Thursday, June 15, 2017

FruitVale Station #Michael Lee

Fruitvale Station is among my favorite movies we have watched this year. Michael B. Jordan is an incredible actor. This movie follows the life of Oscar Grant, a struggling black male trying to support his daughter and girlfriend the best way he knows. The movie captures the last day of Oscar's life on earth before he was shot by police.

He struggles to support his family since he lost his job at the grocery store. He went to go get it back but the manager couldn't give it back. He is so desperate for money he almost goes back to selling drugs to his old boy. He them decides to dump the stash into the river. Honestly I think this was a good decision. Turning to drugs is never a good decisions and it only gets you into more problem but them again, oscar still got killed. Oscar, his friends, and his girlfriend go out into the city to party. While on the subway, he sees an enemy from jail and tries to fight him. The police are then called and they are all put up against a wall. As everyone is recording around them, the cops are yelling at them while oscar is on his phone talking to his girlfriend telling her his situation. The cop shot him at point blank range when his face was to the ground.

This cop must be out of his mind. Even if the cop mistakes his gun for a taser, it's unacceptable considering the fact the the taser is on the complete other side from the gun. That is exactly the reason why they are on different sides so you don't mistake them. I believe the cop should have gotten longer than an eleven month sentence because a daughter lost her father and a mother lost her son. Also, a family lost a piece they can never get back. Mistakes like these can't happen.

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