Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Armani Maldonado: Crooklyn

As her teacher mother, Carolyn (Alfre Woodard), and her jazz musician father, Woody (Delroy Lindo), worry over monthly bills, grade-schooler student Troy Carmichael (Zelda Harris) banters and bonds with her four brothers. Against her will, Troy is sent to her aunt's southern home for a summer visit, but when she returns to her bustling Brooklyn neighborhood, she learns that a family member is gravely ill. Already mature, Troy is forced to face to some very grown-up facts about life and loss.

I actually did find myself enjoying this 1994 film we watched in class a while ago. The film portrays a consistent film of family, and sticking together as one. I really admired the whole Brooklyn feel of the movie and I found myself constantly captivated into the plot. By the end of the movie I felt as if I was a part of the family, finding myself mourning the death of the mother, Carolyn. I would most likely watch this film again in the future. 

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