Monday, October 27, 2014

Shawn Luzzi Spoopy update on PSYCHO

Okay, good news: No more randomly playing tense music.

I have to say, watching these old movies really shows me how these movies had aged ever since this movie's release in 1960. I'm not going to touch on aspects such as the black and white color, but I will touch on aspects such as the scenes and how they're done. Obviously from above, I want to talk about the "stabbing in the shower" scene, especially with how nonchalant the stabber was with stabbing Marion as it seemed slow, and no real force seems me to seen.

One last thing I'd like to touch on was the "special effects", obviously there isn't going to be much of them since this film is old, but honestly, it's a bit weird seeing there was practically no blood on Marion, but only splashed a bit around the bathtub. Heck, there wasn't even see-able stab wounds from the attack.

Though, I'm sure at the time, this film must've been wonders for the citizens during the 1960's.

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