Sunday, March 20, 2016

Rebel without a cause Elaine N.

While I watched the film,  during scene in the police station I believe it was ironic that the three main characters were at the same place. But for different reasons, then the movie finishes with all of them being friends. The beginning was foreshadowing that Judy, Pluto and Jim would get together. 
This film relates to the teen life specifically to peer pressure and just trying to fit in.  Jim fell into peer pressure in the scene of the knife fight when the boys started to call him a chicken.  The boys just always watched Jim since he was looking and speaking to Judy. The Car race scene seemed to me like it was for Judy because both of the boys had interest in Judy. It was  predictable that something was going to go wrong with one of the cars especially since it was on the edge of a cliff. It was ironic that it had to be Judy's boyfriend had the accident and died. Then Jim got together with Judy and began dating which was really predictable since the moment they saw each other walking to school.
Pluto had the most common needs every teenager craves which is to feel safe and to have friends. Every teenager has a time where they experienced a moment in high school when safety is needed. I know students who attend a high school where drama is intense and get out of hand and feel unsafe. Also, Pluto shows to us he is very socially awkward and strange since he killed some puppies.
Gender Roles comes to play when the dad is in an apron and Jim sees his father like this and flips out. His father was cleaning a mess in the kitchen. I believe in those times the gender roles were that the women did everyting around the house. But Frank didn't really care to him it seemed like he had to do it for his wife. It could also be that gender roles were being challenged during that time period. 

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