, Lee showed that video because Malcolm X will be giving speeches based on how white people are bad and wrong. White people did cause a lot of pain to Malcolm's childhood with the KKK trying to burn down his house and killing his family. With everything white people tried to do to his family because of his father's position. 

It surprises me that he tried to be like them Malcolm seems to try to fit in more with the white community by getting the conk. The conk representing race and identity because he is changing his hair type and style to seem different from his own race and look richer. Especially after he got the conk, Malcolm started wearing fancier suits and having a white girlfriend.

 I would also say Spike Lee did a very good job in directing the film and starring in it himself as an important character.  Malcolm and Shorty are like brothers and do everything together from clubbing to robbery. What was the most surprising thing to me of their relationship was that after they both landed in jail; Shorty did not continue to do what Malcolm did. Both men became their own person and did things individually.  Before going to jail Malcolm was like the one who would decide everything in the friendship,he was the leader and shorty followed right behind him. I think that's what led Shorty to become distant to Malcolm. Also, the fact that Malcolm began to show interest in the Islamic religion.

Once, Malcolm converted to the religion and meets Elijah Muhammad it changes everything.  

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