Friday, May 22, 2015

Crooklyn - Dean A

Crooklyn was a movie that was released in 1994 but took place in the summer of 1973. I really enjoyed this movie because it was pretty funny and i like how the movie's main character was actually Troy instead of her brothers. Troy was so different compared to her brothers, she was expected to do certain things because she was a female.
I think the conflict that the boys had with their neighbor was funny, it was actually the boys that were antagonizing the neighbor but he always acted back at the worst time, making him look like the bad guy. The father in this movie was really chill, he wasn't strict and doesn't like to yell at his kids, he doesn't enforce rules as strongly as their mother. The mother was very strict and isn't afraid to tell her kids her mind.
When Troy was sent to her auntie's house it was complete culture shock, she wasn't used to having a yard, having to be clean and organized and not being as rowdy. She hasn't even heard crickets before. There were certain things that her aunt would say to her that unknowingly made troy mad, and at one point troy stuffed her aunts dog into the couch (lol)
But this movie i would give an 8/10 and i would definitely watch this again the budget was $14 million which was a lot more than i thought they needed and in box office it made $13 million which isn't a good ratio.

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