Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Breakfast Club #Damian Henderson

The breakfast club was a movie that brought a lot of different kinds of people together. It was funny, had a little bit of drama, and was flat out entertaining. It took place in detention at a high school. Like a said there was a bunch of different personalities in detention. You had a jock(Andrew), popular girl(Claire), nerd(Brian), antisocial girl(Allison), and a trouble maker(John). All of them were in detention for completely different reasons. But they were all in there none the less. None of them got along at first. The trouble maker who was there regularly in detention every Saturday kept getting everyone mad. He would either try to pick on the popular girl or go back and forth with the jock.

They were in there for so long they were getting bored. John stuck out and grabbed a stash of weed from his locker. They all ended up smoking it together and instantly started bonding. They laughed, told stories and had the best time of there lives. They started by telling each other stories of how that got into detention. But it quickly got personal. They started talking about there flaws and how none of them liked the life that they were living in. They basically opened up to each other and told them things that they wouldn't even say to there real friends.

They started discussing how high school can dictate everyone's social life. Like, popular girl would rather die before getting seen talking to the nerd. And the jock would be made fun of if he were talking to the antisocial weird girl. Because that day in detention made them all realize something. It doesn't matter what others think. If you are friends with someone it shouldn't matter if they are a jock or a nerd. We are all human.

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