Monday, September 28, 2015


Corey Rogers,

We all know how Rocky ended, Rocky and Creed go toe to toe until the 15th round and in the end Apollo wins by decision by a couple of points then the movies ends making the viewers believe that that was a happy ending. Which I do believe that it is. Most viewers would want the protagonist to come out on top with the "W", in other words they want the Hollywood ending. Sometimes the Hollywood ending is the worst kind of ending because you expect that that's whats going to happen. In my eyes,  I believe that Rocky did win something. It might not have been the match, but a lot of respect. The average viewer would say the Rocky lost the match and that's all that matters, but what they don't see or tend to forget the many great accomplishments that he has done; he went toe to toe 15 rounds with the World Champ, he knocked Apollo down for 8 seconds in the first round and he also didn't get knocked out. But his greatest accomplishment was that he did was he did all of this being a prized club fighter. That's a win in my eyes.

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