Thursday, September 24, 2015

Age of Adaline

The film Age of Adaline featuring Blake Lively of Gossip Girl fame and Harrison Ford (that's right, Han Solo/Indiana Jones) is one of my favorite movies. I don't care what the critics at Rotten Tomatoes say (54% approval); It had me hooked from the start. The movie is about Adaline, who is a beautiful smart girl. She gets into a car accident during a storm and makes her car fall into a pond. Lightning strikes her car making her immune to the changes of time. She will never grow old.

The craziest thing in the movie, and the thing that broke my heart was that Adaline had a child. Her daughter is about 60, almost 70ish, and she gets introduced as Adaline's mom. Then on New Year's Adaline goes to a party to celebrate and meets a man with whom she falls in love. Adaline is faced with a brick wall when she has to tell Ellis about her secret about never getting older. But in those moments she meets Ellis parents; his father when adaline was young in her normal time she had almost married his father. The movie ends in a very happy way, but how it gets there plays with your mind.  It makes you think one thing and then the opposite thing happens.

One quote I love is " What is the point of falling in love when you can't grow old with them?"  It was a very heartwarming moment, it gets you to think what would that really be like. I recommend the movie for those who enjoy romance.

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