Monday, September 28, 2015

 Rocky has caught my eyes from the star to the end. There was time where I wasn't in some of the part of the movie because of the blood and hitting. But going back to the movie it was nice. Rocky is trying to work hard so he can become a good boxer and play in champion. The only way he earns money for his living is by collecting debts for a loan shark named Gazzo, but as I remember Gazzo doesn't think Rocky
has the viciousness it takes to beat up deadbeats. Rocky worked hard to make it.
where is, he fight hard. He didn't win but that was what he chooses to have. I
better person. Where when she was always quit and hid to a person where

love how rocky was able to help Adrian to overcome her shall of shyness and
she will not wear her glasses. I don’t like where they are had to cut his eyes
because he couldn’t see after Apollo kept hitting him it. I don’t like hitting,
blood and all those kind of things that’s why sometime I would always miss and
part of the movie or not be able to watch it.

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