Thursday, October 23, 2014

Man On Wire: Man of Persistence-Julianna

The one quality of a person that I feel is most admirable is that of persistence. It’s a matter of how far a person will go and how hard a person will work. Also take into account what a person is working for. Is it something the person wants, something they’re passionate about, or maybe even something that they need?

Man On Wire is a movie illustrating a true story of a French man named Philippe Petit who was arrested for tight roping illegally between the twin-towers. Thinking of it, tight roping itself would require a great amount of persistence, seeing as it requires a great amount of physical and emotional balance. One wrong move and one could easily either get seriously injured, or potentially die doing what it is that they love.

The movie itself shows the struggles he goes through to again tight rope after he was arrested. This time, however, he wanted to actually make it across the wire. He spent years planning, hours setting everything up in secrecy. He had to bypass security, undergo psychiatric evaluation. However, he didn’t give up on his dream. Not until he was satisfied with his work.

Is he considered a hero? An inspiration maybe. But a question left for debate;

What’s the difference between an inspiration and a hero?

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