Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jaws - Dean A

Jaws, was known as one of the scariest movies of its time. I'm sure this movie kept people nervous while they were on vacation or by the beach. The movie started with just some teenagers hanging out at the beach, not causing trouble, but then a girl goes for a swim and doesn't come back, once the sherrif heard about this he immediately told the mayor, but the mayor insisted it was nothing, and when more attacks started to happen the mayor still remained quiet, even when a shark was killed and it was unlikely it was the killer the mayor still kept the beaches open because that is a big tourist attraction and keeps the towns small economy healthy. But now with the shark attacks the town was getting a lot more attention than they intended.
A good chunk of the movie was with the police officer, the aqua marine biologist (i think that's what he does) and the fisherman were all on a fishing boat in hopes of capturing and killing this deadly shark. The three men had a few very close encounters with the shark but unfortunately their attacks weren't to effective against the shark. All three men ended up gaining each others trust and started to work together.  Another failed attempt was when they sent the marine biologist into the water in a cage with a needle with poison in it in hopes of injecting it into the shark, but this didn't work and the shark completely destroyed the cage but he escaped unharmed.The shark began to destroy the boat and the fisherman ended up falling and being eaten, one of the men threw an oxygen tank into the sharks mouth and the officer put a bullet through it and the shark was blown into pieces.
The film had a $9 million dollar budget which was a little lower than i thought it would be, and the film made $470.7 million in box office, and to my surprise the movie was rated PG! which is crazy because the movie is all about violence and killing, its cool to notice how ratings have changed in recent years. Also i would give this movie a 9/10 and i would definitely watch this movie again if i had the opportunity to do so.

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