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The Breakfast Club- Kaysha Carrasquillo

Kaysha Carrasquillo
B1/Film Studies

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The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a 1985 American coming of age comedy-drama film written, produced, and directed by John Hughes. The story line follows five teenagers who endure a Saturday detention at Shermer High School outside Chicago. Claire Standish is the popular girl that everyone and even in her eyes think she belongs to upper division of the high school hierarchy. Allison Reynolds is stereotyped as a "basket case" because she does not talk, she's silent unlike the other students, she participated in the Saturday detention by choice. "I have nothing better to do," she says. Allison is constantly ignored at home and has no friends at school which may be why she decided to join the other students in detention. Brian Johnson portrays as the high school nerd, he strives for perfection in anything he does and to others Brian seems like the happiest kid but deep down, Brian isn't happy with himself. At home he is constantly pressured by his parents to do well in school, but Brian's constant pressure backfires on him after he receives a bad grade and his self confidence is shattered. Brian was put in detention after bringing a gun to school with suicidal intent. John Bender is the stereotypical "Bad Boy," he presents himself as wild and thrives on his rebellious attitude/actions. He doesn't care much about school and is on the urge to becoming a drop out. Andrew Clark is the jock of the clique, where he is also the #1 athlete in their school and he ends up getting detention after taping someone. As time went on these five teenagers came to a realization that they have much in common, and can be great friends, but they never would of knew this because they never guessed to get to know one another, they stereotyped each other, and once that was put aside after attending detention they become great friends. 
After watching this film it turned out to be one of my favorites that we have watched in film studies, it gives off such a great message that we should always give one another a chance before stereotyping and losing out on possible friendships. I would highly recommend this film to everyone and anyone!!

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