Thursday, October 30, 2014

Psycho: Myles Snider

Myles Darius: Marion Is My Favorite.

While watching the movie Psycho, I noticed that there's a theme of "Embezzlement". In the movie, Marion is fairly not happy with her boyfriend who is a divorcee who offers her to take the afternoon off, but she rejects his idea and rushes to her office, where she meets this man named Tom Cassidy, a wealthy customer who gives her $40,000 to put in the bank for him. However, Marion doesn't deposit this money in the bank, she goes on the run with it. She then turns off a road without realizing and meets Norman Bates, a proprietor at the Bates Motel, who then asks her on a date. After wrapping the remaining money inside a newspaper, Marion overhears a intense argument between Norman and his "mother" about letting Marion into the house.
While listening to Norman talk about his mother being mentally ill, Marion realizes that she is stuck in a trap and the only way she can escape it is if she takes responsibility for stealing the money.
I can totally connect to Marion in this situation because there have been times when I have stolen the littlest things such as a pen from someone (trust me, i'm not a thiefand it literally made me feel like a horrible person and when I'm in a situation like that, I feel really stuck and the only I feel I can come out of that place is if I really own up to it, and just from that connection, it can be revealed that Marion and I are really in touch with our own conscience.

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