Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rocky 1st post

My opinion on Rocky the first time we watched it was I've always thought Rocky was a great movie and I enjoy the way they make it very much like how it would've went back in the day [Anthony, I am confused by this first word-string, not only is it a run-on, but its meaning is unclear; Rocky's setting was contemporary, meaning it depicts the time period in which it was made, the mid 1970s, November 24, 1975 to January 1, 1976 specifically]. The way a regular rags guy fights a well known fighter just for the fun of it because they all think the well known fighter is going to win. Also the way it shows how poor he really was in the house he lived in and the way it was he had it hard but on the other hand Apollo was a wealthy star in the boxing league and Rocky was just some bum they picked because they wanted something different they didn't want to keep fighting the same people over and over again.

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