Thursday, October 30, 2014


For my first veiwing of psycho I was definitely drawn in by Marions character. Her facial expressions showed how nervous, anxious, and possibly scared she was.  
I still was very confused as to why the police officer followed Marion all the way to the car dealership. I understand that she looked suspicious but to follow her after already speaking to her on the side of the road was too much. 
I also noticed that there was a lot of intense music in random scenes that weren't needed which kind of annoyed me because I was getting ready to be scared or shocked and I wasn't.  
Now that she's met Norman it seems that he's developed a crush on her.  And I wonder as to why his mom flipped out about having her eat dinner with the family because it was pooring. It seems as if the family is hiding something and that his mother got defensive towards Norman for even thinking it would be a good idea. 

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