Wednesday, May 20, 2015

JAWS OM NOM NOM NOM (Spoiler Warning)

Firstly, I was happy to hear that we'd be finally watching Jaws in film class, especially as it's such a classic film. Honestly, I was expecting this film to be more of a "horror" film, and though there is suspense and tense moments, there's nothing really much in this film that makes me classify it as a horror movie (At least in comparison to Alien) and classify this more as a "Thriller" movie due to most of the movie moments.

I'll say this right off the bat: I'm surprised that a child was part of the Jaw's menu, I'm usually used to seeing children usually threatened, but never off'd. But hey, the moment up't the ante on this shark, especially with it's large size shown as the shark goes in for another kill.

After watching this film, I can see how this would be considered a classic, good shots, good story, great cast of characters, thriller moments to really get you interested, especially with the shark not usually being seen at all times due to it being underwater, etc,etc. I'd recommend this film right off the bat due to all of its content and then some!

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