Monday, June 12, 2017

The Color Purple

Obviously if you watched the movie or read the book, you know that it's about a young women named Celie Harris. In the beginning of the movie it proceeded to show us what young black women went through in the early 20th century; such as incest, domestic violence, sexism, racism and poverty. The movie was set in rural Georgia, early 1900's. It shows Celies life from when she was younger with her sister and how she dealt with incest from her father, how she loses her only child to a white family for money and given to pedophile of a husband. When Celie is with her husband, living her new life, she endures mass amounts of violence from him and rape, on top of dealing with being away from her best friend, her sister. Celie deals and puts up with so much for the years she was with her husband. I personally felt terrible for her, watching how she went through what she did and wasn't able to leave. Watching this movie really gave me a wake up call and showed me what women of color went through and still continue to go through. This was one of my favorite movies watched in class by far. But, in the end, Miss Celie finally gets away from her abusive life and off to find her sister and enjoy her new one.
This movie can really teach you a lot.

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