Monday, September 28, 2015

Kassandra C- The Maze Runner

The movie maze runner was an interesting and unique film because of the way the story was developed where every month a new member had joined the others that have been brought by a mysterious elevator that only brought them up not down the new members was broughy with a few more materials and food for the member already at the forest top and the main character Dylan o' Brien has entered the forest corner for the maze like a week after the only female in the group came with a note attached to her saying this is the last one all of the members had there job but it was dedicated on a few that decided what they was qualified for as there was the runners the ones who built and cookers the hunters and the watchers everyday around 7 or 8 the maze opened up so the runners as their  job ran Into the maze to try and figure it out by the end of 10 o'clock where the maze shut close again till the next morning but there was a trick for everyday of the week the maze when it was closed moved around to make a new pattern that's what made it harder for the runners to figure it out. A day when the runners went out to the maze but didn't come back in time because one of the members got bit by one of the venomous bugs they had there So when the gates was closing Dylan o' Brien went out to help it the maze had shut on them so they thought they was dead already because as the maze says nobody who stays over night Is a surviver but luckily enough they did survive the night and they killed the robotic spider thing that tried killing them to not make it through the night.
This movie really caught my attention because it was really intriguing and made the watcher wanna  watch more about what was going To happen what was coming next

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