Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Aj Consiglio 
Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones Temple Of Doom is a 1984 American adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg. It is the second installment in the Indiana Jones franchise and a prequel to the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark. After arriving in North IndiaIndiana Jones is asked by a desperate village to find a mystical stone. He agrees, stumbling upon aThuggee cult practicing child slaveryblack magic, and ritual human sacrifice in honor of their goddess Kali.
Producer and co-writer George Lucas decided to make the film a prequel as he did not want the Nazis to be the villains again. After three rejected plot devices, Lucas wrote a film treatment that resembled the film's final storyline. Lawrence Kasdan, Lucas's collaborator on Raiders of the Lost Ark, turned down the offer to write the script, and Willard Huyckand Gloria Katz were hired as his replacement, with the resultant screenplay partly based upon the 1939 film Gunga Din.[2]
The film was released to financial success but mixed reviews, which criticized its violence, later contributing to the creation of the PG-13 rating.[3] However, critical opinion has improved since 1984, citing the film's intensity and imagination. Some of the film's cast and crew, including Spielberg, retrospectively view the film in a negative light, partly due to the film being the most overtly violent Indiana Jones film.[1] The film has also been the subject of controversy due to its negative portrayal of India and Hinduism.[4][5][6]

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