Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Crooklyn by Walatsebi Kofi-Mensah Lomotey


The movie Crooklyn by Spike Lee was sort of a typical New York family that goes through financial problems and a death by a loved one. This movie actually kind of reminded me of Chris Rock's "Everybody Hates Chris". In this show their family was always in a financial state like the one in Crooklyn and they both on food stamps so I connected them.
 In the beginning of the movie I felt like their was no purpose of the movie. It jus seamed like another day in Brooklyn, New York. It didn't feel like their was a conflict or going to be one. Other than that I found a few things interesting. One thing I found interesting was Troy. She was a very unique little girl. Her character changed drastically through out the movie. She changed from being a nice girl to shop lifting and then back to being a nice girl again. She is the only girl of 5 kids in her family so she plays a big roll. Troy was a tomboy but its kind of ideal because she is growing up with 4 brothers. She was really bad in the beginning of the movie then she got sent to her auntie's house. Her aunt straighten her up. While she was there, her mother sent her a letter. It described all that she missed and how the family is doing. But when she got back she was surprised by the fact that her mother is sick. This part surprised me because i didn't see it coming. When this happened then I realized the point of the movie and the importance of Troy. Mother was sick so someone had to step up and it was Troy. Thats the significance of this movie, what Spike Lee intentions was to show us.

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