Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rocky: The End, sort of

After finishing watching Rocky, I could not believe what I had seen. Rocky's determination and endurance was unbelievable. In the fight against Apollo Creed, even though he lost, I believe he also won something that day. Rocky proved himself with his incredible endurance and determination in the fight and he earned the love of the girl he loves. I think that even though he lost, he'd look back on that day as a good one. Apollo Creed definitely didn't expect the fight to last as long as it did, I don't think anyone did, so Rocky really proved himself as a fighter. I myself was confused as to who even won, until the announcer said Apollo Creed. It seemed like such a close fight. I really thought Rocky was going to win, but I feel like that was the point, that he didn't. We know that there was a second, third, fourth and fifth Rocky as well as Rocky Balboa the movie. There were multiple Rocky film installments and I think it was set up that way on purpose, that he'd lose in the first film to come back in the second and redeem himself. Or at least it seems that way.
To me Rocky, was a very interesting film. It had so many ranges of moods, tones, and settings, that really made it stand out as it's own. There were intense fights and yelling matches all throughout, Rocky's training scenes and his famous montage that was just really upbeat and had a "go get it" attitude, as well as the love scenes between Rocky and Adrian. This movie had so much going on. It was a whirlwind, from one scene to the next. I never knew if I was going to see a fight, sweet scene between Rocky and Adrian, or Rocky training.
The scene that had the most impact on me had to be when Rocky left Adrian at his apartment sleeping, and he went to the arena where the match would be held, and he looked at the two posters hanging, his and Apollo Creed's. The way the scene was shot, made it seem that it was just Rocky and that version of Apollo Creed, Rocky was feeling down and had low self-esteem and that huge blown up hanging poster of Creed made Rocky look so small, probably how the character was feeling. That scene just really stood out to me because of Rocky's inner turmoil, the low lighting really helped to give off a dampened, saddened mood.
Overall I really enjoyed this film for it's ingenuity and I simply loved Sylvester Stallone's performance as Rocky Balboa.

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