Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Alien: Final Review-Julianna

In my previous post about the movie Alien, I was sure to highlight that the genre of aliens is typically that of laughing stock, as I find that I cannot take them seriously. However, this movie didn't exactly disappoint.

The amount of suspense kept the film entertaining, and from class to class had me wondering and interested on what exactly would happen next.

In the case of observation, I had also mentioned in my prediction of the ending that there would potentially be one character living, typically in other films, the most innocent. Usually it is a blond haired woman, fair skinned with light eyes to represent that innocence, but in this case it was quite different. The last living character was in fact a woman with fair skin, but a woman with brown hair and dark eyes as well.

Overall it is safe to say that the movie itself was satisfying. The effects weren't all too bad either, though you can definitely see the influence Star Wars had on the movie. Between the design of the ship, the robots, the creatures--they can all be compared.

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