Friday, March 18, 2016

Malcolm X - Kameron

A biographical drama film about the activist Malcolm X, directed and co-written by Spike lee. Malcolm X is played by Denzel Washington, and Betty X is played by Angela Bassett. Spike Lee has a minor part in this movie, playing Shorty; Malcolm X's acquaintance; a fellow criminal and jazz saxophonist. 
This film is a rendition of the life of Malcolm X. It shows the events of his life leading up to his assassination. I enjoyed how Spike Lee involved a slew of people in the film, not just "famous people". Looking at this film taught me a few things I didn't know about Malcolm X. I knew about him going to going to jail and exploring the life of a muslim, but I did not know that the people who he studied this lifestyle with turned on him. I don't know, that may have been exaggerated. Overall I really enjoyed this movie because of the suspense and also the plot of the film.  

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