Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Breakfast Club - Jamie Pisacane

I watched this movie freshman year, on my own. I remember my friends loved it and begged me to watch it, so I did. I admit, its a good movie, very funny and a lot of rememberable moments. But, one thing I don't understand is what makes it so great.

I never got detention, so this could be one way I can't relate to it. I've only heard how detention is through media and friends. Is detention the same as how it was represented in the movie? Another thing is, I can't relate to the characters. I know people who are like these characters, but I can't relate to them. All their quirks make them different, make make them the stereotypical "American High schooler"

One kid is a rebel, smoking and drinking, we all have that kid in school. Another kid is a mega-nerd, in the math and chess club and gets straight A's. And another is kid is a popular girl, always worried about her looks and so on.

The kids tried breaking the stereotype, and some couldn't. I feel like this movie could of been better if they all broke the stereotype and worked together.

Well, I guess I expected more from the movie.

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