Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Phyco by Dean Artusa

This movie was interesting because it was kind of a crime investigation type movie but yet it had some jump scares that actually got me even though its an old movie. For example a scare that got me was when the victims sister went into the phyco's basement and found his mother in a chair, when she turned the chair it was just a skeleton and this got me because I expected it to look like a recent death, not someone who has been dead for years and years.
In the movie they made the phyco seem like a suspect because of how nervous he was when he was being questioned and he wouldn't answer everything or have short / undescriptive answers.
I thought it was strange when they debriefed the situation and said that he thought he was two people and that's what caused him to act so crazy, I found it interesting because I never would have thought that's what was wrong with him, he even dressed up as his mother.
Its important to notice things such as in the beginning of the movie she had on a white bra but then around the time when she stole the $40,000 she had a black bra which could symbolize evil, compared to when she had on white which makes you think more positive.

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