Friday, September 25, 2015

Sugar Note 2

Before getting on the bus his replacement offers to take his bag while he takes a bathroom break but there's an odd vibe when he tells him no and snatches back his back before he reaches for it. The boy watches him carefully as he goes to the bathroom while watching behind him. He goes on a train to Manhattan. There's a moment when he's on the benches watching children play baseball. He gets a room at a hotel and he doesn't know at the moment how long he's going to be there. It seems that he abandoned his baseball team or he's no longer playing at the moment. He has a conversation w/ his mom in DR after purchasing a out of country card and she tells him to go back to the team. But he doesn't want to return and he seems to want to start fresh. He gets a job at the diner because of a trick a girl who works there told him to tell the manager. He told him he liked his shirt and now he's in the back washing dishes. He gets a second job as a carpenter w/ a manager named Osvaldo. He doesn't pay the rent back at the hotel so he has to split and Osvaldo offers him his place to stay. Jorge and him reunite when Jorge sees him in the street. Him and the girl that helped him get the job dance at the club and have a vibeful moment. Jorge brings him back into baseball for a team called "Bandidos"  and most of them played for some major leagues teams.

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