Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Psycho by Elijah Mendez

The ending of psycho was really shocking. Finding out that Norman had actually murdered his mother and her husband really caught you by surprise. To protect himself from the pain of what he had done he (metaphorically) gave half his life to his mother. Switching personalities from her to himself in the matter of seconds. After watching the ending I reflected on the film and there are several parts in the movie where you can point out that the mother was not there. For example when norman was arguing with his mom every time one of the two personalities talked one had to pause to Norman could switch to the other. Also when Norman was carrying the deceased body of his mother down the stairs, she was telling him to let go but wasn't moving at all her body was completely limp. I really enjoyed the suspense and irony of this movie. I view this film as a true, horror classic that can still be watched and enjoyed even in today's developing and more improved cinema.

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