Thursday, May 21, 2015

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Dean A

The movie Indiana Jones is surely a classic, it has a number of sequels and even had a new movie come out just come out in 2008 (Crystal Skull), while Temple of Doom came out in 1984, twenty four years later the series is still making movies.
So i thought this movie was fantastic for a adventure action type film, to my surprise it is rated as a PG movie and this is surprising because there was a lot of fighting and violence in the movie, in fact there was some blood, i'm referring to the scene where Indiana Jones put one of his opponents under the stone crusher, you could see blood on it after it rolls the man over. I would think that the movie would at least be PG-14!
This movie had some comedy in it which was great, one scene that was particularly funny was when Short Round went onto the wooden bridge and was jumping saying it was okay but then the board supporting him broke. But right after this was my favorite part of the movie, when Indiana Jones was in the middle of the bridge with enemies on both sides of him than he cut the bridge and held on for his life, it was also great when after this scene everybody assumed he was dead but then you see his hand grip the dirt right at the end of the bridge which showed he was very alive.
The movie had a pretty big budget of $28.17 million dollars and it did fantastic in the movie theater by making 333.1 million dollars (box office)  I would rate this movie an 8/10 and i would definitely watch it again.

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