Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Man on Wire

This documentary is a bore. It doesn't grab my attention at all. It's about a man named Phillip narrating his story. At 17 years old he's in a dentist office and he's reading the paper and that's where his dream is aspired. In the paper is an advertisement or some type of informative about two towers that are going to be built and will be the biggest towers. He has a dream and goal now. He has a liking to walking on wire. He set up a tight rope in the garden in his backyard. His mother was aware of his love for it. Annie walks behind him on tight rope and she seems to be his encouragement because he described her little characteristics. Like her eye color, and facial features. He's a young self taught wire walker. He seems to like it because most people think of it as impossible. It's also a life or death situation so it makes it that much more something to do w/ importance and patience.

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