Monday, June 19, 2017

Rebel without a cause- Kaysha Carrasquillo

Kaysha Carrasquillo
B3/Film Studies

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Rebel without A Cause

Rebel without A Cause is a 1955 American drama film about emotionally confused suburban middle-class teenagers. Directed by Nicholas Ray a film of delinquents in urban slum environments. The stars of this film are James Dean (Stark), Sal Mineo (Plato), and Natalie Wood (Judy), this film consisted of James Dean who was a trouble making child that moved to a new town looking for a clean slate, but ends up finding trouble anyways. As he tries to look for some stability, but creates a bond with a disturbed classmate (Plato), and ends up falling for a local girl (Judy), but she is already in a relationship with the neighborhood tough, Buzz (Corey Allen). Once Buzz finds out about Stark liking his girlfriend, he challenges him to a drag race. We already know drag races is where all the trouble begin, and even worse for a trouble child, that is supposed to be looking for a clean slate. I can actually say this had to be one of my favorite films, because it showed a realistic point of how high school can be, kids can be pressured into things and make wrong decisions due to others actions and "motivation." This shows how high school/kids can influence on others, and bring things to be worse for you. 

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