Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kassandra Camejo Fruitvale station

                                                        Fruitvale Station

Fruitvale Station is film based on a young 22 year-old man named Michael B. Jordan playing the role as Oscar Grant  [phrasing is a little confusing] and his last few hours of his day how his life was put out and how black men to this day are being treated, officers believing that black men are a harm to us when in reality the only harm are those same guys behind the trigger [Kassandra, you make many important statements within this sentence; however, it is currently presented as a run-on]

Oscar Grant had a little daughter name Ariana Neil playing the role as Tatiana. which he adored and gave the world to as along as he can he gave her what she asked him for picking her up from school her smile glee up to a million words Oscar was her best friend her father her brother and much more by the way there relationship came to be developed 

December 31st Oscar went back to the grocery store he was working at to try and get his job back since he had just rescently  lost his job there but with no luck he wasn't able to recover his job. He met this lady named Ahna O'Reilly playing the role as Katie Which she was completely lost on how to cook fish so oscar contacted his grandma to give her tips on the dinner she can make for new years eve. 

It was January 1, 2009 while Oscar was in the subway minutes away from what was coming to him. He was with his wife Melonie Diaz playing the role as Sophina, a few of his friends headed to New York for the new years. Sadly the trains gets a shortndelay which makes all the people on the train count down together. After a few minutes Oscars encounters himself with a guy he has had conflict with which starts a fight inside of the train when the officers come they only pick out a few of the black men that was present will these men were unarmed and freaking out laying on the ground Oscar calmed them down telling them everything is going to be okay. After Oscar recording with his phone what the cops were doing they get offended to face him face down on the ground while the officer onto of him after the struggle the officer shots Oscar in the back for no sor of reason. The day of January 1, 2009 a little young girl Tatina woke up that morning without the wonderful father/best friend she came to have.

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