Wednesday, September 23, 2015


The film Sugar, so far has been an entertaining film to watch. The character Miguel "Sugar" Santos, is a baseball player from the Dominican Republic. He lived in a small village and came from poverty. He is called Sugar because of his wicked "sweet" curveball, although others at the baseball academy claim it's because he likes dessert. Miguel was in the baseball academy before finally being invited to the U.S. for spring training with the Kansas City Knights. He is then assigned to a Single A affiliate in Iowa, known as the Swing. While in the U.S., he has some trouble with miscommunication and the cultural differences but he starts to adjust somewhat. For example, when he first arrived all he would eat was french toast because that's all he knew how to order, now he knows how to order eggs, thanks to a kind waitress who helped him out. Sugar is also learning a bit more English, it's a slow but gradual process. Sugar is doing really well playing for his team and things seem to be going great for him in the U.S., only his friend, who is also a fellow Dominican, isn't playing too well.
So far, I've thoroughly enjoyed this film. It has a great hook that keeps pulling me in. The character Sugar is the hook, it's easy to relate to him and the emotional components of the film alone are enough to pull me in but the artistic ones as well make it a must see.

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