Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Alien: Myles Snider


Personally, I'm not one to indulge in watching movies based on space, or aliens -- Movies that fall into such categories often bore me, however the movie Alien definitely opened my eyes, while making me jump and scream at the same time. Alien is definitely one of those movies that will spook you, although it isn't a 'Scream' or 'Halloween', while watching this movie, I can guarantee you will belch out at least one scream and I feel that's the beauty of this movie, it's not your typical horror based movie -- It's  horror but done correctly, most horror movies today give you that tension that something is gonna happen next, in Alien, you never know what's gonna pop out or even happen next. 

For example, the scene where all the doctors were holding down the man (shown above), he's constantly screaming and screaming in this scene which already is more of a tense moment, and as he's screaming one of the doctors starts grabbing tools that he an stab the man with, and while the man is still screaming in such agony, an alien literally jumps out his chest causing blood everywhere on the man. 

This indisputably was one of the most mentally scarring, appalling, intense scenes I have ever witnessed in a scary movie. Most horror movies don't really encourage me to scream, but this one did. I must say that Ridley Scott and Gordon Carroll have created a classic, masterpiece film.

Lastly, the story line of this movie as a whole isn't disappointing at all. All the plot twists, and suspense methods are sure to keep the viewer entertained and left wanting more. I highly admire the way Ridley Scott adds that certain dramatic efrect to keep his viewers engaged, very acute of him. 

Overall, this movie alone is definitely one that I would recommend to anyone to watch, not only because it's a 'classic, sci-fi horror' but because I honestly feel like this is a classic horror film, this is more like a horror 2.0, you can definitely see that while making this movie, they definitely did not hold back whatsoever and that's what a scary movie is all about; not holding back, spooking your audience. I absolutely give the director, producers and the members on board for this movie, the highest applaud for such a great production. Completely deserving of its Academy Award. 

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