Thursday, October 30, 2014


Psycho. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock AKA
             the master of suspense. Perf.
             Anthony Perkins (Norman Bates)
             and Janet Leigh (Marion Crane)
             [Suzie Vargas in the touch of evil] )
             Universal, 1960
          Nominated for four Academy awards
             (Sub-categories for B&W)

Psycho was very great film full of suspense. I wasn't disappointed  at all while watching it.I was looking forward to every A3 class to began watching because during lunch i was predicting what would happen next.
Psycho was the first movie i ever watched with narratives meaning you follow one character for the first 40 minutes than the next for the rest of the movie. That's what really confused me after Lila Crane dies by Normans "So called mother" i really thought the movie was over or that that was going to replay even further from the beginning but they did what nobody else did put another narrative after the scene so they can solve the missing persons case. I really thought Normans mother was still alive because i would see her in the window or hear he voice i even seen Norman carry her down the steps. The domination of  Normans mother was so strong on Norman that he would try to be his mother. I found this out when Sam grabbed Norman and snatched his wig off. That scene is what made me realize Normans mother was just a skeleton and he was both characters.

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