Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Breakfast Club - Dean A

The Breakfast Club was a movie released in 1985 about 5 teenagers who were on Saturday detention. This movie i'm assuming is called "The Breakfast Club" because their detentions took place on Saturday mornings. The movie was pretty funny especially Bender, he is the typical kind of trash athlete looking kid in high school, he did make everybody laugh but sometimes he would push it too far. He normally antagonized the principal and bothered him to an insane extent. The Principal had to come into the room on multiple occasions to threaten Bender, he kept giving him more detentions.
At one point bender locked the principal out of the room, bender also snuck out of the room to get pot from his locker to bring back to the detention room for his friends. Speaking of friends, they all generally hated each other in the beginning because they were so different but in the end they were much friendlier after they all opened up to each other.
The budget for this movie was $1 million dollars which i think is even a little high for this movie, and that's because the entirety of the movie took place in a school with minimal destruction. The movie did pretty good in the box office grossing $51.5 million dollars. its crazy to compare it to the Indiana Jones movie that came out just one year earlier which grossed $333.1 million. i would give this movie a 7/10 just because i do prefer something that has more action in it, but this movie was still pretty funny and i really liked all the characters sense of humor.

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